Friday, October 17, 2014

U13G / U13 Girls Youth Soccer

U13G  / U13 Girls youth soccer seems to offer the most teams and the widest diversity of talent.

Where these players will end up is anyone guess.

Welcome to the ride.


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Anonymous said...

State Cup Addendum:

1. This year SC will not allow own goals. Ball will be placed as a corner kick instead.

2. Refs will not have standard yellow or red cards. They will use a yellow card with a sad face as a warning. Red cards will state "Timeout" for more aggressive fouls.

3. All ties will be decided be rock, paper, scissors.

Have fun, and kick that ball!

Anonymous said...

someone is really stuck on the state cup
let it go dude, better things to post about. your coming off obsessed and just wierd

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you're as funny as you think you are, 12:30.

The teams that enter have no control over who doesn't enter. A sadder state of affairs would be if non-ECNL sat around waiting to see which tournaments the ECNL clubs were signing up for.

Anonymous said...

12:30 State Cup Addendum - I thought it was pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

Stupid sticks together

Anonymous said...

True. Let's talk about who PDA and MF are playing and how their daughters will get a one way ticket to the college of their choice because that's so much more meaningful then concentrating on the State Cup which you keep saying is meaningless, so why continue to relentlessly keep bringing it up

Anonymous said...

Don't be bitter now 12:55/12:57/1:37. It does stink for the girls (your daughters) that are playing state cup that the top teams didn't enter.

Anonymous said...

NYCSL NPL game this weekend:

Intense SA NPL-01 Manhattan SC NPL-01
New York SC NPL-01 Massapequa SC NPL-01
STA NPL-01 Quickstrike FC NPL-01

NJ Crush FC NPL-01 Manhattan SC NPL-01
Intense SA NPL-01 NY Rush NPL-01
Massapequa SC NPL-01 STA NPL-01

Any predictions, upsets??

Anonymous said...

regarding state cup, why this year did top teams not enter all of a sudden? is the edp open tournament played like the state cup the new thing now?

Anonymous said...

The truth is, the ECNL clubs have little to gain from playing in the state cup ( or any non-ECNL events, really). If they win, or if it's an all ECNL club final, then that's what it was supposed to be all along. But if they lose, then they're set up for ridicule. While the competition in ECNL is in most cases better than they'll find anywhere else, it's also safer to stay in that cocoon. They're already there, they're already regarded as some of the best teams around, and until anyone else beats them, it's tough to argue otherwise. And if they DON'T play anyone else, they CAN'T lose. So this tough guy who likes to make everyone else's kids feel like they're unimportant and mock them for playing in an admittedly light State Cup, he's doing under slightly false pretenses. It's not because he knows his kid's team is better, It's because he's trying to convince himself that his kid's team is better.

Now here's the twist that I can't prove but make of it what you will. I'm not entirely sure that this jack*ss is really from a team that he claims to be. If you look at the posts from last weekend, and the time stamps, they don't completely coincide with the game times of the ECNL clubs, but they appear pretty darn close to when the teams would be warming up, or at the least traveling to their scheduled games. If that's the case, then there really is someone with some serious issues just trying to troll the board.

Anonymous said...

4:05 it has been evident that he has serious issues for some time now.
After all if state cup is no longer meaningful why has he the need to spend his time degrading it?
Just because a few teams opted out of competing for the state title doesn't mean anyone should.
My guess is it is one of the parents from one of the B or C teams at the 2 big clubs realizing they are out of state cup and not entered in top tournaments anymore for no reason as they certainly are not playing top flight comp every week in NE NPL as they were told. Read the other posts from NE NPL parents complaining about being sold bill of goods by their DOC's about level of comp they would face every week in NE NPL.

Anonymous said...

It's either NJX or PDA laying the foundation so they can take jabs at the wildcats if they happen to win.
sick people I tell you.

Anonymous said...

405 is one also with serious issues? Why? Because he/she took the time to research last weekend's posts on this subject & compare the times to starting times of ECNL games. Now that is odd. Who cares?

Anonymous said...


Do you really think that person has serious issues?

Is that how you judge those that take actions that are a bit different then the actions that you might take on a particular subject matter.

I hate to tell you this but your comments

say more about you then the other person!

Anonymous said...

yes 635, that person has serious issues.

Anonymous said...

Has nothing to do with not having anything to gain///

but interesting that you fear you have so much to LOSE with a State Cup loss..

Some teams always want to be in, not shy about possibly being bested - even by a lesser team - just interested in games. And certainly never concerned of the possibility of having to face the mighty ECNL.

ECNL teams have plenty of games. No. They dont need State Cup. Some teams need some results to ensure entrance into upper flights at future events. ECNL teams do not.

To each their own.......just intersting the lack of class shown by the ECNLs, disparaging those that are playing in the "Fake" Cup.

Anonymous said...

We are only carded for US Club, and not for USYS, thus we are ineligible for state cup in PA. Which is disappointing as I wish we were playing in the state up against our in state rivals: 1776, Ukrainains, and of course Penn Legacy. Just my $0.02.

-Penn Fusion parent

Anonymous said...

As ECNL parent that has two children in different ECNL programs, I can tell you that ECNL doesn't give USYSL a second thought anymore. You will see some of the second teams join the US Club State Cup.

ECNL teams at the u13 and above no longer have an interest in State cup.

Unfortunately , there agendas are just different.

This also true on the boys academy side as well.

Things are moving along On the ECNL side, and focusing on a state cup win in the older age groups is just not a high priority.

There are certainly some worthy teams in the competition but the ECNL teams just have no interest beyond u12.

If you want to have legit conversation, i will be more than happy to provide information

Anonymous said...

I am speaking for NJ

Anonymous said...

