Friday, October 17, 2014

U13G / U13 Girls Youth Soccer

U13G  / U13 Girls youth soccer seems to offer the most teams and the widest diversity of talent.

Where these players will end up is anyone guess.

Welcome to the ride.


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Anonymous said...

A "nice game, have a nice trip back" also goes a long way (especially when you have lost). Good reflection on your own club when you do something like this.

Anonymous said...

I move across the field as my daughter plays on one side...
I make eye contact and say "Good Morning/Afternoon" And 75% of the time we exchange cordial words. Once every so often one of the parents and I pair off and have great conversations... The last one was with a Long Island parent.

Anonymous said...

Great question 7:09.

Let me give you my opinion of this, its complicated.

When we arrive to the field, especially an away game, I slowly make my way through the parental groupings, making sure I say hello to all of our parents first. Then I try to find a Dad you is observing our girls warming-up, that tells me he is savvy, and appreciates the competition, as do I. Usually, I will make a comment like nice day for soccer, and how is your team doing? If he responds correctly, I will engage him with honesty, and sincerity, always. However, their some parents who really suck ass, and are miserable and bitter.

Here is my humble list of the best, and worst:


EM Hotshotz

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

7:09- Thats a great question. We spoke to some parents from another team this fall and it was great. They were very funny and answered a lot of our questions about the the soccer landscape in NJ.

Was interesting to hear their take on teams we also played. I thought about addressing them out here after the game but figured it would probably get them attacked.

Anonymous said...

I got a classic response. Once we clobbered a team, and as we were all walking back to our cars I said, good game to one of the parents. The Dad turned to me with contempt, and said, yeah, for you guys!

Haha, the truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

Wishing all you bozos a very Happy New Year especially:

GS Points Guy
Trivia Dude
Fanny Pack Guy
Soccer Nut
Chair Throwing Coach
50 Mile NCAA rules Expert
The Shill


Anonymous said...

10:13 you too

Anonymous said...

We will see in a short time if 50 mile rule is real.
Happy New Year!,

Anonymous said...

It look alike our club is passing-up the MSC Kick-off Classic, or Freeze-off depending on the weather. Actually, I am not going to miss it, plenty of action to come this spring, we can live without this one!

Anonymous said...

Do you guys believe the following statement "few young Americans possess the technical ability on the ball required for elite-level international football. American youth football is 100% focused on team results: not individual development. The rest of the football playing world takes the opposite approach. The players’ individual development, not the team’s success, comes first."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Interesting, I guess its both, yes and no. As a parent of a young player, I want her to develop her skills more than any other girl, I also want her to be one of the best players on her team, and in turn, one of the best in the region. As a former coach, I want the team to perform well, and in the process, induvidual players should improve. As both a parent and a coach, and want both.

Anonymous said...

The process of Individual development is a bit upside down.

Unfortunately player development comes as a by product of the coach trying to develop a competitive team. Although players can get developed this way, they will only be developed to a point.

They will never be as technical as they could be if they were in situations where the coaches "pay day comes by selling the highest quality technical player . Unfortunately in this country a coach gets his recognition by how many wins his team achieves and this can be done be taking short cuts in technical training.

(See the teams where the backs boot the ball way down the field to get rid of the ball in a hurry)

Its unfortunate but parents have to seek real technical training on their own.) Most don't even know the game well enough to know that they are being short changed.

Anonymous said...

2:09 I totally agree. Very few teams that we have played against can actually play out of the back, and through the midfield. Even a team like Tophat did not impress me that much. But you also know that a straight-boot out can be necessary, as long as its not the norm.

Anonymous said...


Of course a straight boot to a forward to stretch the field when a team is pinching in is a very smart play. Or to get rid of the ball quickly when a single back may be under too much pressure from a couple of forwards at the same time. but in most cases, the backs just boot the ball in to space all the time hoping their forward wins the 50/50. Too many times these players have plenty of time -but for the girls that are not trained properly , coaches instructions are to simply get rid of the ball down field as quickly as possible. After all, if the backs clear the ball quickly, then that means , the forwards for other team spend less time touching the ball, which will keep the score down... this is typical short cut american , no technical skill soccer.

Many so called elite teams play this way. Some are much worse than others.

Anonymous said...

4:12, My daughters club does not, and we are very lucky for that. They teach technical, tactical and physical as the foundation of youth training, and after 2 years I have to agree that I have seen the improvement of my child. They don't always win, but they always stay true to their training, and its a pleasure to watch. No need to name the club, but if you played against us, you would know.


Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately player development comes as a by product of the coach trying to develop a competitive team. Although players can get developed this way, they will only be developed to a point. "

Be very careful parents, coaches will always want their best eleven on the field. Best eleven doesn't always mean that your daughter is being developed technically or tactically and showcased in her best position.

Anonymous said...

412. Would be nice if you did indeed name the club

Anonymous said...


Some play this way (too often) against the coach's wishes.

They are 12 and 13.

Anonymous said...


The more confident and technical a back is with her feet then the less panic on the ball.

Simple removal of player to reinforce style is all that is needed once the technical skill is there. However most backs do not possess the technical skill or first touch to maneuver out of trouble. And this starts with the trainer.

(See big physical girl in the back with big kick that boots the ball down the field.)

Anonymous said...

4:33 i disagree a little. The coach always plays the best 11 for the style of play they want to use. That may or may not be the best 11. This is when a parent has to be true to their kid, regardless of the club and the promise land some kids have reached. Your kid needs to learn and to develop her skill and sometimes the kid is just playing for the wrong coach and maybe takes a few steps backwards instead of forward. The kids that stick it out will make it and play college ball, the kids that don't well they are % that leave the sport.

Anonymous said...

Feedback needed:

Looking at trying out for PDA and Match Fit, this is how I see it

PDA Storm, seems to have found the players over the last 6 months. I do not believe looking to add players to this mix unless child is a super standout.

PDA Dragons, added players to this team which has improved their play. Only concern I have is the roster of 22 for a 2nd team. I would like to have my daughter play. roster size to big personally

Match Fit NJX- Unsure of this teams status. I have heard team lost a few players, leaving this team with only 13 or 14 players on roster. Room to add players, which is good. Now question is if 2-3 players leave for ECNL, where will this team be competitively.

Match Fit ECNL, like PDA seems to have a solid roster set plus if you add 2-3 NJX players, not really sure if team is looking for players unless a stand out. From what I hear, will look within before grabbing from outside (NJX players)

Match Fit Black, another team that added players. Play has dramatically improved. Team is on the rise. Only question, will this team be consider 3rd team or will this team be NPL if NJX goes South. I like style of play, players to date. Roster size from what I see at 15.

From outsider, Match fit seems to have some availability.

Anonymous said...

Everything depends on how good your daughter is.

If she is a top player then she will be taken by match fit or PDA.

The rosters on either teams are not yet solidified and there is plenty of room for improvement on both these teams.

If your child is a very good player and you will be afraid that she might get lost in the shuffle, then i would consider Worldclass as this team is solid, but is missing more pieces.

Coaching and style of play should be your first question.

The Dragons or Ajax will compete with top non encl teams throughout the region. match fit npl team a step behind as they will have to rebuild.

Don't be afraid to call the coaches and ask what kind of positional players they may be looking for to round out their team. This will help you narrow down your choices.

Coaches are now looking for pieces to complete the team puzzle unless you are in the fortunate positional that your daughter is a significant player.

If that is the case then a phone call is all that is needed.

Anonymous said...

Try out for MF ECNL. Better chance. Half of those players do not belong on an ECNL team. They are hiding many players. MF is behind PDA when it comes down to the talent being on one team.

Anonymous said...

Where do you live? That has to factor in.

TSF seems headed to a 2-team format

If you need ECNL - good luck.

Anonymous said...

