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U13G / U13 Girls Youth Soccer

U13G  / U13 Girls youth soccer seems to offer the most teams and the widest diversity of talent.

Where these players will end up is anyone guess.

Welcome to the ride.


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Anonymous said...

"Entering less tournaments is just a silly thought process

If you think a certain team is overscheduling, just say so.

You want a team to be able to play one tourney, second/third flight, win, get 6-8000 points and sit on it atop some mythical table......

Good luck with this,

Playing games - education."

Can you write this again, but this time write it so that readers can actually understand it?

Anonymous said...

NE NPL teams like ajax, mf and dragons are playing better comp in NE npl and edp cup(oh and randolph tournament where dragons played columbus day weekend) then wildcats played in wags, Spirit and bethesda top flight?
Now who is delusional?
Who have they played other than ecnl B teams in their league.
Yes 3:33, it's the wildcats(team x) hater and his I'll attack them indirectly charade. Or pose as injured party and blame them charade.As you say we are all seeing through his agenda.

Anonymous said...

the ecnl club B team's in NE NPL that the 3 jersey teams play are not a stronger group than Calvert, Pipeline, Hartford, STA, Wildcats, Galaxy,etc in current fall EDP league or that will be in EDL come spring league play.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the GS rankings today is that EDP is postng league results before the season is over which is elevating teams temorarily. They did this last season as well. A true picture would be to eliminate these points until the season is final and EDP has final standings.

Anonymous said...

PDA North, PDA South, MF NPL, Penn Fusion, FSA and Connecticut are better than the teams listed in EDP.

Anonymous said...


Galaxy? Come on.

Anonymous said...

Truth is Wildcats played all their games at WAGS vs ecnl teams and will play all their games at bethesda vs ecnl teams.
Only ecnl team trying to avoid playing outside ecnl league to "rest" is storm.
And Storm ended up entering EDP Cup along with Calvert the same weekend as WAGS and getting the "easier points" so who are you referring to as "chasing points"?
If wildcats were chasing points why would they enter top flights in WAGS, Bethesda ,etc. they are unlikely to get GS points at those flights and if they do they will certainly be earned and not "chased". Looks more like the only thing they are "chasing" is playing the top competition out there.

Anonymous said...

4:57 the B Teams from Penn Fusion, FSA and Conn clubs are better than Wildcats , Calvert, Pipeline, StA, etc?
Come on very comparable leagues.
When you add the top flight in WAGS, Bethesda, Spirit tournaments wildcats enter while you stay local or home how can you say you are playing tougher overall schedule this fall?
Wildcats are not responsible for your situation your club is.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget hartford Maryland team in EDP.
Very competitive team.

Anonymous said...


I don't think you should be throwing Stones at PDA Storm.

The comparison in pedigree is not even close.

In the next two years your survival is questionable.

The Storm under MO will be a significant team.

Perhaps the best player from your team may join the party.

Anonymous said...

MO needs to worry about RU after their collapse buddy. Seems pointless to coach a u13 team when you are a top D1 coach.

Anonymous said...


If the ECNL allowed for a system of promotion and relegation with the NPLs, I'd agree with you. But since it's club based and not team based, you can't automatically assume that just because a team is ECNL means that they're better than a REALLY strong NPL team. You must be aware of this seeing some of the lopsided games even within pre ECNL this year. So yes, it is possible that a non ECNL team should be ranked higher. If it's such a different level, how in the WORLD did Calvert win the EDP Cup over PDA Pre ECNL?

We all understand that ECNL is where our clubs should aspire to be, but it's not a validation that your own team is better than mine.

Anonymous said...


how lucky are this kids!

Anonymous said...


a strong team is a strong team. Inside or outside the ECNL

Anonymous said...

So 7:42, then you agree with me. The point made in the post I referenced was this:

"You just do not get it.... ECNL is at a different level. The fact that any other teams are "ranked" higher is a joke. But I know the points make certain teams feel better so it is what it is.... Enjoy the chase..."

This is just a stupid comment. I'd argue that every team currently ranked in the top 20 in NJ, ECNL or otherwise, could have a decent shot of beating Continental FC pre ECNL.

Anonymous said...

This argument over ECNL happens every year and at every age group. "Elite" goes to your head. Just because "Elite" is in your league name, doesn't make you an "Elite" club. There are very good clubs, and very bad clubs. Get off the high horse already.