They'll likely play State Cup in spring, so that's bunk (if MF and PDA do not I will apologize)

I think the spring SC is easier to play, since they allow for a range of playing dates - whereby a team just needs a game [played BY A CERTAIN DATE, not on a certain date.

Anonymous said...


The ECNL teams at the u13 age level may play US club state cup in Spring. Up to individual coaches and DoC.

The coaches see very little value in state cup besides a couple of good games.
Beyond that, the NPL clubs will be in state cup.

Ecnl teams have different agenda as stated above.

Anonymous said...

The different agenda is not being embarrassed by a non ECNL team.

Anonymous said...


State Cup just part of the schedule for ECNL (spring), not as "important". This we might agree on

ECNL teams having no interest? That's cool as well. We'll see.

(Storm looking for a measure or payback at NJX-MF would be good theatre, but if they are busy, thats cool.)

Anonymous said...

Just look at teams schedule for spring. Both MF and PDA have games finals weekend and these teams are not allowed to move games therefore they will not be playing in NJ Cup as well. Not ducking just schedule will not permit these teams to join.

Anonymous said...

& there is nothing wrong with that 857! i agree its silly to be critical of the state cup calling it this or that *AND* its also silly to be critical of teams who choose not to participate in the cup for variety of reasons. lets just leave it at that, good luck to all teams this weekend. make nj proud!

Anonymous said...

10:18 I am 8:57. I agree, this is why I posted my comment. Some teams just can't play, nothing wrong with this. Teams can play, should be proud of they move on regardless if opponent

Anonymous said...

Guys- enough with the SC talk. Bottom line is the field is not near as strong. Anybody can determine that..... Nobody is saying not to play. The field is just way weaker than years past. End of story. Let's please move on.

Anonymous said...


The coaches at PDA doesn't give NJX a second thought. (hard to hear but true)

It is not because this team didn't earn a win in the finals, It is just because the organization has their sites ,and will be judged on how this team does at the national level.

NJX did a fine Job at putting together a team at the younger level of soccer, but like many teams before them, As these girls grow up and size and physicality become less and less a factor, I believe NJX team will not be able to compete at the Elite level of soccer.

Anonymous said...


Watching the NJX chase the ball round and round at the next game was satisfying enough.

Time to move on. Those days are now behind us.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


I guess you missed the chase last May for the NJ CUP?

Anonymous said...

State champs are the team that emerges out of all of those who enter this years competition.
No, yeah but's for teams that choose not to put themselves on the line.
Coulda, woulda, shoulda.
Whoever wins is crowned NJ State Champ for U13 Year and goes to Regionals as NJ rep for U13 girls age group.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the surface lawsuit, really makes you wonder why your child is playing on a field, that the professionals consider inferior, and detrimental to not only the game of soccer, but their health. Thank you dear poster, for adding another component to my already long list of worries.

Anonymous said...

Any NJYS cup results from today?

Anonymous said...

@4:37 NJ Crush moves on with 2-1 win over BOCA. Well played game by both teams.

Anonymous said...

EDP cup brackets and schedule have been posted.

Anonymous said...


You are welcome. Another reason why I question the ECNL. I thought they were committed to the female soccer player. Playing all games on turf only shortens their careers and it makes them vulnerable to injuries.
Playing soccer on turf is no good. It's only good for saving money and looking good.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the wildcat haters? Maybe everyone can start beating up on crush now for playing such a tight game with boca. Or will it now go by wayside and the "bocas not a bad team" defenses start coming? Or wait "the score doesn't represent the game play"?

Anonymous said...

@5:44 the earlier post said good game played by both teams, game over

Anonymous said...


You might want to questions all those other leagues that play on turf as well. also your daughter's future high school

If you think this issue is just an ECNL problem then you are truly biased against the ECNL and are just looking for stuff to support your bias

Anonymous said...

@ 5:44

Not following yourweek post. Crush actually won against Boca and Wildcats lost so what kind of point you trying to make?

Anonymous said...


Sorry, but the high schools are behind this turf issue as well. My kids HS doesn't have turf. Sorry, not an ECNL hater. Just a concerned parent who played the game at a high level and know that turf is not good for the knees. Especially females. High school soccer sucks. ECNL is suppose to be the Example for girls soccer.

Anonymous said...

@7:10 the point was that there isn't much of a differential. One goal???? At this age, one goal means game could have home either way. So, are you still denying BOCA is a good team?

Anonymous said...

Crush got very lucky

Anonymous said...

Crush are playing league games the day of the quarter final and the final.

Schedules not always ideal for SC.

Like I said - the setup where you can play any date up to a certain date is better.

Anonymous said...

No luck, well played game. BOCA was a respectful team and put up a harder game than was expected. Crush came out on top today.

Anonymous said...

Still not getting your point 804, you lost badly last Spring to Boca team, we did not. Why even post about it? You're not making any sense.

Anonymous said...

The poster is correct, by the way

Crush could have lost, had they scored no goals

Anonymous said...

BOCA also recently topped the football club by 6 goals. They are developing and may be a team to watch out for, good days and bad days. GS points not the END say. The fact that they can stay within a couple points with some of the top teams says something.

Anonymous said...

Interesting results at U14

FC Copa and STA both lose.

In 13s, a nice little upset by a nice little team:

Thistle Comets 1, SDFC 0

Congratulations, girls

Anonymous said...

This is a huge win for Crush - they don't win much - but when they do - they will consume the blog.
The crush website should be updated tonight with talk about a big state up advance - like it matters.

Anonymous said...

@8:19. Again point is that everyone attacked wildcats for losing to a "town team". Crush barely won vs BOCA. Was looking for some acknowledgment that maybe it wasn't such a horrible horrible thing that wildcats lost a game. Nothing against crush but at U13 teams like BOCA can be dangerous and it's not the end of the world to lose to someone like that.