I disagree totally with 9:27. MF ECNL top unit cohesive and would be tough to break

Though if you want to take a shot at a lesser role on a better team (read: non-starter) - top Match Fit team night work, but you still have to wow them.

Crush's second team is an up and comer. Might be able to be a bigger fish - to stand out - and still have a chance to be placed with the first team eventually

Anonymous said...


I agree, when it comes to team concept. Match Fit ECNL has a total team concept. Stars and role players combined, making a solid team.

Anonymous said...

10 22

role players are always suseptable to new players coming in at this age group. No team is set. don't kid yourself.

If some stud from wildcats TSF or crush came in and they were better. role player would sit or be pushed to new NPL team

Anonymous said...

If my kid came to match fit, role player would sit.

Anonymous said...

1008 - where do you see tsf with two teams ?i thought they were a one team per age situation. Or are you referring to the Valkyrie thing which I don't quite figure out.

Anonymous said...

MF Pre Ecnl has 4-5 players who could start on PDA Storm. That's it. How many Storm players could start on MF Pre-ECNL. That speaks volumes. Those 4-5 players are carrying MF. Can they survive if one of their top players get hurts???? Doubt it. PDA can and PDA has done it! Best chance is to try out for MF. If your kid is that good, she can take a spot from atleast 6 of those players who are on the team. Many favorites getting PT that is undeserved over there.

Anonymous said...

9:21, how would you possibly know that? Oh I know, you can't, go back to bed, and keep dreaming.

Anonymous said...

he knows because his daughter is now part of the match fit club.

also you just have to watch the team to see that their are some positional weakness on that team..

think about it. match fit has begun to build their ecnl team yet, still a pool of players to integrate .

still a tryout to come where parents will start to make the move. oh, theres going to be a lot of unrest here as B begins the process of building for ecnl season

Anonymous said...

9:21am is same old dreamer from MF NPL Team.
There are still a few there who are clinging to stories they were told to keep them there.
Still haven't figured out that chemistry on current Pre-ECNL Team is big part of their success and coach wants no part of what they would bring in headaches.
It's about more than just the talent in building these successful teams.

Anonymous said...

9:21 I see only 4-5 PDA players that would be able to play for MF. Difference in opinions.

I can say, Match Fit over the past 2 years has had some injuries to this team. Still made U13 NPL Finals, had a very good Fall season.

to my knowledge, PDA still has not beaten this team

Anonymous said...


Are you saying, that the club will not touch the current u13 team as it is presently constituted.

No matter what players come from certain teams?

If best player on Wildcats showed up or best player on AJAX or Copa. Or best best players on NJX. The club would say No Thank you, we do not want to disrupt the chemistry of our team? Huh?

That seem to go against every EcNL principle!

Anonymous said...

Yes 10:42

every one can have there opinion, but it seems at every age group at match fit, they seem to have no problem in taken in exPDA players that were cut from or received minimal playing time. And these players seem to be the core of the teams at other age groups.

No doubt match fit has some really good players at this age group 4-5, but if you would take I or 2 players from the pda team then the power shift would be evident as Matchfit would probably rule the region.

Anonymous said...

Rule the region, hahaha, funny.

Have you gone to bed yet, you’re suppose to sleep at some point after New Year’s, no?

Anonymous said...


seems reasonable to me.

what team would be better?

Anonymous said...

11:32 and 10:28

You really have no clue how the system works. I am not a MF NPL parent dreaming. I am just a parent waiting patiently to see how this thing plays out. I have seen many teams play in this age group and I think my kid has a better chance at making the MF team rather than the pda team. And the poster who knows their stuff and history is spot on. MF will get players from Storm and Dragons and NJX in the next year or 2 that will bump 4-5 players off the grandfathered MF pre ecnl team. They were grandfathered into the spot. That is not the way ecnl rolls. Watch what CFC and FSA do to their grandfathered teams next year. Delusional people who have no clue....Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Your talking about the ecnl silly. Team chemistry is for other leagues. The ecnl prides themselves on being better than odp. The best players will be chosen....period

It's up to the coaches to get the best players showcased and try and win at the same time. That is wht at the ecnl is all about. If you are scared of your daughters spot, I suggest waking up now to reality folks. Players who are left off Storm and players who are ready to make the jump will try out for MF because nothing is set in stone there.

Anonymous said...

Dont bring other ages into the discussion

Anonymous said...

12:32 thanks NPL Parent. You obviously are bitter that North team is ECNL

Our team played both, sorry North ECNL is much better all around. For you to say grand fathered in, there is no such thing. Just this team obviously came over to Match Fit 2-3 years before your team. This team proved it can be top team over and over. Grand fathered, Nah, how about this team earned it. Just like the teams that were awarded ECNL teams for Match Fit when they were accepted into the ECNL Leauge. Match Fit put best teams on the field, including U13.

Only person that seems delusional are the NPL parents. I know you were told that ECNL will be down south. It may be, I definitely hear otherwise.

A few posts back, stated your team lost additional players recently plus GFA choose to play up North (again basing off 3rd party convo's). If true, that shows NPL team unstable.

Anonymous said...


Seems PDA makes more changes

Poachers will poach.

I dont know of any player bombarded with calls and e-mails from Match Fit

Anonymous said...

Shame a MF ecnl parent keeps bringing MF npl team into the conversation. Must fear them. I am on the outside looking in and I see what's going on there as well as everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I do think there is some "grandfathering" going on if the Match Fit ECNL team stands pat while the better NPL players knock on the door to get in.

Most of us were assuming there would be a melding together of the two groups of talent, whether you think it is just three NPL players or 5-6 or even more that deserve that shot.

I guess we will see it play out. No shortage of places to play if that merge does happen with 3-4-5 players and the old NJX team is dissolved.

Anonymous said...

1:31 I am an outsider as well. I believe it's the MF NPL parents that constantly stirs up conversations if read posts carefully

Anonymous said...

I think some teams down south would like for MF NPL - NJX to break apart and have players join their teams. Pretty obvious to me as an outsider.

The question is who benefits if this team breaks apart?

Anonymous said...

Whats better for the sport -

MF conjoining teams to create a team from NJ that can represent the state vs other state's powers


NJX staying togetehr and making New Jersey's list of teams deeeper, making the State Cup that much tougher to navigate?

Anonymous said...


The girls on the NJX team haven't even been taught to open up to the field correctly when recieving a pass.

Not sure any of the better teams down South would be interested in most of the players.

The more talented ones are still way behind technically and although they could improve quickly with lots of hard work, That window is just about closed.

Anonymous said...


The question you should be asking yourself is what's better for your daughter!

joining an elite group of girls and competing for national Championship via ECNL and being showcased through the ECNL system

or possibly making NJ list of 2nd level state cup participants a bit deeper.

Gee- let see, Hmmmmm, that a tough one.

Anonymous said...

The MF coach will pick his ECNL team and he will absolutely take his teams chemistry into consideration as that will have a huge affect on any success the team has as well as how much aggravation he has as coach.
Why would he want players who are noncommital about showing up for practice, are disrespectful to their coaches and trainers, and have parents who interfere in the running of the team and don't accept the role that the coach asks them to play.
More over the few girls on NPL Team who might have the talent to make the ECNL Team do not share the ball and the MF ECNL Team is very unselfish and moves the ball very well.
Just not a good fit.

Anonymous said...


Bunch of rubbish about the selfish play.

Anonymous said...

Matchfit better get an influx of players, otherwise, they will find that there team is just as mediocre as there u14-u17 teams.

They will need to rebuild in order to compete with PDA for longterm.

Anonymous said...

I guess you have not seen recent results this past weekend at ECNL. Match Fit went 10-1-1. U18 team might be best in Nation. Others teams are solid as well. Not bad for being in ECNL for only 1 year.

Anonymous said...