Anonymous said...

Problemn for nj ne nol teams is that the ecnl clubs outside nj(NYE, Mass and Conn in this area of teh country) are nowhere near as deep in talent as the nj based 2 ecnl clubs in this age group.
so the 3 nj ne npl teams have very little comp other than playing each other in league play.
then you add in the fact that their clubs do not want them as their A flight team in tournaments and you have club and team working at cross purposes. Your clubs focus will always be on their A team and that will always hold your B tam back to some extent.

Anonymous said...

5:19 Wildcats handled Storm 2-0 in spring.
Ready to match up again anytime.

Anonymous said...

LOL 8:29.

I am not a PDA parent but I have a feeling you'll be using that one-3 years from now.

Anonymous said...

Calvert just beat them as well.
Far from on their own level.
They are a legend in some of their parents minds.
Very good team but very beatable by other strong teams(NJX, wildcats, Calvert) as recent history has shown.

Anonymous said...

Let them have their moment.... all ends for Wildcats this year. There will be an entire ECNL league above them next year. How is that a good thing for players and team that you think are same level or better than???? Is that the club you want to be with long term? Have fun this season grabbing points. There will be 15-20 teams better than you next year in a league that you have No access to..... Good luck with that long term plan.

Anonymous said...

Beating up on STA multiple times & lower level EDP teams will get boring. That is why more players on the Wildcats are & have been looking out then outsiders are looking in. I know this to be fact.

Anonymous said...

So 9:08's argument is that because the ecnl is exclusive, that makes his team better. Again, pda was not admitted to the ecnl based on your team's merits. It was the club. And we all know that not all teams within a club are created equal.

Yes, I wish my daughters club was ecnl. But somebody just named Calvert, Wildcats, NJX, and let's not forget Satchem. All non ecnl. All best you within the last six months. If I were you, I'd be doing cartwheels down the street thanking God that the ecnl is so exclusive so you can move on and not have to face the continuous embarrassment of losing to these lesser teams any more.

Anonymous said...

yes, and there are way too many outstanding players and college prospects in nj at this age group for all of them to play on storm anyway.
Only 11 can be on the field at a time for 1 team. There is plenty of great competition in the elite tournaments for highly ranked teams.
Everyone who can play at the next level will be seen by the college coaches whether in league, tournaments or regionals and nationals. try and prove your the best team on the field by developing and coaching your own players instead of counting on picking up the players others developed and dropping the ones who have been playing for your club.

Anonymous said...


If a great player came to your team, you would say NO?

Of course you wouldn't

So stop the Bullshit.

and nO there is not a lot of great college prospects in the State of NJ.

This is a very weak age group in talent.

Most Players in this age group could not make this PDA team... Not because this PDA team is so good . Its because the age group is lacking in Talent.

Hows that for a slap In the face.

I pretty much know the talent in this age group and besides the girls on Matchfit /PDA a couple on NJX and a couple of girls on a few other teams, not very much to go around.

The truth is most of these girls couldn't make the ECNL team at this point.

The PDA's and match fits of the world will get stronger and most of the players that will tryout will not make these teams but in the end, so what. My daughter is a scholar and there are plenty of other scholars who will be doctors, businesswomen, engineers etc. This goes well beyond soccer.

Stop the bullshit in trying to make your teams as good as the PDA team and club. It's not.

It wasn't in the age groups above you- it not in the age group below you- but in the end who really gives a shit .

I just can't stand bullshit- freaken dullisional parents with the perspective the size of a pea.

Give PDA their due.

Your daughter is due for greater things.

Anonymous said...

Bad day??^^^^^

I can't help but laugh when people get so angry on this blog.

You are NEVER going to get validation for your beliefs on this blog, so quit looking for it.

It's all entertainment my friend, no need to blow a blood vessel over it.

Chill out, enjoy Halloween with your daughter, and for god sake's: Lighten up!!

Anonymous said...

This is a question more for PA guy - but all are welcome.

Le's say you believe ECNL is the League for your girl to be in.

PennFusionis by far the best team. So is it better to tryout for PennFusion and have to fight for minutes or is better to flock to FC Bucks of CFC Delco, chance at making ECNL team is better in addition to actually landing a starting spot?