Anonymous said...

Wouldnt have been good today......

Anonymous said...

No score from Wildcats. Could this mean another first round loss to a town team. Awfully quiet kitty

Anonymous said...

Just checked the website. All Crush gear is sold out. Parents are dancing in the streets after a huge win today. Maybe eBay has a hoodie

Anonymous said...

All 4 teams in the quarterfinals

Better than not playing, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Wouldnt that be 8 teams? Just asking...

Anonymous said...

Any score on the two outstanding cup games? TSF/wall and JPS/SJEB?

Anonymous said...

TSF beat walls easily. 5-1. walls only had 12 players and kids were hurt playing. good goalie but either way not much a challenge

Anonymous said...

And now it looks like SJEB beat JPS 2-0, per the update. Quarterfinals set.

Anonymous said...

Wildcats won 6-0

Anonymous said...

JPS Flash - What happened to this team?

They are 2-14 since mid July. That 2 wind 14 losses!

They have scored 6 goals and allowed 32 since mid July.

They are taking scrubs off the street to inflate their roster? What is going on here? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

What are you saying? Wildcat loss to BOCA was laughable. Found way to not get it done. Talk about a reach.

Anonymous said...

JPS? Lol

The team that packs the defense in so they can keep games close.

Anonymous said...

Great for boca. Town teams are rising. Mercer spurs in wags. Howell at edp cup. Real shore fighting. Thistle always good group from Kearney. As teams spread out and people realize PDA and MF not only place to play you will see upsets. Good keepers are emerging and passing lanes are opening. Girls want to win at this age. Believe it. Great year ahead.

Anonymous said...

Town teams have a ceiling.

U13 to u14 age is justing starting Big girl soccer.

These teams will be destroyed by the big academies.

The better girls as always will start to leave these programs.

History repeats itself every year.

Anonymous said...

Wtf happened to SDFC?

Anonymous said...

Some Pre-ECNL NPL Scores:


0 Intense SA NPL-01
1 Manhattan SC NPL-01

0 New York SC NPL-01
0 Massapequa SC NPL-01

1 STA NPL-01
0 Quickstrike FC NPL-01

4 Intense SA NPL-01
1 NY Rush NPL-01

n/a NJ Crush FC NPL-01
n/a Manhattan SC NPL-01

n/a Massapequa SC NPL-01
n/a STA NPL-01

New England NPL





North East Girls NPL

1 Continental FC 01 NPL
2 Penn Fusion SA 01 NPL

2 Boston Breakers Academy 01 NPL
5 PDA North 01 NPL

4 FC Stars of Mass 01 NPL
1 Albertson SC 01 NPL

5 Match Fit Academy 01 NPL
0 FC Bucks 01 NPL

0 FC Stars of Mass 01 NPL
3 PDA North 01 NPL

1 Match Fit Academy 01 NPL
1 Penn Fusion SA 01 NPL

0 Continental FC 01 NPL
2 FC Bucks 01 NPL

5 Boston Breakers Academy 01 NPL
2 Albertson SC 01 NPL


North East Girls Pre-ECNL

0 Continental FC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
4 Penn Fusion SA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

5 FC Stars of Mass 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
0 Albertson SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

0 Boston Breakers Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
2 East Meadow SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

5 Match Fit Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
0 FC Bucks 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

0 FC Stars of Mass 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
3 East Meadow SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

1 Continental FC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
2 FC Bucks 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

1 Match Fit Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
2 Penn Fusion SA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

n/a Boston Breakers Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
n/a Albertson SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Anonymous said...

6:23, thanks for listing our girls first, good job!

Anonymous said...

6:23; Great job thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anytime Standings PTS (GP)
+ Next week's games PRE-ECNL has some good games as does New England NPL plus Virginia NPL jumps in with some games.


7 (3) New York Soccer Club NPL-
6 (3) STA NPL-01
5 (4) Massapequa Soccer Club NPL-01
4 (2) NJ Crush FC NPL-01
4 (3) Intense Soccer Academy NPL-01
4 (3) Manhattan Soccer Club NPL-01
3 (3) Quickstrike FC NPL-01
0 (3) New York Rush NPL-01

No Games Next week.


New England Girls NPL

1 (4) GPS-MA

Results Pending






NPL Virginia







North East NPL

19 (7) PDA North 01
17 (7) Match Fit Academy 01
13 (7) Penn Fusion SA 01 NPL
9 (3) PDA South 01 NPL
5 (5) Boston Breakers Academy 01
5 (5) FC Stars of Mass 01
4 (6) FC Bucks 01 NPL
3 (6) Albertson SC 01
2 (7) Continental FC 01 NPL
1 (3) World Class FC 01 NPL
-- (--) Connecticut FC 01 NPL
-- (--) FSA FC 01 NPL

Albertson SC 01 NPL
PDA South 01 NPL

World Class FC 01 NPL
PDA North 01 NPL

North East Pre-ECNL

16 (7) East Meadow SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
13 (7) Match Fit Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
13 (7) Penn Fusion SA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
9 (6) Albertson SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
9 (4) Boston Breakers Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
9 (3) PDA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
6 (5) FC Stars of Mass 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
3 (6) FC Bucks 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
1 (2) World Class FC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
0 (7) Continental FC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
-- (--) Connecticut FC 01 Pre-ECNL
-- (--) FSA FC 01 Pre-ECNL

Results Pending
FC Bucks 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
World Class FC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Boston Breakers Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
Albertson SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

East Meadow SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
PDA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Albertson SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
PDA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

East Meadow SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
World Class FC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Anonymous said...

