Friday, October 17, 2014

U13G / U13 Girls Youth Soccer

U13G  / U13 Girls youth soccer seems to offer the most teams and the widest diversity of talent.

Where these players will end up is anyone guess.

Welcome to the ride.


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Anonymous said...

What are the better Futal Leagues in NY, NJ and PA?

Anonymous said...

Not sure about actual leagues, but there are clubs and teams that are starting to train now for the USFF Northeast Regionals in Wildwood NJ. Some of the best clubs on the East Coast will be sending their teams, its the weekend OF Feb. 13-14, and its always a blast for the girls. Ask your daughters coach if tyne club has a futsal team for their age group, and join!

Anonymous said...

I know the most popular futsal leagues in SJ and PA. Both good teams and use the league to practice for the regional tournaments like the one in Wildwood and Philly.

SJ -


Anonymous said...

Cool, you agree that its an important part of the offseason, yes? My daughters club has teams from u10-u16 male and female, its great fun, and they are learning techniques that will only help them in the spring!

Anonymous said...

Is there any benefit to futsal vs. just playing a 5v5 or 7v7 league/team? Our coach didn't have much of an opinion favoring or against. I've asked around & no one has done it in my circles.

Anonymous said...

During the off seasons, my daughter's team does futsal. From my perspective, the futsal game is much faster. The 5v5 and/or 7v7 is just like normal training in small space, but it isn't as fast as the futsal. If you want to improve the touch and speed the brain up, futsal is the answer.

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