Thursday, January 23, 2014

U13G / U13 Girls Youth Soccer

U13G  / U13 Girls youth soccer seems to offer the most teams and the widest diversity of talent.

Where these players will end up is anyone guess.

Welcome to the ride.


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Anonymous said...

10:34 really I am talking about players 1-11 not getting enough time because players 18-23 are so far up DOC's behind and in denial that the club crumbles and rewards them.

Anonymous said...

Dear 9:40am

Why do you always list NYCSL last in your posts?

Please always list us first from now on, okay?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your answer is there should be a regular season champ and a playoff overall champ. Still need to reward teams for winning the big games at the end as regular season the teams played can be different. Simple.

Anonymous said...

Man, 9:58 and 10:30 had such constructive things to say, and then 10:34 just had to come crashing in with their anti-PDA agenda.

I think we can all agree that if a club lies to a parent about roster size, that is a problem.

But if the market exists for players to join so-called "practice squads", I don't have a problem with clubs making money off that. The market exists because of the parents. Don't blame the clubs for not saving the parents from themselves.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

10:55 I am saying if the regular season is balanced 12 teams. Each team plays each team home/away - everyone plays the same amount of games vs the same teams. ONE wins all of them and ONE wins only 11 but is in 4th place.

You can not say with a straight face or maybe you can that the team that has 11 wins is the better team because they won one game in a playoff vs a team that has never lost before and has beaten them twice previously.

You really think wining 2 games over a weekend should determine a champion? You say need to reward the team that wins the big game. If you removed playoffs then every game is the big game and you reward the team that has been consistently the best.

PS. Injuries are part of the game that's why teams have large rosters.

I respect your opinion. I just HATE playoffs. I just think you reward teams that are not the best by giving them a second chance to right a wrong.

Anonymous said...


It is not hard to understand your argument unless you are a matchfit parent and benefited from the Playoff system.

Most would agree that 22 game system is enough to send the winner of that league unto the national playoffs.

They deserved a spot. But unfortunately, Matchfit won the game and played within the rules set forth.

So that is just the way it is.

The beter team may have not gone to the playoffs but the better team that day Did.

Anonymous said...

One question does anyone on this blog have a job?

Anonymous said...

12:04 I know and those kids played their hearts out for sure.

Nothing against MF like i said I just hate playoffs.

Do you think ECNL would ever play around with the idea to allow clubs having multiple teams in an age group?

Take NE NPL. Imagine their regular season winner being promoted to the North East ECNL Division and the bottom team in ECNL being relegated to NPL? I know some more NPLs will be needed.

I think Everyone wins -ECNL has a chance to make age groups stronger without kicking out clubs and NPL FINALS will have ECNL teams included.

Anonymous said...

Scratch that -I think that would take away from ECNL

Anonymous said...

Agree that the club is not responsible to protect the parents from themselves.
The parents are the ones supposed to be looking out for their kids and making sure they are in a positive situation that is a good fit for them and where they will dress and play every game.
If not you are on the wrong team no matter the clubs brand.

Anonymous said...

Still.....clubs flat out lying cannot be tolerated

Anonymous said...


Assume all clubs Lie. You will be better off.

Don't pay all up front.

leave if the lies are too big or too many

Anonymous said...

What clubs lied? From what I here most were told there would be more than 18 players when they signed up.

Anonymous said...

The problem is most parents are not savvy enough to ask, especially if this is their first experience with high level soccer.

Our roster has gotten as high as 19, but there have been injuries so no one has been asked not to dress, yet.

But I had no idea that asking if the roster size will ever swell past 18 was something I should do. That being said, I did notice before this season that ECNL rosters do have a size limit of 24 or 25 (I forget which). So maybe I should have asked what our club's policy was.

I've been lucky in that my kid has gotten plenty of minutes. But that's just dumb luck.

Anonymous said...

From what you here, 3L57

It's hear - and while it may be true that most were up front, this doesnt mean ALL

Now. with some clubs it is someone speaking that maybe shouldnt be - telling parents it will be 18 when those really in charge are set to make it a bigger number.

Again - cant be tolerated and is grounds of course for full refund.

Anonymous said...

4:16, I know your daughter, and she stinks. I have no idea why she plays so much, are you paying people off?

Anonymous said...

Hi 5:01. I'm bored too. Maybe we could hang out sometime?

Anonymous said...

Clubs don't have to disclose roster size in advance. In addition, every club will always make room for a quality player when she comes knocking...

Anonymous said...

Clubs don't have to but most do. If you signed up knowing that the size if the roster was going to be more than 18, stick it out. Kids leave, girls fall in and out of favor with the coach and most clubs will rotate who sits. I guarantee the team will be playing better because of the competition.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that "Rostergate" has come to light. Now that everybody knows that the top clubs

1. Tell you they will take 24 kids
2. Only Roster 18 each game
3. Then actually only roster 18 for each game like they said they would.

Now that we have all seen the shady practices, nobody will be at their tryouts next year and my daughter will be able to play any position and pick any number she wants.

Being the only kid at their tryouts is going to really reduce the stress this Spring.

Anonymous said...

With the amount of travel the Elite teams will do, rosters will be more than 18. Somewhere between 22 and 26. I don't agree it should start at 12/13 but so be it. Eyes were open going in. And the fact that we now play 80 minute games there is plenty of time for all. If you are 12 - 18 and you play 25% of the game you are playing 20 minutes. Last year that would have been 2/3 of the game and you would have been happy. Teams with deeper benches will have the advantage

Anonymous said...

You played 15 minute halves last year?

Anonymous said...


8:34 AM nothing like telling stories outside of school, seems like you have a major issue with your team/ coach. Maybe you should air your complaints out to them first before you hang your dirty laundry out for everyone to see, you should be ashamed of yourself for doing this on an open forum blog. Speak to the coach/trainer or someone else in your club before posting on here.
Just some advice to you.

Anonymous said...

so if your are 12-18 and you play 20% of the game what do 19-26 play per game?
those are the ones we are discussing wjhuy do you continue to miss the point.
No one is complaning that 12-18 will play less than 1/2 the game.
the point is they are rostering and playing.
When you go above 18 that is not the case and no one has made a good case of why you need to go beyond 18 other than because you can and it is more $$$.

Anonymous said...

there is no case to be made....18-24 is a recent phenomenon since the ecnl took hold It started about 4 years ago and took hold because the consumer said it was okay.

They tried it in increments. They found out it was better than collecting income for just training players.

Anonymous said...

It is what it is and it's not going away. You don't have to like it. There are other options for girls to play if it is not for you or your daughter. Let's not spend the whole year complaining about it. Not productive.

I made a point earlier that the dynamics of the game changed significantly for teams now that they play 40 minute halves. I think that will affect some teams more than discussing how many players their club puts on teams. On the other hand I think teams that go to games with a full bench with little drop off in talent have a tremendous advantage.

Anonymous said...

8:01 says that if you play 25% of game you are playing twenty minutes per game.
True enough.
then he says that would have been 2/3 of game last year when we played 60 minute games.
that is not true, it would have been 1/3 of game last year.
And again if 12-18 will average 20 minutes of playing time per game, what amount of playing time will players 19-26 average?

Anonymous said...

No one cares anymore.

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