Does the former GFA player currently play for Match Fit's pre-ECNL or NPL team?

Anonymous said...

Apparently she plays on both teams and 14 ECNL team

Anonymous said...

does she even need a team?

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see. I saw a really good player on the Match Fit U13 pre-ECNL team this weekend and wondered if that was her (I apologize for sounding so stalkerish...the "GFA player" and the "East Meadow player" have both been noted on this board as being top regional players in this age group...just curious to see what exactly that means). The strong player I saw scored their goal in the U13 pre-ECNL Penn Fusion game.

Anonymous said...

The ex GFA player on MF bounces around from team to team. She is a good player but not even in the same league as the EM girl. EM girl is way better......

Anonymous said...

Apparently 8:47 is wrong.
U13 NPL & U14 ECNL and EM player is a stud. A little to physical and cheap but her ball skills and unselfishness is second to none.

Anonymous said...

Hey PA Person who still wants to play state cup and is so happy with the PA leagues. Your PAGS D1 has some crazy scores and people make fun of other leagues.

RAGE SC '01 Atheltica

PHWM Pumas

1776 UNITED '01


Anonymous said...

Breakers pre ECNL crushes Albertson 6-1

NEFC NE NPL over Oakwood 3-1

Anonymous said...

"Hey PA Person who still wants to play state cup and is so happy with the PA leagues. Your PAGS D1 has some crazy scores and people make fun of other leagues."

Wants to play state cup? Yes. This season I'd love to see a state cup in PA with a final four of Penn Fusion, Penn Legacy, 1776, and some other fourth team.

So happy with PA leagues? Never said this. I'm very happy with the NPL league my daughter plays in. PAGS is a waste of time for the top PA teams. Two or three competitive games and a bunch of blowouts.

I'm the one who has always maintained that in PA the top four are Penn Fusion, Penn Legacy, 1776, and the Ukrainians.

With the recent switch from rosters of 12 to rosters of 17-18, Legacy and 1776 have added some difference makers to their squads. Ukrainians have added too, but not to the same extent.

Ukrainians were missing their best player this past weekend against 1776. Always knew she was important to that team, but this result really underscores just how critical she is.

I'm pretty sure 1776 will play in the NPL next year. And hopefully some other top PAGS teams will do the same.

PA Classics has surprised me as they have always found a way to win each week. They play 1776 next weekend. Legacy and 1776 play Oct 25. Classics and Legacy do not play this season.

Anonymous said...

wow, look at those high scores, 5-0 4-0 some un even stuff going on?? bad keepers? that is very high scoring at this level and age, most matches should be and usually are 1-0 2-1 3-1 3-2 . this has to be embarrasing for some?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you're going to find many PAGS apologists on this board to argue with, 10:39. I don't think anyone is arguing that PAGS is the place to be for parity.

Anonymous said...

@9:04 am.

You should get out more.

This board is littered with Jersey people.

South Jersey at that.

There are some pretty dynamic players throughout the region and to declare any player at this age a two best regional players is a pretty Bold statement.

There is some wonderful talent on Top teams in the Region.

Starting with

Penn fusion
NJ Crush
East Meadow

The only reason these kids are on these boards is because the families and friends are promoting these girls.

I would personally take the girl from NEFC, PDA, Scorpions and East Meadow over any other girls in the region.

These players are just a cut above in Soccer skill and Knowledge.

There are also a couple of girls that continue to play up throughout the region, that are very excellent.

If any or all these girls get are sent to Regionally camp, They will all have their hands full

Its also interesting to me that no one has mentioned a defender as best player. it just shows that most on this board don't know what they are talking about.

Two outside backs in particular are starting to emerge as excellent regionally players.

Anonymous said...

"Its also interesting to me that no one has mentioned a defender as best player. it just shows that most on this board don't know what they are talking about."

What is funny to me is that the two best players in NJand region at the 2000 age group are both defenders. ( Both play for The US National team) And both are from NJ.

Neither player gets much press and most would not know to watch them play.

So its obvious to me whats going here.

But if families and friends want to promote their daughters on this board then so be it.

Anonymous said...

Offense wins games, defense wins championships.

Tell my girls that all the time.

Anonymous said...

General Question: What if a girl possesses excellent foot-skills & soccer IQ, yet only has medium/average speed? It seems to me the fastest girls are the ones that become elite. Should a girl with just average speed not expect to get as far (no matter how n=much they practice?) I don't see many professional soccer players that aren't very fast.

Anonymous said...

Speed is a must for top level. The ones without the speed will be exposed as they get older. It is already happening....

Anonymous said...


1st Division North

0 (1) TSF ACADEMY 01/02

1st Division Central



Anonymous said...


what do you mean by speed?

I ask this because many confuse linear speed and speed of play

They also confuse linear speed with quickness.

At the early ages and at some older mediocre programs that utilize the over the top ball to the fast fast forward as often as possible ,most parents value linear speed.

At the more advanced levels of soccer when the defenders become organized and the players understand positioning -Usually at the u15 level and above, most would take quickness and speed of thought over pure speed. Technical quality, speed of thought and quickness allows a player to maintain possession in tight spaces. If that same girl is also fast, then you have a bonus. But i would never take linear speed over a player that has the quickness and technical skill to separate themselves from an organized defense.Also If this player has the IQ to process the game faster then the next, then they also have the ability to create enough space for that penetrating pass or quick shot.

The girls who make it to the next level will have these qualities-They may only have above average speed and often not the fastest on the pitch but their technical quality ,quickness of feet and speed of thought( soccer IQ) allows them to separate in tight spaces and create opportunities for themselves and their teammates.

Having said this , there are a lot of technical quality players and a lot of fast players that do not possess the ability to separate themselves in tight spaces.