While your kid might not win many games they will play against some of the best teams in the Region.
What's the word with FC Bucks and CFC Delco training? Do they make it easy to take Ls in a league that is all about winning?

Anonymous said...

The discussion was about individual teams strength, not overall clubs strength top to bottom.
Each team is a separate entity, with an individual trainer/coach and it's own group of players with their own talent level and team chemistry.
The different teams in each club will be stronger or weaker than others relative to the other strong teams in their state. Looking at their record vs nj teams over the recent months, Storm has not managed to separate themselves from the other strong teams in nj in this age group, period.
No amount of anger and shouting from you can change that.What happened in other age groups does not change that.
Storm allows too many goals and loses too many games in state to be considered the dominant team at this point. They are certainly right there in the conversation, but not clearly the best.
Now what the future holds for nj teams and college prospects in this age group is yet to be seen. It does seem that nj has enough good players to field more teams that are competitive vs the top teams in the region than the other states at least at this point in this age group with at least 5 or 6.
The future will answer that question over the next 3 years, and you have no more crystal ball to answer that definitively than the rest of us.
That is what makes this fun, it is not all set in stone.

Anonymous said...

Yes PDA try not to be so arrogant.
After all you did not invent soccer in NJ.

Anonymous said...

"Storm allows too many goals and loses too many games in state to be considered the dominant team at this point. They are certainly right there in the conversation, but not clearly the best."

Interesting, I wanted to check myself.

It seems that storm Goal differential -Goals for vs Goals against is over 3. Which is the highest of any top 10 team in NJ by a wide margin.

So i am not sure if the above statement is true.

In 2014. so far, it appears that they have had 1 loss and 1 tie. The rest are wins.

So far they have won the spring 2014 edp league with highest goal differential and they are currently ahead in Game percentage in The Pre ECNL league.

Not too Shabby for a team that is just in the conversation.

And the scary thing is that this team will be better in the Spring.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the scary thing is your constant need to defend the team, and the club, give it a rest Frankenstein.

Anonymous said...

Do they give you a book of excuses at PDA for when you lose.. It's our bench players, we have injuries, the coach was trying a new formation..

Anonymous said...

^^^Are you sure you are not confusing that as the Wildcat book?...don't forget "consolation game" and "goal differential shouldn't determine who moves on in tournaments" :)

Anonymous said...

Can someone please post the link to the pre-ECNL schedules and results?

Anonymous said...

nope.. Wildcats don't have those excuses.

Anonymous said...

Howabout "ties are wins"?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Lot so interesting things to think about in that question, 9:03.

"Let's say you believe ECNL is the League for your girl to be in.

Penn Fusion is by far the best team. So is it better to tryout for Penn Fusion and have to fight for minutes or is better to flock to FC Bucks of CFC Delco, chance at making ECNL team is better in addition to actually landing a starting spot?"

Tough call. Hypothetically, if my kid played for PF, and was hypothetically currently getting starter's minutes (at least 50 per game, sometimes 65 per game), I'd be pretty comfortable that she will be able to make the PF ECNL roster for at least the next couple years.

But you never know, hypothetically, when a whole gaggle of Penn Legacy parents may decide it is time to move a bunch of those girls to PF for the ECNL experience. And when that happens my daughter may lose some minutes. Indeed, she may become the very type of player you refer to: good enough to make the team, but not getting much playing time. Um, hypothetically, of course.

While I have given this scenario some thought, I honestly don't know what I'd do. If she was still having fun despite the reduced minutes, I'd let her stay. I would not push for her to play for CFC. I like the current CFC coaches. But I'm not such a big fan of some of the parental sideline behavior. I'd be much more likely to push for my daughter to move down to the PF NPL team. Or even change over to the local town team, where all her classmates play. Or even have her dial it back to playing only high school ball. I tell her every couple months that we'll keep this up as long as its fun, but as soon as it starts to become a drag, we can pursue other options.

That being said, I really like the way her game has progressed in the past year. The ECNL level of competition at practices and games has been very good for her (ummm, hypothetically, of course). But does she really need to keep improving her soccer skills? To what end? Yeah, she currently thinks she wants to play soccer in college, but that can be all consuming. I'd almost rather her join a college intramural league/team than play for the school team. Give her some time to have some college fun for crying out loud.