Notice I did not say u18.

It is just the u14-u17 that suffer.

I will take their u18 team over most including PDA's U18 team.

u14 -u17 seem to lag behind significantly to PDA teams. This should not be followed by their u13 team.

They have a real shot with this team. It needs to be added to and coach needs to change.

Anonymous said...

Also u14- u117aren't going anywhere if they can't get out of their division in their own conference.

Anonymous said...

I see the NPL Showcase will stream games live tomorrow. This can only be a great thing for ECNL and NPL players if the events stream their games. Coaches that don't make the events can watch from home. Just another feather in their cap.

Since we are on ECNL - below are Champions League teams so far.

2.33 FC Bucks

2.33 World Class
2.00 PDA
2.00 MatchFit

3.00 PDA
2.33 PennFusion
1.33 MatchFit

3.00 PDA
1.67 MatchFit
1.67 PennFusion

3.00 MatchFit
3.00 PDA

Anonymous said...

MF u18 team is great - although I see Pda did beat them last time played. So if they are best in the nation - I guess Pda can say the same and about ten other teams that can win and lose on any given day.

Anonymous said...

Only difference this time around, players are healthy. That team made it far last year with 5 starter's out with injuries.

Personally, U13 has a great chance to follow U18 as stated above. Following the U18 team, that team been pretty much together since U11 whiling have same coach throughout. I disagree with above poster, this Coach must stay. He is a very good coach in so many aspects. Girls play hard for him, put it all on the line every game.

Anonymous said...

MF u12 has very serious issues, they are town level team. They are not even a top 15 team in state.

Anonymous said...

Match Fit u18 roster is getting much bigger with girls coming from as Maryland to play in tournaments that allow guest players - including this ecnl event. MF picked this team up at u14 just after the team was formed. Also, their team had very little injuries last year including their top 5 players. Where are you getting your info. They were no where close to being together in 5th grade - stop the BS.

Anonymous said...

Follow U18 coach on Twitter, this where most information being provided is this coach Twitter account

Anonymous said...

It's u13. Too teams should have a top notch coach. When the players get older, it's all about strategy and coaching experience. You need a great game day coach to be successful at the older ages. At u13, a mediocre coach can get wins because the teams are not as equal. Those are just facts. That is one reason the top academies change coaches every couple of years.

Anonymous said...

ECNL Champions League Qualification- Top 34 teams make ECNL Playoffs

U18- MF #2, PDA #3
U17- PDA #2, MF #16
U16- PDA #5, MF #26
U15- MF #6, PDA # 17
U14- Neither team very good

MF and PDA performing well vs top teams.

Only starting 2nd year in ECNL, MF looks to be doing very well.

Anonymous said...

I have Match Fit rated ahead of Storm right now, 7:09

Looking at all aspects.....

Anonymous said...

What aspects are those? PDA is winning the flight.

Anonymous said...

Match Fit U15s is a new team

The team they had BOLTED to SDFC.

Anonymous said...


Not an issue - the Match Fit coach is staying.

Anonymous said...

7:42 - Where did you see about the live streaming?

Do you have a link to it?


Anonymous said...

Its not working exactly, oh well.

Anonymous said...

Its up now, enjoy!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Forget it, its buggy, not good for their brand!

Anonymous said...

The core of the MFA U18s have been together for 9-10 years. They Roster 25 kids though, so obviously 70% percent have been added over that time. The team is loaded, and it helps when you add an ACC college goalie, and the kid from Maryland who is a national team player and going to UNC. Great coach, great once in a lifetime group for MFA. PDA in a league of its own. Their U18s last year were similiar.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to talk about the only league that is ready for Spring and has been ready for a long time. Can't wait to start talking about all of them. The NYCSL NPL and the ticket it books to Indiana will be number 1. Some might say it's a 2 team race between NYSC and STA. While others (I'm one of them) think NJ Crush, ISA and Manhattan all have outside shots. 3/22/2015 is the big date for the entire league and everyone will want STA to win or tie NYSC. IF NYSC wins all they have to do is tie NJ Crush and win vs Manhattan, Massapequa, Quickstrike and NY Rush and they are in.

STA needs to win and then match NYSC point for point and they are in.

NJ Crush, Manhattan & ISA need to win out and have STA win or tie that games vs NYSC to have any shot at playing for the NPL Title in 2015

1 New York Soccer Club NPL-01 (17)
2 STA NPL-01 (15)
3 NJ Crush FC NPL-01 (12)
4 Manhattan Soccer Club NPL-01 (11)
5 Intense Soccer Academy NPL-01 (10)
6 Massapequa Soccer Club NPL-01 (6)
7 Quickstrike FC NPL-01 (6)
8 New York Rush NPL-01 (0)

*** STA NPL-01 - New York SC NPL-01
Quickstrike FC NPL-01 - NY Rush NPL-01
Massapequa SC NPL-01 - Manhattan SC NPL-01

NY Rush NPL-01 - Massapequa SC NPL-01
*** NJ Crush FC NPL-01 - Intense SA NPL-01
New York SC NPL-01 - Quickstrike FC NPL-01

*** Manhattan SC NPL-01 - Intense SA NPL-01
Quickstrike FC NPL-01 - STA NPL-01
Massapequa SC NPL-01 - New York SC NPL-01

*** Manhattan SC NPL-01 - NJ Crush FC NPL-01
NY Rush NPL-01 - Intense SA NPL-01
STA NPL-01 - Massapequa SC NPL-01

NY Rush NPL-01 - NJ Crush FC NPL-01
*** Intense SA NPL-01 - New York SC NPL-01
Massapequa SC NPL-01 - Quickstrike FC NPL-01

NY Rush NPL-01 - Manhattan SC NPL-01
*** STA NPL-01 - Intense SA NPL-01
*** New York SC NPL-01 - NJ Crush FC NPL-01

*** Manhattan SC NPL-01 - New York SC NPL-01
*** NJ Crush FC NPL-01 - STA NPL-01
Intense SA NPL-01 - Quickstrike FC NPL-01

*** STA NPL-01 - Manhattan SC NPL-01
Quickstrike FC NPL-01 - NJ Crush FC NPL-01
New York SC NPL-01 - NY Rush NPL-01
Massapequa SC NPL-01 - Intense SA NPL-01

Manhattan SC NPL-01- Quickstrike FC NPL-01
NY Rush NPL-01 - STA NPL-01
NJ Crush FC NPL-01 - Massapequa SC NPL-01

Anonymous said...

Wins become ties at odd times - careful

For instance - very easy to see NYSC tying ISA......and there goes 2 points

Which would mean Crush are IN (winning out) even if STA didnt beat or tie NYSC.


Anonymous said...

11:06 if NYSC wins vs STA and the bottom 3 teams in the FALL and Manhattan that would give them 32 points a tie vs ISA would give them 33 and tie NJ Crush if they win out at 33 with NJ crush owning the tie breaker good point. But like i said if the get their 33 points with a tie for NJ Crush it's all over.

hey what happened to the NJ Crush game videos? I enjoyed them.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, nice to see some interest in NYCSL NPL, its usually relegated to 3rd class status on this board, which is unfair, but understandable. This forum is mostly for NJ parents, who cannot agree on who to bash more, but keep trying anyway. I understand the passion, and in many ways I am similar, but its important to keep anonymous comments in perspective.

I look forward to a tremendous spring schedule, games which will be exciting, dramatic and ultimately important for future development.

Hers is a favorite of mine:

Many years since I was here
On the street I was passin' my time away
To the left and to the right, buildings towering to the sky
It's outta sight in the dead of night...

Anonymous said...