Both will Lose the ball in an organized defense.

One will lose the ball trying to go forward and one will lose the ball making moves right around the space that they receive the ball.

When a coach at the highest level evaluates a player they are trying to figure out if the player possess these qualities. i think parents who look at these kids at this age get it wrong most of the time. They are looking at a fast kid in the here and now. Or the kid with the big foot , They are not processing the young ladies talent in how it translates at the highest level.

-Soccer Nut-

Anonymous said...

Nice post -Soccer Nut-

Anonymous said...

Soccer nuts kid must not have speed. Lol..... Point is if a ball is 10 yards away from two players and one is slower than the other to the ball, the slower one will struggle at next level as all of these kids are skilled. Maybe you can get away with it a bit in middle but the speed is especially needed outside and on the back line.

Anonymous said...

I think you misunderstood my post.

-Soccer Nut-

Anonymous said...

No I did not. Speed is speed at this level. They all know where to be and what angles to take if you are on one of these top teams. It then comes down to basic All American speed. That is what will separate these top kids as they all have the technical skills. Only a very few that have more skill than others at the top level. Like EM kid.....

Anonymous said...

No worries, Soccer Nut. The rest of us understood your post.

Looks like 2:49 is just in the mood to jerk chains.

But I, for one, am quick to forgive 2:49 as it is strangely quiet today. Makes me think that most of the posters here are from PDA as PDA was idle this weekend. Of course, Wildcats were also idle too. No comments from Match Fit? They played a few games.

Anonymous said...

OK to admit that your kid is falling behind due to lack of "speed". And yes, just plain old speed.....

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

All top kids will eventually have technical speed, soccer IQ and flat out speed. The top kids will have all of it. The kid that is a step slower to the ball will not last all the way through. Very simple. That is if you are talking about a top team....

Anonymous said...

2:49 I think that at top level if the ball is 10 yards away from 2 players at any given time, something's not right!

Anonymous said...

2:49's kid must not have skill .. lol.. just run and kick

Anonymous said...

Keep ignoring the point. Bottom line is the FASTER kids will get to the 50/50 balls quicker than the others. And the FASTER goal scorers will get separation to score and the FASTER defenders can close in quicker to prevent the goal scorers. But keep telling yourself that flat out speed will not play an important part in all of this.....

Anonymous said...

My kid has all three. I am sitting back watching your technical kid get smoked by SPEED to cause the odd man push down the field that ultimately causes a goal......

Anonymous said...

What is fulfilling is seeing players improve and succeed when otherwise they would have been ignored/were ignored and basically dumped by their coaches because they weren't ready to compete TODAY. this is a massive problem in youth soccer. Selecting players, developing players and identifying future talent are all very very different. Its easy to pick who is ready to compete tomorrow. Its a lot harder to pick players who are going to be great in 3-5years.

And with the above thought in mind, it becomes even more comical to watch the parents here blasting each other's teams and claiming who is and isn't any good.

But convincing some people that there is more to the picture than what you see on the field today - very much like trying to have someone seriously consider the likelihood of global warming. If they can't see it in front of them, it must not be true. And if acting as if it might be true will not yield immediate and tangible benefit, then why bother. The chest thumping and ridicule that constitutes a large portion of the blogging seen on this sight is a symptom of this glaring short-sightedness of the parents and coaches that abounds in our youth soccer system.

Anonymous said...


I think you misunderstood the Post as well.

Let me try to explain it this way.

At all levels including the Pro's there are various levels of Linear speed on the Pitch, Some players are faster some players slower. While the slower players may be faster than then any average non professional player, Those players have to play against some of the fastest players in the world.

This is from a Relative stand point ( because not all players even at the professional Level are of the same linear speed)

What do you think keeps them on the pitch?, Some like Xavi, who is not a speedster, are the best in the world.

Its simple, quickness,IQ and Technical quality.

If your argument is that there are a lot of technical girls at the u13 level that do not have speed of any kind and because of that they will not make it to the next level-ok I have no problem with that.

But if you think just because your child is linear fast -She will make it to the next level then we disagree.

-Soccer Nut-

Anonymous said...

We are on the same page. First off, ALL pros have mad speed. Some more than others and yes, the ones not as fast make up with mad skill. BUT, they all do have mad speed. I think we have WAY too many kids that play this game because their parents think they have the technical skill to move to the next level when they have zero chance due to lack of speed. Plenty of this at U13 right now. So when the parents are pounding them to juggle more they should be focusing more on speed and agility and having them play another sport like basketball which will help with the speed and agility tremendously..... Just a different philosophy maybe. Think we have officially killed this point now.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Speed is an important trait for a soccer player to have. What is vastly more important is explosive quickness over the course of 2-15 yards. This requires a lot of leg and core strength to get up to speed very quickly. The players who do this well are not necessarily the same players who will win a 40 yard dash. Reaction time, ability to read and anticipate, activiation of twitch muscles, angle of approach to the ball all factor into winning these balls .. and someone who excels in the above will a) own balls outright that would have otherwise been 50/50 challenges b) make 50/50 challenges out of balls that would have otherwise been owned by the opponent c) win the ball from the opponent or pressure her into a mistake where otherwise player would have taken the ball cleanly and made a play. These are more marks of a great soccer player than outright speed.

This is not to take away the importance of speed from a soccer player, but again, I think explosive quickness and fast reaction are much more important for the majority of plays in the game. Players who are deficient in both will have a tough time playing at higher levels, but game intelligence and awareness, along with anticipation and positioning can help lessen the deficit and make for a competent player. But these players must be tactically and technically superior to their speedy rivals in order to make a difference at higher levels of the game.