This is a long way of saying, "we'll cross that bridge when we come it."

"While your kid might not win many games they will play against some of the best teams in the Region.
What's the word with FC Bucks and CFC Delco training? Do they make it easy to take Ls in a league that is all about winning?"

CFC's coaches are good. The talent just isn't there. CFC lost three players last spring to PF. So at least those parents believe it is better to get less minutes at PF than to get more minutes at CFC.

I have no inside info on FC Bucks except that they score most of their goals because their striker can fly. Once teams adjust to her, I'm not sure they are much better than CFC. I'm sure they are anxiously awaiting to see if any YMS girls will eventually defect to ECNL.

That's what will ultimately force our hand. When, if ever, will the best from Legacy, 1776, and Ukrainians defect to PF? Will any Rage and FC Rev families decide to carpool down to PF from Reading? Other PF teams have kids from MD, DE, and south NJ. Will any of them come over for this age group? If and when they do, the odds become greater that my kid's minutes will dwindle. And I just don't know what we'll do at that point, because while I don't want to travel to Boston to watch her sit the bench, I also don't want to give her impression I am no longer interested in her team just because she is sitting the bench.

--PA Guy

Anonymous said...

the PDA Guy from 11:20pm yesterday says- "Most Players in this age group could not make this PDA team... Not because this PDA team is so good . Its because the age group is lacking in Talent."

"Hows that for a slap In the face."

"I pretty much know the talent in this age group and besides the girls on Matchfit /PDA a couple on NJX and a couple of girls on a few other teams, not very much to go around."

"The truth is most of these girls couldn't make the ECNL team at this point."

So after examining his quotes above it seems if PDA guy is correct(remember he says "I pretty much know the talent in this age group") then Storm has lost to more than 1 NJ team in the last 6 months that do not have even 1 player talented enough to make the Storm Team. ???

Anonymous said...

Thanks PA guy, knew I can count on you to give your opinion hypothetically, of course. PA is the perfect example. NJ is a little different. You have two strong ECNL clubs no weak current ECNL u13 teams.

NJ Wildcats just be careful. I will point you to NJ Crush. I like the team. However, this team traveled all over the place because they were able to hang. They had some girls leave and all of a sudden the travel stopped. Well it looks like it stopped. Enjoy the ride, you don't have to be better than Storm or any ECNL league unless you play them in a tournament. Win your leagues and your state cups to open opportunities. Don't get hung up on what the Jones have.

PS. Just because a team is strong doesn't mean they have great players, they just play really well together and every girls understands her roll on the team to play perfect team ball. From practicing hard to possibly not playing but supporting her team. This board try to sweep these girls under the rug. But they are the glue that keeps a team together. Instead of spitting venom they embrace the TEAM concept. But yet their parents are called drunk from a club kool aide what ever the club name is.

Anonymous said...

Why is it when somebody writes they played without some top of the rotation players or the coach wanted to try something different by playing girls out of position or anything it's viewed as an excuse? Does it really bother you that much to think that they have a manual for this? Who cares, they played and they lost regardless of who played. All they were saying is that you played a different rotation of players. Why are you taking that as a negative.

If you take the results so serious at u13, wouldn't you want to know which version of a team you played? or do you like forfeit wins as well instead of playing the game to collect the 3 points?

Anonymous said...

The question is, why would someone NEED to let another team know that they were at less than full strength? What is their motivation?

I'll answer it. Because they want to diminish the win. They aren't handling the loss with class.

Anonymous said...

They want to let the other know that "you are not as good as you think you are".

The whole thing smacks of insecurity. And like I said, it's classless.

Anonymous said...

I can see how that would piss you off. But what if it was just an fyi. If my kid's team just beat the number 1 team. I would want to know if that team was a full strength, but that's me and i guess that's why I didn't see it your way.

Anonymous said...