I can’t speak for anyone but myself. I love talking about leagues that have a prize beyond just a league title and GS points. ECNL has it’s 3 Cups, NPL has it’s National Championship, Region1 CL has it’s prize and so does Super Y and the USYS National League. Of all these leagues only NPL is at u13 so far. I’m not saying the other leagues aren’t as good or better, they just stop with a league prize and GS points – no further advancement and that’s not my cup of tea.

I think the NYCSL NPL is interesting to me since 5 of the 8 teams have a shot at going to INDIANA. NJ Crush has shown me nothing from a results point of view that would dictate them running the table and expecting NYSC to run the table is also unlikely since they have a target on their name when coaches will look at the schedule. STA would be my favorite if all things were considered equal. They gave away 3 points because they overbooked their schedule, which tells me their coach has a different vision that the NPL followers. My guess will be that they play EDP, NYCSL NPL, NJ Cup plus their own Tournament plus a few others, this will cost them a chance at experiencing a NATIONAL event in my opinion as I can see teams giving them a hard time when it comes to scheduling their games, I would if I was a coach, you want to rack GS points go for it but you can’t have your cake and eat it to. ISA and Manhattan are similar to NJ Crush based on fall results I can’t see them running the table, but I can see ISA having a better Spring. Only time will tell and the MSC and Jefferson Cup before the 1st game will give us a good idea at where the teams are at in their warm ups for League play. Finally, tournaments used as warm ups for league play how it should be in my opinion. Should be a fun ride for the parents in this league.

Good luck NYSC, STA, NJ Crush, ISA and Manhattan.

Your friendly neighborhood shill

Anonymous said...

Jefferson Cup Acceptances will be posted: First week of January 2015.

So we should have a good idea. I like this tournament because they take one month to look at all the teams to try and get their flights right.

Below is what hey use from their website:

team history
results (and yes, a 1-0 loss to top competition is better than a 10-0 win against weaker teams
results against other teams in the application pool.
placement in state, regional, and national competitions
team makeup
other events of acceptance

So we should get our first list of teams to talk about in a few days and see how a major tournament looks at certain leagues

Anonymous said...

Not getting enough rest can have serious consequences in youth soccer, when players are still growing and bone structure is not completely developed. Adults gain from pushing themselves beyond their limits and developing better performance capabilities. But children and teens who push themselves without getting enough rest risk long-term injuries, and even skeletal damage.
Hot Tip: Youth Injuries
Studies indicate that as much as 50 percent of all injuries in youth sports medicine are the result of overuse.

Most coaches make sure that youth players get multiple days of rest each week. The danger is most often for players who are accustomed to excelling on the field, or who are perfectionists. Players who feel pressure to perform find it more difficult to rest. It’s imperative for parents and coaches to monitor rest in youth players.

Happy Reading!

Anonymous said...

Great article!

Soccer Nut

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Shill,

I love your concise and honest writing, it's refreshing to see some positive information, not the usual, we are better than you nonsense. It's intriguing to think that the rest article and the tournament post tie-in to one another.
As an example, I think that a team should not compete at both MSC and Jeff Cup, either or, but definately not both.

We are not doing both, and that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 12:17, 11:23 here good read.

Anonymous said...

With the New England Girls NPL Spring 2015 scheduled for 3/1/2015 - 6/30/2015 to play the 2nd leg of home/away games. They have a beautiful new website with game dates not yet scheduled it has been confirmed that no playoffs will take place. The league is set up exactly as the NYCSL NPL a straight through league with each team playing every team home/away for a balanced schedule. At the end of the season the 1st place team will represent the league in INDIANA.

After the end of the Fall season, NEFC finds themselves in control of their destiny up 5 points on Oakwood. Oakwood needs a win in the return matchup vs NEFC and they need NEFC to slip against Seacoast and or Bayside. Really the only two teams with a shot to advance to the 2015 NPL finals as I would expect both to get the max 12 pts vs Yankee, Syracuse, Aztec and GPS. This would put NEFC at 33 and Oakwood at 28. Bothe Seacoast and Bayside would need to beat NEFC in addition to Oakwood for them to have a shot.

2: OAKWOOD SC (16)
8: GPS-MA NPL (2)

Anonymous said...

3:11, any idea how the brackets are set-up at Nationals? Do the East Coast teams play each other first, before they set a shot at the other NPL teams?

Anonymous said...

Any idea if pre-ecnl league winner is going to Indiana?

Anonymous said...

Excellent post 1227 re: importance of proper rest. All coaches should be aware of this if not already. In my opinion, anything more than once/week in winter months is insane. This is especially true considering winter training usually on harder indoor turf surfaces unlike outdoor turf surfaces which are softer & easier on the legs. Trust me I, unfortunately, know this from experience with my older daughter & not going to make same mistake this time around.

Anonymous said...

Virginia NPL schedules have also been set for Spring 2015, with PWSI also playing Region1 Champions League very curious to see how this plays out down south. This decision may have opened the door for Virginia Rush and FC Virginia to take the Spring crown. Unfortunately, for them the way the League is set up PWSI has clinched a 1 game playoff if they don’t claim the Spring title, this maybe the reason they entered Region1 CL with nothing to lose having clinched the 1 game playoff. I don’t see NVASC making a play this season as they would need some help from teams ranked 5 and higher in the league to beat some of the top teams.

3. FC VIRGINIA U13G (22)

After previewing the NYCSL NPL, New England NPL and Virginia NPL, I can see the below 3 teams

1. New York Soccer Club
2. New England FC
3. Prince William Soccer

Joining the below teams in INDIANA:

FC Portland Academy Pre ECNL - 2001 Girls
Maple Valley Premier Marauders Navy 01

EDL NPL hasn’t updated any information yet, they had their schedules up but then took them down, so my assumption is that they will split the teams into 2 divisions play 4 or 5 games with the winners playing each other to represent the league in INDIANA.

The Northeast NPL is a bigger question mark to me. The Assumption is that the NPL flight will represent the league in INDIANA and not the Pre-ECNL flight. Until they update their website my guess is that the Pre-ECNL flight will represent the league and the champion will be determined by a 4 team playoff. There is also an outside shot that both Pre-ECNL and NPL winners go to INDIANA since there are 15 leagues sending teams, an exception could be made. We will find out once the website is updated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 3:45, funny how the Pre-ECNL parents are quick to dismiss NPL as 2nd tier, and yet the clubs will gladly send their teams to Nationals.

Anonymous said...

3:51 are you saying you know pre-ecnl parents that feel this way or are you assuming the posts made are by a pre-ecnl parent?

I can tell you why I posted the question. The NorthEast girls NPL did not update their website for the 2014/2015 season. The league has 2 flights - wouldn't the logical thing be to send the TOP flight?

Anonymous said...

NPL northeast are the "b" teams of pre-ecnl teams. I don't think ecnl teams will go to Indiana.

Anonymous said...

5:07 I agree with your post u14 and above. At u13 the NorthEast girls NPL has a Pre-ECNL and a NPL flight. If the goal is to prepare the pre-ECNL teams for ECNL why wouldn't the pre-ECNL flight represent the Northeast girls NPL at u13?

At u14 and above the ECNL teams have their own league and the NPL teams do as well. However, at u13 there are 2 flights in 1 NPL. Why would the NorthEast girls NPL send their development flight instead of their top flight, wouldn't that do more damage to the NPL? How can you sell the NPL if the ECNL clubs don't buy into it at u13?

Anonymous said...


You are showing your ignorance

AJAX and NJX were much better than 'B'teams - just ended up in that league going into this season

Others in that division? Sure - weaker. They play at times like C/D teams.......

but the TOP of that league is strong - and would have no problem competing in INDIANA

Anonymous said...

Ajax, Dragons and NJX are quality teams but still not the top teams in their clubs.

Anonymous said...

As you can see below pre-ECNl teams always have played at the u13 level of this league.