The crime is when you see a very quick and/or very fast child and their coaches count on this to the team's advantage, many times at the expense of developing all the other qualities that make for a great soccer player. Sure - a child can be lazy and not want to learn and practice and grow - they think or expect it to always come easy, but I can assure you that greatness will not come without challenges met with both failures and successes. The coach who is not providing the guidance and mandating that player evolves mentally and skill-wise, and doing so to maximize wins should be locked in soccer jail. Throw away the key.

If you haven't already seen this, you will see a lot of it in the years to come. The girls whose parents were thinking scholarship at U11 and banged in a lot of goals will be left behind if they do not develop these other qualities. The blame needs to be shared between the coaches, the parents (some may not know better) and the child (if they've had the right guidance and reject it due to laziness or hubris or whatever). Credit to the coach who finds the non-dominant athlete and works with her because he sees something different in her than attributes that will help him win today, but instead, potential. These are the true coaches. The others only hurt the growth of the girls.

Help me down - the stairs are steep on my soapbox. Sorry for taking a simple topic of the importance of speed and making it into something nobody asked for ... lol.

Anonymous said...


We almost agree:

I'm going to flip the script on you a bit.

Many times the faster player has to be faster to make up for the lack of IQ , technical quality, and quickness.

Those that have all four,

I call them a "National Team player."

-Soccer Nut-

Anonymous said...

where are the results of the nj cup from the weekend?

Anonymous said...

a few thoughts/observations on today's blogging:
-The fact that there was debate on avg speed vs. fast vs. elite fast vs. elite faster than regular fast but not elite elite fast... blah blah blah, speaks to the intelligence on this board. To read Soccer Nut's original post and not udnerstand/assume that he was talking about the differences in top level speed, well - you should have you anonymous blogging privliges revoked.
2. enough with this 'ELITE' nonsense. this word is starting to become a bit over used as we talk about 12 & 13 year-old girls. In most, but not all, cases, the first 11 today on every team looks different than the first 11 twelve months ago and will look different twelve months from now.
3. yes - the coaches of these so-called 'elite' teams do not focus enough on the individual development of their players or on identification of those with the right skill set for future success.

Anonymous said...

Like all soccer qualities it depends on the level of play we are talking about.
I have seen players who are described as "speedsters" in the newspaper articles covering high school soccer, yet when it came to recruiting that same player's chances to succeed at D1 level were questioned by college coaches debating whether they were "fast enough" or "too slow".
You don't have to be the fastest, but at the high levels of soccer you have to be very quick, you cannot be "slow" and keep with elite level athletes.

Anonymous said...

4:30 I agree with a lot that you say.

S Nut - When i was talking elite level player I am talking players that have all 4 but was looking at Girl A who has a 4 and is fast and girl B who has average speed. They have the same skill sets - only difference is what you were born with.

Anonymous said...

11:17, thank you, it's nice to know that at least one other person has respect for my daughters team!

Anonymous said...

There were lot of girls on GAK that had incredible speed, where did that speed get them?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good question - what happened to the GAK ? They were promoting themselves heavily our here .. about 1.5 years ago.

Anonymous said...


Nobody cares

Each MF team must play their schedule, with or without said player.

If we start talking about players from other clubs not being at certain games.......


Anonymous said...

I would take a smart skilled soccer player anyday over a kick and run fast player! All about composure and that's what they lack.. Agreeing with Soccer Nut.

Anonymous said...

4:45 a simple Google search and they can be found!

Anonymous said...

Soccer Nut, why bother? You're wasting your time. Some of these parents sleep better at night knowing their kids have linear speed and don't want to be told that it may not be enough. If anyone watched the big, fast U20 WNT get their rear ends kicked by smaller, slower, more technically gifted and tactically aware decision makers they'd understand. If the US women's National program doesn't figure it out soon they'll be sniffing the fumes of the Europeans and South Americans as these countries are now taking the women's game seriously and employing methods and resources similar to their men. Linear speed is a must on the flanks whether it be in the back, in the midfield, or up top, but not so much inside. The sad part is many coaches at our youth level either have no idea what they're doing or are looking for short cuts to winning games at younger age groups by playing the biggest, fastest kids they can find and trying to trample their opponents. The irony of it is that after years of trying this approach on the men's side with no real success they are finally getting it and making skill and soccer IQ a priority. Hopefully the women's game goes in this direction or the party will be over for our WNT. BTW, I have seen both Carli Lloyd and Abby Wambach train up close and personal and neither one is a speed merchant. Heather O'Reilly on the other hand is, but they are all three world class players.

Anonymous said...

To 10:21,
9:06 PM was responding to 8:24 AM. I don't think they were making excuses for a loss.

Anonymous said...

Dudes, we are talking elite athletes that make it to next level? or are we talking u13?

I thought s~nut asked if an average speed kid had a shot at playing ELITE soccer (pros and nt). Was that not your question s~nut?

Any player that can play that level is fast - I don't care what you call it. You think those girls the USWNT U20's played were average speed? You need to be fast and only the girls that have good skills have a shot at playing NWSL, UEFA or NT level soccer.

4:57 go ahead say I have no idea what I'm talking about and I would tell you are right. Just posting my opinion.

PS. ELITE = Pro & NT level soccer, NO? SO why should I stop using Elite when referring to those levels or to a league that has that word in it's name?

Anonymous said...

12:51 Original post said

"I don't see many professional soccer players that aren't very fast."

Anonymous said...

1 Match Fit Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
2 Penn Fusion SA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

"Ah, I see. I saw a really good player on the Match Fit U13 pre-ECNL team this weekend and wondered if that was her (I apologize for sounding so stalkerish...the "GFA player" and the "East Meadow player" have both been noted on this board as being top regional players in this age group...just curious to see what exactly that means). The strong player I saw scored their goal in the U13 pre-ECNL Penn Fusion game.