YST Score Central

The race to Grand Park | Westfield, Ind.
NPL Virginia
New York Club Soccer League-NPL Division
2.50 New York Soccer Club NPL-01
2.33 NJ Crush FC NPL-01
2.25 STA NPL-01
1.75 Manhattan Soccer Club NPL-01
1.20 Massapequa Soccer Club NPL-01
1.00 Quickstrike FC NPL-01
0.80 Intense Soccer Academy NPL-01
0.00 New York Rush NPL-01
New England Premier League - NPL

No more Fall games remaining
2 (7) GPS-MA NPL
Northeast Girls NPL
3.00 FSA FC 01 NPL
3.00 Connecticut FC 01 NPL
2.75 PDA North 01 NPL
2.57 PDA South 01 NPL
2.56 Match Fit Academy 01 NPL
1.45 Penn Fusion SA 01 NPL
1.33 Boston Breakers Academy 01 NPL
0.78 FC Stars of Mass 01 NPL
0.67 Albertson SC 01 NPL
0.56 Continental FC 01 NPL
0.45 FC Bucks 01 NPL
0.38 World Class FC 01 NPL
Eastern Development League
(formerly the NPL Division of EDP)

BONUS Coverage

2.43 PDA 01
2.38 East Meadow SC 01
2.00 Boston Breakers Academy 01
1.89 Match Fit Academy 01
1.75 Connecticut FC 01
1.67 FSA FC 01
1.64 Penn Fusion SA 01
1.56 FC Stars of Mass 01
1.11 Albertson SC 01
0.83 World Class FC 01
0.30 FC Bucks 01
0.00 Continental FC 01
EDP Central D1

2.60 Atletico FC Girls '01
2.60 Hauppauge Soccer Club Hot Shotz
1.80 Perfect Touch Soccer Academy G01-02
1.67 FC Long Island Alliance 01
1.40 NJ Crush FC Tsunami White
1.00 FC Westchester FCWE G02
0.80 Primo FC U13 Girls
0.75 Clarkstown SC Girls 02 White
0.60 NY Hota Bavarian Soccer Club Cyclones
0.33 Quickstrike FC Quickstrike FC 02's

Anonymous said...

PA Football Dad

Penn Fusion to me is the best in our area, yes Penn Legacy is a very strong team.

game vs Penn Fusion was even until mid way in second half and the wheels just fell off.

Team I like is CFC PA. This team moves the ball. working on possession. Problem they have right now, Goalie. When their main goalie plays, they do not give up many goals at all. When 2nd goalie comes in, lets just say there is a huge difference in play. Top Goalie has so much range and she is very tall.

I would go to this team!

Anonymous said...

Their line is 0 wins, 9 losses, 1 GF and 29 GA and you are calling out the second goalie? Really?

Anonymous said...

1:41, haha, that made me laugh, at you. As if that girls doesn’t already feel marginalized, you are a dick.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 12:50. But I never see anyone actually ask about the injury status of the team they just played. If the winner asked, we could all reasonably expect to see posts discussing the loser at lesser strength.

But if the loser just offers the information without being asked, it comes across as making excuses.

Anonymous said...



Do you ask that - "were they at full strength"? - after every win, vs any team your daughter's team beats?

Very FEW teams right now are at full strength.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 1:41

Anonymous said...

1:49 if you attended any of CFC PA games, you would understand my post.

I would strongly recommend CFC PA. Team will be good in a few years.

Anonymous said...

"I can see how that would piss you off. But what if it was just an fyi. If my kid's team just beat the number 1 team. I would want to know if that team was a full strength, but that's me and i guess that's why I didn't see it your way."

It's not the actual "knowing" of the facts that is annoying, it is how the knowledge is gained.

Having my own team's coach mention to me "That was a good win. I'd like to see how we'd do against them when they are 100% healthy" does not bother me.

Reading on an anonymous blog that "the only reason we lost was because our two difference makers were hurt" is annoying and sounds like the loser is making excuses. Which of course they are. The reason people post such things is NOT through some altruistic instinct to make sure the greater public has as much information at their disposal as possible.

Rather, they are doing it as damage control after a loss. The idea that those bozo parents from Team X could possibly think they are better than Team Y just drives them nuts. And even worse, the third parties who just see the score and think Team Y is not so good. Don't they realize that Team Y had Becky play center D which she never does (she's a forward for crying out loud!) and that's when Team X scored their goals.

That's why people post the excuses. Not as feedback to the winning team.

Anonymous said...

CFC lost a couple years development due to some bad coaching. With the new coaches, they be respectable eventually, they'll just have to suffer through a season or two.

And whether the info was accurate or not was beside the point. It's simply not cool to criticize the play of a 13 year old keeper.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

PA Football Dad = CFC #1 GK Dad

Come on

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