I think some of you guys are getting lost in the "B" team thing. But if it makes you feel good to call them "B" teams go for it, that doesn't make them a bad team. To me it speaks volumes about the clubs that have multiple teams. They have a good enough brand to attract players to come and play for them regardless of the team and for the clubs with multiple strong teams well they are another animal.

I'm going to stick with NJ, can the NJ Wildcats, STA and NJ Crush "B" teams play with PDA North/South MF NPL? or will these ECNL "B" teams hammer them? Can these ECNL "B" teams compete with NJ Wildcats, STA and NJ Crush 1st teams? I think we all know that they can. "B" team to you and that's cool PDA NPL North/South and MF NPL to me. I think every parent knows where their team stacks up within their clubs pecking order and if doesn't bother them, it doesn't bother me.

NPL Finals 2015

Qualified Teams
FC Portland Academy Pre ECNL - 2001 Girls
Maple Valley Premier Marauders Navy 01

NPL Finals 2014
Flight Ranking Value: 7000




NPL Champions Cup 2013
Flight Ranking Value: 6000




Anonymous said...

2015 Region I Champions League

Girls U13
Division 1 Blue

Division 1 Red

Anonymous said...

Now that is a quality league that region 1 has put together for the initial champions League Campaign.I guess all the haters were wrong and region 1 got it right after all.
Great brackets and great job Tim M.
The red group especially is loaded.
I guess the naysayers who said the strong teams from non-ecnl clubs were all done as top flight teams and would have no where to play high level comp except tournaments were mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Nice league. Still a shade under ECNL but nice teams.

Anonymous said...

Blows away NE-NPL doesn't it.
Plenty of tough competition for the best of teams in the region to be challenged regularly.
And you get to dress and play every game unlike ecnl teams.

Anonymous said...

true non of those teams have rosters above limit of 18 so everyone travels and dresses every game.
No small thing.

Anonymous said...

Slightly better than NENPL. A lot more travel. How many games sill each team play?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Penn Legacy for getting into the top division, deservedly

Glad some people chimed in on their behalf, knowing McCoy reads the forum

Yeah, nice looking league. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Mucvh, much stronger than NE-NPL.
Not even close.
Bottom teams in region 1 league would crush teams in ne-npl that get crushed by nj teams in ne-npl.
6 of the teams in region 1 league comparable to top six in ecnl in region 1.
NE-NPL does not have 6 teams of that caliber.

Anonymous said...

Okay what's this love affair between Region 1 CL and North East NPL?

Didn't I say weeks ago that the list published wasn't final. Just like this one isn't final. Once region 1 updates their web site then it's final.

So how does this work Region 1 Red plays home/away games vs each other in the Spring/Fall then the winner plays the champion of Blue for a birth at next year's region 1 championships?

PS. Is USYSA moving towards calendar year like ODP? Are they dumping the Aug 1st cutoff.

Anonymous said...

PA people:

What I find interesting is that PA Classics is not listed as one of the teams in Region1 CL,
Is ECNL on the horizon, since their boys program is a DA already?

What would this do to PLand other teams in the area? Would they stay as strong or would some of their players move over?

Also isn't 1776 aka Nether? why play as 1776 instead of CFC Delco since nether is an affiliate?

Why hasn't FC Bucks been able to draw from teams in their backyard?

I guess PA is not buying into the ECNL brand as a league, what if it became a DA making ODP a thing of the past just like on theboys side, would anything change?

Anonymous said...

Tends in the ganme what Jurgen Klinsmann thinks.

1. whole team defending
2. attacking as a unit

Space is getting smaller and smaller
The tempo is getting faster and faster

because of this we need to develop players that are able to go both ways, that strikers know how to defend, how to shift to squeeze opponents in their build-up, and defenders how to bring the game higher up the field. Our job is to develop more and more players able to play both sides of the ball.

Now we want to work on individual development of players on the field

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. Ne Npl MF/ njx I believe now can contend with anyone. They've cut the weaker players and the core 11 can now play the entire game. Going to be something nice to watch. Will compete with any ecnl team except for the MF ecnl because they will have kids playing for both teams. Just my opinion

Anonymous said...

FACT: U13 PDA South/Ajax/B team beat U13 Wildcats 3-1.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if they have been accepted to Jeff Cup yet?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea if PA classics would get an invite to join ECNL. I dont think their team at this age group is good enough. I also do not think any PL players would jump to Classics at this age group just to play ECNL. I guess you never know though, only time will tell.
1776 and Ukrainians think their clubs are good so they do not want to jump to a poor CFC or FC Bucks team. They do not want to travel all that way to get beat up.Both play in PAGS, pretty much local.
Just 1 persons take on Soccer in PA.
I also do not think at this age group PA Soccer is as good as NJ soccer.

Anonymous said...

"What I find interesting is that PA Classics is not listed as one of the teams in Region1 CL,
Is ECNL on the horizon, since their boys program is a DA already?"

I don't know if Classics even applied to the Colonial League. Probably the smartest thing the ECNL folks could do is combine Continental and Penn Fusion (too close to each other geographically) and create a third ECNL team out near Lancaster. But I have no idea if this will ever happen.

"What would this do to PL and other teams in the area? Would they stay as strong or would some of their players move over?"

I think the current U13 parents are quite happy with their team and you won't see it breaking apart any time soon. That being said, an ECNL club in Lancaster would steal talent away from other age groups and probably erode the quality of Penn Legacy over time.

"Also isn't 1776 aka Nether? why play as 1776 instead of CFC Delco since nether is an affiliate?"

Yes. 1776 is Nether. The affiliation with CFC means next to nothing. The 1776 players are staying put.

"Why hasn't FC Bucks been able to draw from teams in their backyard?"

My guess is that CRUSA (FC Bucks) and YMS have long had a rivalry and the good players at YMS are resistant to going over to the dark side.

"I guess PA is not buying into the ECNL brand as a league"

You lost me here. "ECNL brand as a league"?

Anonymous said...

10:58 ECNL is looking at itself as a"DA" on the girls side since the girls don't have an official "DA" yet. Announcement soon to be made. IF USSF sanctions ECNL as a "DA" would this to do anything to PA soccer when it comes to the top players or will they still believe in ODP. On the boys side playing for "DA" carry a lot of weight.

so when I say ECNL brand as a league - I am referring to an academy system for top athletes instead of ODP?

Anonymous said...

I think, long term, having ECNL as the DA would hurt those non-ECNL teams. But in the short term I believe PL, 1776, Ukrainians, and YMS are all very happy with their coaching, so they aren't seeing any need to leave for the greener pastures of ECNL. And now many of those squads are finally ditching PAGS for some better competition in the Colonial League, so there is even less incentive to leave.

Not trashing ECNL (my kid plays for an ECNL team), but that's how I read the current landscape in PA.

Anonymous said...

As-of now, the plan is for the NE NPL to be represented in Indiana by the NPL teams, not the Pre-ECNL teams.

The Pre-ECNL flight will wrap-up with a 4-team playoff to determine the NE Pre-ECNL Champion.

Of course this is subject to change, but this was the plan going into the fall.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 11:34.

I just think that "ODP" type players should train 2/3 a week with each other and play against other "ODP" type players not just 10 times a year to elevate their game.

and in my opinion the ECNL platform can provide that.

But I get it not every one wants to play pro or for the WNT and if you don't why move to a team you don't stand out in if the current coach is good and can get you to the college promise land - better to stand out on a good team than just blend in on a very good team that maybe doesn't win a lot.

Anonymous said...

11:51 thanks

Will the NPL flight also be determined by a 4 team play off like last year?

Anonymous said...

Going by what 11:51 said.

NPL Northeast Girls League 2014-15

pre-ECNL Flight

PDA, EM, MF & Boston are the top 4 teams going into the spring.