September 29, 2014 at 9:04 AM"

Match fit only scored 1 goal.So are you talking about a Match fit or Penn Fusion girl?

Anonymous said...

Match Fit. Turns out it was not the GFA player, just some other fast skilled player.

Anonymous said...

There are many fast skilled players..but only a couple have Youth Soccer Talk PR teams.

Anonymous said...

MF (2) and PDA (3) showing to be very deep and talented. Combined 21-2-4 in Pre ECNL and NPL league play.

There was a question last week about Penn Fusion NPl being any good? Have played well this year. They lost by 1 goal to PDA North and South and tied MF 1-1 this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Really 8:52

Anonymous said...

Yeah, really.

Fact is NJ teams playing very well against other team in the region.

Does this offend you?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree NJ the only state that has their Pre-ECNL and NPL teams doing really well.

Other states only have 1 or 2 top teams - NJ has 5 all at the top of the tables. Clubs have to be deep for that.

PA Has only PennFusion - FC Bucks and DelcoFC are non players.

NY has only EM

MA Has only Pre-ECNL Boston/FC Stars

CT is a big mystery so far.

Anonymous said...

"Having said this , there are a lot of technical quality players and a lot of fast players that do not possess the ability to separate themselves in tight spaces.



Just brilliant! This says it all!

If you can't understand this statement then you don't get the game at the higher levels.

Anonymous said...

I like how many ECNL club teams were criticizing the other NPL's as weak and the road to NPL finals easy, and suggesting that their teams would be better prepared because they'd have to "grind through" a tough schedule to get there. Seems the competition at these other ECNL clubs isn't as substantial as you thought. EDP was more competitive last year. Scores were certainly closer.

Anonymous said...

So much about the importance of speed. Speed is a blessing - better to have it than not. Unless having it makes it work as a detriment to the development of the player. Guess what - from what I've seen, between parental attitudes (my kid's already superior - why does she need to practice harder and work on skills ?), coaches willingness to reward and rely on god's gift to the player of speed and size, that the child did not put an ounce or work to gain (instead of sitting the player down until she picks up the willingness and skills that are being asked of her) and the child herself revelling in multi-goal games, being the hero and piling up wins for the all-too-accepting coach .... it is far more the exception than the rule that the gifted athlete soccer player will make the most of her gift. While the youth soccer landscape does not prohibit it, it has the inherent obstacles (mentioned above) that work against the development of the player.

Think about this if you are a parent of one of these girls I speak of. It's not too late to see this and make good use of the gift of speed by removing her from (what you don't yet see as) a anti-development situation. The playing time, and celebrations and plaudits she is getting today are actually working against her as fools gold and false confidence. She might not be smart enough yet - you as the parent have to be.

Some more thoughts I've borrowed.

•That players are not provided enough technical coaching and training in order to lay the foundation for advanced levels of play and that too often coaches focus too heavily on the physical and tactical to seek winning results at youth levels.

•Too many players are ill equipped technically to play at the highest levels and have been fast tracked due to their physical and tactical ability, only to be exposed a the elite levels.

Anonymous said...

Amen 10:41

Anonymous said...

"I like how many ECNL club teams were criticizing the other NPL's as weak and the road to NPL finals easy, and suggesting that their teams would be better prepared because they'd have to "grind through" a tough schedule to get there."

Cite please.

I saw some criticism of the state cup pool and EDP league (which really is just a reaction to the occasional "Wildcats are top 5 post"), but I don't recall any criticism of the NPL leagues.

I also don't think that anyone said that the U13 pre-ECNL league would be awesome from top to bottom. Indeed, the PA poster has said over and over (and over and over and over) that Continental FC and FC Bucks would not be very good. But assuming that the CT teams will be good, the other ten teams in the pre-ECNL look to be as good as the best teams in the other NPL leagues.

Anonymous said...

10:40 Top clubs always move on to regional play as these programs continue to get stronger every year. Every league is going to have some lopsided results.

EDP will continue to have evenly played games with the teams that remain.

NJ State Cup wide open this year without PDA and NJX. Think every team has a chance to win this year.I for one think thats more exciting and interesting.

Anonymous said...

@September 30, 2014 at 10:53 AM

Anonymous said...
With the amount of tournaments the teams play, it costs money. If you are not paying 3K, you are paying 2.5K. Throwing the money thing out there just shows bitterness. The pre ECNL and NE NPL are deeper leagues. You have solid games EVERY week. The other leagues have talent but you will only get 2-3 solid games. Then the talent pool falls off the cliff. That leaves the majority of your games against inferior talent. You will have way more 4 plus goal differential wins. Not a good thing in my book. I would rather have my kid playing tough games ALL the time. That is why the college coaches live there. They want kids who have to grind it out every week. Again, not for everyone, but you cannot deny that this is the way it is.....
September 6, 2014 at 11:37 AM

Anonymous said...

I'll try to keep it short & simple.

Four components to the game of Soccer, Futbol, Football.
One could argue that they're all equally as important.


Speed is one part of the Physical component which includes several other elements like, Aerobic capacity, Aerobic power, flexibility, agility, Muscle endurance and more...


For example at the pro level many incredibly gifted players (fast, Strong, talented) fail to make it because for some reason they're unable to perform when everyone is watching them (Psychological element missing). Therefore many average players who have no problem performing, in practice or in big games, at a good level(consistent Players) often have lots of success at the college or pro levels.


if you don't believe me research it??? Plenty of big & slow center backs playing in top leagues around the world.