FC Stars, Penn Fusion and CFC are in the mix 1,3 and 5 points behind the #4 Boston Breakers

FSA, WC & Albertson a littleto far behind.
FSA only has -2 GD and WC is only at -8, not horrible when you consider the teams they played. Albertson like the bottom 2 needs to work on Defense or protect the ball better.

FC Bucks & CFC Delco will have their own battle to stay out of the basement.
Bucks actually is 8th in goals scored and last in goals against, if this team figures out it's defensice issues might actually jump up a few places. CFC Delco would be similar to Albertson if they could only score more goals.

Should be a great Spring as these teams start preparing for their first ECNL season at u14.

The NPL Flight is a little different the top 4 teams are almost a lock.
PDA North, MF NPL, PDA South and CFC are all in. The big question here is what will happen down the stretch run. We know some girls will get a luck with the pre-ECNL team does that mean girls that didn't impress in the Fall will be moved down in Spring to make room for the new recruits in the spring?

PennFusion and FSA are both positive in GD and showed some promise with their results. Boston and FC Stars were both at aprrox -9. FC stars has strong teams in the older age groupssodoesthatmean this teamwill have a face lift next season orin the Spring? WC is only at a -10 GD but only has 6 points.

FC Bucks and CFC areat the bottom but either one of them can move up to 9th very easily if they figure out how to score a little more.

Anonymous said...

I think The Shill already mentioned this, or not, but this 4-team playoff system lessens the importance of winning your league straight-up, like NYCSL and NEPL. I guess its more fun for the girls, but it just seems amateur, similar to rec-soccer, whatever. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

9:31 and 9:45 but the FACTS are now that both of your teams will be playing in a league full of 2nd tier Teams from your clubs and your league does not compare with either ecnl or region 1 champions league.
the inferior competition your teams will play in NE-NPL week in and week out combined with your clubs aversion to entering their 2nd tier teams in the most competitive events where they might have to compete against your parent clubs A or ecnl team means your players will seldom have a chance to play against the best teams and players.
Even if you do have the talent to compete vs the best teams, you will seldom get the opportunity from your own club.

Anonymous said...

9:50, yes my daughters team will be at Jefferson Cup, we got an early acceptance, but we are going to skip MSC, which is fine by me, no need to go through that again!

Anonymous said...

The plan is also to have a 4-team playoff for the NE NPL flight as well. My apologies for not making that clear in my last post.

Anonymous said...

Your assuming the best players are already on the a team. I can tell you they have a few on the b team who shouldn't even be playing jags lowest level. Its about the almighty$$$$. You also have suck up parents . Just saying

Anonymous said...

12:55, the goal of the ECNL clubs is to have their B teams be the next best option in their state. Getting closer and closer. In NJ, you can argue they are already there.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that all MF and PDA teams are going to Jefferson Cup.

Anonymous said...

If that is true about all the MF teams going to Jeff cup, gonna be interesting to see where all the Mia's are going to play. Are all the njx girls gonna play for the ecnl team or the npl team. Should be very interesting and some disappointed girls and some really pissed off parents

Anonymous said...

Didn't both Teams play in Bethesda?

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on playing both Jeff Cup and PDA?

Anonymous said...

5 weeks apart - whats the problem?

Anonymous said...

1:25 just a troublemaker from outside Match Fit

NJX is NJX. No, their players wont be with MF Falcons at Jeff Cup

And no, the one player from Falcons that at times plays for NJX will not be there to help at Jeff Cup

If they could clone her theyd have a chance to win flight 1 and 2

Falcons = pre ECNL

Anonymous said...

1:17 I don't think either pre-ecnl team is playing Jefferson Cup going by GS.

Why would they? They have South Carolina in May, why go down south twice?

Anonymous said...

12:55 what is your point? I guess we will see at Jefferson Cup this year. Both Pre-ECNL teams are not going

PDA Ajax or PDA South was top flight last year - should belong to PDA North this year if any PDA team is top flight. As good as PDA South has been, PDA North beat them head 2 head and finished in first place in the same league. We shall find out this week according to the Jefferson website.

Question, why doesn't MSC release their acceptance list before Jefferson?

Anonymous said...

This is new for the u13 Age group.

With a summer of Possible events

1. NPL Finals in July
2. US Club National Cup XIV
3. US Club Mid-Atlantic Regional
3. 2015 USYS National Championships
4. 2015 USYS Region I Championships

most leagues will play 7 to 11 league games plus State Cup games.

How many tune up tournaments should a team participate in - if they are going for gold this summer?

I listed 4 big Spring tournaments.

Feb - MSC
March - Jefferson
April - PDA
May - Delco

Anonymous said...

Should be interesting to see which teams play Manhattan, STA and Jeff Cup..... if any.

3 straight weekends is tough

Anonymous said...

Best returning NJ team for Manhattan tourney is CRUSH, who won at U11 in 2013 (no tourney last year)

Best returning NJ team for Jeff up is NJCSA Galaxy, who finaled the third flight

STA is defending champ of their event, which was 8 v 8

Anonymous said...

Thanks 9:55 for making me look this up.

Blast from the past:
Top Flights in MSC the last time it was held in 2013

NJ Crush was talked about being the best team or one of the best teams
in NJ Fast Forward 2 years and they are not in that coversation anymore, NJ Wildcats now where that crown. Sachem Speed dominated in 2013 at 9v9 and also are the region 1 Champions in 2014 yet this team is quickly dismissed or not even in any conversation because they don't play in a major league but yet when they play in major tournaments they seem to always take care of business - ask PDA Storm. STA was made fun of and even had a nick name on this board (second tier academy), well they are number 1 in NJ now according to GS and it drives people through a wall and brings out the GS hate. PDA Dragons were also ripped on back in the days, not playing in any tournaments and not scoring any goals, now they are first in their NPL league and also scored the most goals. NEFC and EM were a step behind 2 years ago now both are in the conversation for best team in Region1. CFC & NYSC were at the bottom but it looks like they worked hard and now are one of the better teams in their NPLs.






3) NEW YORK SC G01 (3)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typos, spelling and grammar

Anonymous said...

fast forward two years from now when the girls are young ladies and fully grown physically, the landscape will look something like this.

PDA off into their own world. never playing another NJ team unless in an occasional tournament and trying to compete for an ECNL national title.

Matchfit same as above. New coach and 50 % percent turnoff r of existing team.

Wildcats a very competitive team playing in top tournaments because of the existing coach. Style of play will be basted a bit but will be considered successful- see the next Northrockland. they will lose players to PDA or Matchfit.

Sta- a Decent team like the current u15's but will be a step down playing in the NOL and a nice alternative in NJ

FC COPA and SDA also a good alternative for showcasing.

This is the path that these teams follow every generation.

Only question will be if Matchfit will be able to take the crown away from PDA in this age group.

It will depend on the moves that they make now including who will coach the team.

Will parents look at this team as a viable first choice or will they still be the step sister to PDA at this age group!

Anonymous said...

MF is a disaster as a business and at the team level. Lots of dissention amongst players coaches and parents. Will always receive PDAs cast offs, which is what keeps them competitive.

Anonymous said...

Hey PA Guy. How did the teams look at the UPenn indoor this weekend?

Anonymous said...

9:05 -"this is the pattern these teams follow every generation".
Do you know how ridiculous that statement is?
5 years ago there was no ECNL, NO EDP or EDL, nor was there a DA on the boys side. Every league was pay to play. 10 years agon MAPS was going to be what ECNL is now claiming to be permanantely. Now we have the new region 1 Champions League and new management and a new director in Region 1 for USYSA.
"This is the pattern these teams follow EVERY GENERATION?" Laughable!
The ONLY thing that hasn't changed in the youth soccer landscape is that there is constant change and new ideas every few years and the situation is ALWAYS fluid.
It's always funny to see the newbies make these blanket statements when they have no idea what has come before this current landscape which is only the latest and certainly not the last in youth soccer.

Anonymous said...

11:49 of course you are right but it's just parents regurgitating the BS they are being fed at their clubs.

Anonymous said...

"Hey PA Guy. How did the teams look at the UPenn indoor this weekend?"

Sorry. I wasn't there. Haven't spoken to anyone who was.

-PA Guy

Anonymous said...

I was not at the Penn Bubble indoor for the whole
event but my daughter was.

The Twisters put teams in at u12 and u13
and won both .

Anonymous said...

While indoor soccer and especially Futsal are great for winter training, let's not assume results compare with results on a soccer field. Not the same.

Anonymous said...

12:53 Agreed, that is why I asked how the teams looked, not who won or what was the score. In that format moving the ball, making good decisions, creating scoring opps, etc.

Anonymous said...


How said anything about the league. I meant the club Pda.

Nothing in their history tell me anything different about the hierarchy of club youth soccer. STA Is Sta by any other league.

Ignore the league my friend. Just look at the clubs.

Anonymous said...

The only quality you'll find indoor is futsal.

Anonymous said...

11:49 & 11:53 - 5 years ago USYSA National League was the smack and all the Regional leagues like Region1 Premier / Colonial / Northeast.

Nothing changed. US Club Soccer got bigger and stronger and wanted to go away from the wild wild west where the individual teams (coaches) did what they wanted win games for acceptance into these leagues.
US Club challenged that - and created leagues for good clubs that want to grow the game not their resume regardless if they might not have a strong team at u13.

The USSF will control what happens next? They will either destroy both ECNL and ODP by creating their own DA on the girls side OR they will sanction ECNL as a DA and the discussion about best leagues will be over and ODP will be crushed.

The only thing I see happening is ODP being crushed,it will still be an option for some kids but it will be a shell of what it was.

Anonymous said...


yep -I think you misread the original post. And then in your arrogance called the poster a "newbie".

There is nothing in the pedigree of any of these clubs that would suggest a different result with the current teams.

Kudos to the current Wildcat team. Its about the the coach and what he is trying to do with these girls.

Anonymous said...

So you think the coach is coaching them the correct style of play for the future????? Wow!!

Anonymous said...

He is coaching to win at any cost for right now.... Some would call that very selfish and short sighted..... Time will tell but something tells me that the other programs that are teaching a certain style of soccer will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Not form the wildcats but 2:12, can you tell us the correct style to play soccer?

Love to hear it Jurgen!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Futsal, looks like DV Academy from LI is really training hard for the USSF NE Regionals on 2/14. They have already won 2 mini-touneys at the Soccer Coliseum in Teaneck, they beat-up STA NPL 01 on Sunday.

This team has some of the best players from, EM Hotshotz, Albertson, ISA, and others. They are a very good bunch, and we look forward to playing them in Wildwood.

Anonymous said...

2:25, just come to one of my daughters practices, and you can see what style he is referencing, and if you don’t know by now, you know.

Anonymous said...

It's not the letters on the front of the shirt or the name of the club, but the way each team is being individually trained that determines the development of that team and it's players.

Anonymous said...

3:06 & 2:30 I can respect that. If your kid doesn't play on a true academy team they will hit a ceiling in their development. Nothing the coach can do about that. The kids need each other to put them to the next level.

A true academy (MLS or DA) is where all the top players go. You can get the same training at a hundred different places but you can never get that collection of talent. The girls side doesn't have a true academy system yet, but when they do what will you do? Bring your kid to a tryout where the sky is the limit or you going to keep them under that ceiling?

Anonymous said...

Correct. And pack it in on defense and send a kick and a prayer through ball every once in a while will only take you so far. Again, not bashing the athletic talent of the team but to say the coach it teaching them the right way to play is just nuts. That team has had success based on athletic ability of the girls. Not the coach. That is why the others will eventually prevail. You think this team is the first really good non academy team at U13? No. They all always get passed by the clubs that "teach" the right way to play..... Totally support the girls on this team. Just feel the coach is getting way too much credit for their athletic ability.....

Anonymous said...

why does this board always go back to the Wildcats?

Anonymous said...

lets change the subject. i have been listening to people debate the best way for US mens soccer to get to the elite level. i don't feel that will happen. i don't care if you have academies at birth. the top men athletes do not and will never play soccer. until that happens we will never be as good as Europe. imagine a athlete like Barry Sanders playing soccer instead of football. do you agree or does the us have a chance?

Anonymous said...

I agree and I disagree. I think soccer has found it's place. 16-20k a game not counting Seattle with 24 teams and a Development Team playing USL pro (Div III) not to mention we also have the NASL. We did not have this 5 years ago. The MLS DA teams are free to play and I think the no non-MLS teams will have to be as well. We did not have this 5 years ago. I think we did okay at the cup if Wando doesn't miss who knows. I think we need to be in Copa Lib to have a shot our players need to be challenged by playing more teams from outside the US.

We may never be as good but we will win a World Cup.

Now if we can only grow the NWSL for our girls to have a shot.

Anonymous said...

4:49pm - Totally agree men's U.S. soccer will never compete at the international level to many high paid sports for those athletes to play in the US. Thus the reason why women's soccer has been successful imagine if Amy Wambach or Syndey Leroux play in the WNBA.

Imagine a Lebron James as a Striker or RGIII as Mid Fielder.

What's everyone's opinion on when and what age/grade do you start attending university camps?

Anonymous said...

There is only about 4 players on MF/Njx that may go far in their soccer career the 2 center defenders, striker, and midfielder besides them MF/Njx is just another team to split up

Anonymous said...

Wildcats have never "packed it in".
They play 3 forwards, press high up the field and both their outside backs play notched forward to give width to their attack.
Why do people who have no idea of what they are talking about come on here and spout off about soccer tactics.

Anonymous said...

8:05 true -if they wanted to pack it in they would play 4-5-1 or 5-3-2,
or keep the wings back in their 4-3-3 which I haven't seen them do.

Anonymous said...


Something tells me PDA parebts would be surprised if they saw the practices of some other teams

They definitely assume way too much....

Anonymous said...


Should Wildcats attempt to score on a driven cross and firm header - or should they be making 5-6-7 passes from a corner restart?

Anonymous said...

When the college coaches come calling in 2 short years the tall center backs who can come forward on corners and set pieces and deliver a finish with a firm header will be in great demand.
If you watched the college cup of course you already know how valuable players with that skill set are to those coaches/programs at that level.

Anonymous said...

I dont know - that's pretty DIRECT soccer

Anonymous said...

Wildcats play 5 defenders, I have seen them many times & every time there are 5 defenders. Hey it's working, for now.

Anonymous said...

& I will add not once have I ever seen one defender pass to each other nor even to a forward. Wait maybe I did, once, against BOCA.

Anonymous said...

You are both mentally challenged..
what team are you with that plays such great soccer that you are so quick to denigrate successful teams.

Anonymous said...

They are parents from a team that plays in the 3rd flight of the major tournaments while they knock the teams in the top flight.
Says it all doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of tournament flights, when are the Jeff Cup flights coming out?

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, cant wait

That'll really up the level of conversation here

Anonymous said...

& I will add not once have I ever seen one defender pass to each other nor even to a forward. Wait maybe I did, once, against BOCA"

Willdcats is this true.

I don't know the team. If this is true-If your defenders donot engage one another in getting out of trouble then you are being sold a bill of goods.

Your kids will not play at the next level.

If it is not true and the defenders are using one another than this blog is insane,.

Anonymous said...

"Should Wildcats attempt to score on a driven cross and firm header - or should they be making 5-6-7 passes from a corner restart?"


Wildcats do not pack it in but they play a direct game. They do not possess the ball. They try the thru ball and over the top all the time. The defenders kick the ball out of the back, never pass out of a situation. I do not remember but I am willing to guess no pass backs to the GK.
With all this said, they won playing that way. They started to play better teams and couldnt win. They did stop the other teams from scoring. Which may lead to people believing they pack it in.
Some of us may think te Wildcats may fall to the wayside because they do not seem to play the pretty way but you never know what will happen.
Also, not every girl playing U13 soccer will play soccer in College. A lot of girls will stop playing after high school.

Anonymous said...

So we heard from Crush that they are playing MSC - makes sense and assume you are not returning to Jeff cup ? Anyone else going to Jeff cup ? With Pda so close - why wouldn't everyone play that ?

Anonymous said...

It's nuts to go to Jeff cup unless you are top team...
MS tourn is to early in season and always weather train wreck. It's a nice tournament to pick up easy GS points for teams like crush.

Anonymous said...

A previous post I made:

Teams that applied to a tournament the same day as Jefferson.


Teams that did not apply for Jefferson

Greater Binghamton FC 01 SELECT

Teams that I couldn't identify - they may have applied they may not have.


Anonymous said...

When does the region 1 schedule come out?

Anonymous said...

9:10 They have to announce their flights first.

This is how I would rank the teams that may have applied to Jefferson.

7. NEW YORK SC G01 (NY NPL #1, lost to NENPL3)
12. SACHEM SPEED (no major league R1 Champs)

Anonymous said...

I thought the flights for Region 1 were announced already. sorry I forget people on the this blog are in the know.

Anonymous said...

WC#4? What have they done these past 4 months?

Anonymous said...

9:42 Maybe WC at #4 is to high, but They played tough in all their pre-ecnl games against some of the hardest teams in the region1 with a GD of-8 in 11 games hard to dismiss and the reason I went so high. But I can see your point, just my opinion.

9:42 some just know how to view things before they are released to the public. To me it's final when the leagues posts that it's final

Anonymous said...

9:52, I am just busting-chops, they might well be #4, go attempt on the list, gives something to complain about. I like the Charlton team, there are some very strong players on the team, but their training is lacking, not teaching possession soccer.

Anonymous said...

9:58 You can bust it's all good. I've been called many things.

Maybe that would explain the fall in regards to getting the result and not getting the 3 points.

I am curious to see who else applied. all it takes is 4 or 5 teams from the below which couldn't be identified as applying to move WC out of the top 8 and everyone else in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

holding mid on WCats plays like a 5th defender normally marking an inside striker and leaving BOTH centre backs free. hard for teams to get through all that and keeps goals against down. this leaves 2 central mids outnumbered all the time and with 2 wide players playing up high makes it almost impossible for them to play a possession passing game. the mids become more grunts than playmakers and work very hard for the team. They then rely on long direct passes, set pieces or mistakes caused by their high pressure to get goals. not all that unusual a style, at any level. team must be fit and hard working to get results this way which WCats are. won't produce any mids of vision playing this way from U12 up but different strokes for different folks.

Anonymous said...

12:53 it's your 2nd comment that is correct, the blog is insane.
typical comments from parents of teams who have fallen behind wildcats and can't beat them now attack them for style of play or for ties vs top ranked teams.
Because they don't allow very many goals they must be packing it in.
Not true, wildcats play combo's out of back and outside backs come forward and overlap, they also play direct at times as well as center back can really send ball and when teams press high and try to condense field wildcats center back can't take to off defense and they have speed up top to punish high restraining line.
Their coach has been preparing/training/coaching players who have gone on to success at the college level for over 20 years so any comment that his current teams players won't make it is just wishful thinking by haters and disgruntled parents. Comments like claiming they "pack it in" just show their soccer ignorance. Players need to recognize what tactics the other team is employing and adjust accordingly on the fly to be successful at the next level. In order for this versatility and ability to read the game to develop in players they must be given the freedom to change tactics based on what they see, not just employ the same style regardless of matchups, conditions and what tactics the other team is employing to stop them.

Anonymous said...

10:36Am - And how do you do it at NJCSA Galaxy? If you guys have all the answers than I'm sure we will see the evidence on the field this spring season with the beautiful soccer your team will play. We are all anxious to see the results since you are so quick to criticize other successful teams.
And since results don't matter make sure you remember if Wildcats happen to lose a game this spring they were only trying to "develop" in that game so don't attack them about losses or ties. Hypocrite!

Anonymous said...


Beating East Meadow, FC Stars and STA is now considered "easy GS points"?

Stop being an ass.

Anonymous said...

PA guy, 9:28?

Anonymous said...

Settle down crush - you guys are a has been....

Look at your got soccer tournamnent showings - you lose everything you enter - always talk a big game - but never show. I see you did beat your older girls in your own flagship tournament.

You should learn from the ones that left - and do the same - before you end up like your older teams.....

Anonymous said...


Are you talking about 2013 still? Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Galaxy-Wildcats banter.


All - lets not let c couple of (likely misinformed) yahoos' ranked lists get us fighting each other.

Unite, New Jersey - then rip each other apart when SC comes :)

Anonymous said...

I think (if I have this right) 11:02 was scoffing at the other guy's notion that Manahattan tourney offered easy points.

While I think the other guy was just saying that if Crush chose Manhattan over Jefferson Cup that their choice might be because it is easier to get points at Manhattan.

My impression of Crush is that they dont really hunt points, given that they seem to always want to be in top flights, rather than down where they might win easier.

Anonymous said...

11:27 That's okay -I think they play in the same NPL (EDL) winner goes to INDIANA - I think that game will count for something since the other NJCSA Elite team in now Manalapan that leaves Galaxy as the NPL team?

Anonymous said...


This style of soccer can be very effective. It is the old American way of playing the game. It is a style that can producer results at any age.

You couple this with a couple of fast forwards and you tell your backs to get rid of the ball into open space as quickly as possible. In order to play this style, not only do the girls have to be fit but be tough and first to the ball. You hope for 50/50 balls up high and getting your goals on set pieces.

Goals are not manufactured by touches!

Can be very effective in the early stages against any team.

In the younger age groups against top teams it can get you wins and the coaches and program significant glory.

Parents are usually proud of this style because their team is Winning and can compete with anyone.

If a team executes well they will keep down the score and keep any game close and winnable.

Yes the middies have their jobs of being workhouses, not playmakers. And the defenders main Job is to get rid of the ball as quickly as possible by moving the ball forward into space, not necessarily to feet.

The style results in wins against some of the best teams and then as the girls get older, the wins become ties. At the u14 level you will start to see a team that has many low scoring ties against the more skillful teams.

At u15, The script begins to flip on these girls, The success rate is not nearly as great but the team will never be a bad team. They will be exactly what they have trained for these last couple of years.

From an individual skill point of view(feet movement and most important passing) these girls will find themselves ill equipped to play in a more technical setting.

But 95% of the girls will end their soccer career in Highschool anyway so no harm no foul.

For sure this system will never produce a Worldclass player but we are not doing that well with that anyway

This type of play is great for the club and coach, as it attracts unsuspecting parents who are thirsty for winning soccer.( as most of us are) Its about the money!

Parents will brag about how tough their players are. How they are first to the ball( all necessary qualities in an elite soccer player)

A good coach will try to teach technical skills concepts in practice but they never become part of their game day tactics.

They will resort to the more easily trained American style of soccer.


Passing , Good Feet, Movement off the ball and higher level tactics of moving off the ball up the field will be given less consideration in this system.

It is exactly the style that our best minds talk about in being very critical of both the Men's and Women game.

The Coaches excuse is always the same for teaching this system.( "Most college girls play this way" Why bother to teach the other way)

To teach the game the other way is hard and most Coaches don't have the knowledge anyway.

This is what we call training to the 99% and not to the 1%.

Easier for the coach, good for business and parents get their wins.

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