Anonymous said...

some others who have had GREAT careers without top speed. At every level of play, players can excel without being speed demons if they possess other qualities

Andrea Pirlo - one of the best mids of our time.

Xavi - quick as heck, but he's not gonna win many races over 20 yards

Carlos Pujol

Michael Essien

Francesco Totti

Anonymous said...

The battle to advance to the next level is among those who are trying to advance on all those 4 fronts. Not an easy task. Any one can be the player's Achilles heel.

The psychological game is perhaps the one least specifically addressed in my experience. Too bad as it is critical. I wish the coaches would discuss this area more. What techniques did they use as players to have a strong psychological game? Parents need some education around this too.

Anonymous said...

"You have solid games every week"

No - you simply do not

Anonymous said...

Ok all you speed freaks go check out the FIFA wold cup stats page and get back to us. Range is 20 kph to 33 kph. So how did all those slow guys compete?

I wouldn't consider Michael Bradley fast but he covered a ton of ground which is what was needed in that role.

Anonymous said...

Again, if you take out Continental and FC Bucks, it looks like a pretty competitive league. Bucks or Continental have been involved in 12 out of the 27 games played so far. That's why every other game looks like a blowout.

Remove those results and you're really just left with a couple clunkers by Albertson.

There are ten talented teams in the pre-ECNL, and then the talent cliff drops dramatically for the bottom two. It's a league with 9 out of the top 25 Region 1 GotSoccer teams in it (alas, no Match Fit Pre-ECNL). It's a really good league. But feel free to pick on it if you like.

Penn Fusion SA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 0-2 PDA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Match Fit Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 0-0 East Meadow SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Penn Fusion SA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 1-1 World Class FC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Match Fit Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 1-0 Albertson SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

World Class FC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 0-1 PDA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Albertson SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 0-2 East Meadow SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Boston Breakers Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 8-3 FC Stars of Mass 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

East Meadow SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 0-1 Penn Fusion SA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

FC Stars of Mass 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 2-3 Match Fit Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Albertson SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 3-2 Penn Fusion SA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Boston Breakers Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 4-3 Match Fit Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

FC Stars of Mass 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 5-0 Albertson SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Boston Breakers Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 0-2 East Meadow SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

FC Stars of Mass 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 0-3 East Meadow SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Match Fit Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 1-2 Penn Fusion SA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Boston Breakers Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL 6-1 Albertson SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

Anonymous said...

I think most Knowledgeable parents know that speed is not the end all be all in the more advance level of the game

But you must remember , you have some kids that are fast and the parents have always known these kids as being the standout on their teams,

unfortunately most coaches exacerbate this by putting the big fast kid at CB or CF. These parents are also not in a program where technical skills are demanded on the field. I very rarely see a coach bench a kid at the u10 level for running over another kid instead of making the extra pass or talk to fast forward who is able to kick the ball forward in front of him and just out run the defender because he can.(- This kid would be better served in the middle where he has to use his feet passing skills and technical ability to "1st touch into space"

But coaches want to win Now, so they put the big fast kid up front or at CB where they can do the most damage early on in their career.

Unfortunately these kids are a victim of bad coaching, Ignorant parents and immediate gratification.

On every team there is a fast kid that was put out on the edges way too early and their game is one dimensional. Most are just beginning to have a hard time because they can't out run the opposition any more. They will become frustrated.
Some will find themselves on the bench. Some will leave the game.

Coaches are to blame here and parents as well

Anonymous said...

Speed is simply one of the easiest variables to identify at the younger ages. Parents most often equate speed with goal scoring ability. Elements like vision and toughness are much, much harder to quantify.

Speed can be nullified by :
Physical play and/or
Possession and/or
Tactics and Technique

Don't get me wrong, it's a nice variable to have, but ask yourself what percentage of the girls represented in this thread are going to play Pro, much less play at a D1 soccer program.

Teams that rely on speedy forwards to play dump and chase are essentially reaping short term benefits at the expense of long term development. And if, per chance, that speedy player is plucked by an ECNL team, what does the remaining team do now that their source of goals is gone? What else will have been developed? All that money essentially has gone to the development of one kid.

Over the long haul, these games mean nothing. But, as mentioned before, playing as many quality games as you can against better competition does bring out the variables that future coaches will be looking for.

Relying on speed alone is about as reliable as relying on GotSoccer points to determine if another team is better or worse.

Context, people, context.

Anonymous said...

Original poster of the speed question here. Thanks for the input, it made me really think. Soccer nut you made alot of good points (as did the other poster). I think I'm now leaning towards agility training/quickness training. This might increase 'explosive speed'. My daughter plays center forward/center mid and doesn't have the lateral speed to be on the wings. I'm glad I could turn to the blog and get some constructive advice.

Anonymous said...

Some really good points here.

For those of you that have a really fast player at the younger ages, find a place where the coach is not going to put your daughter at forward or CB.

Let her play center mid at the early ages.

if he tells you that he wants her up top because she is a scorer or she would be tough on defense. Find another program, Play her up.- so she is not the biggest fastest kid on the field, and then work on nothing but feet and touch , passing and movement.

Anonymous said...

Think we all agree you need all to stand out at next level. All of these kids on top teams will keep fine tuning their technical skill and most will get better. The ones that also possess the speed will move on. Tough for one of these girls to work on get faster.

Anonymous said...

September 30, 2014 at 12:40 PM ... I am with you. I am the long winded posted that likes to hear himself write ... lol.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed at quite a few of my daughters games players are flat footed and don't anticipate anything. Only time they make a run is after the pass has been made. It they had anticipated the pass/play they would have a couple yard head start on the defender but they wait too long and now its a 50/50 ball. Game smarts and intelligence puts u in the right spots so you don't have to outrun your opponent all the time.

Anonymous said...

1:04- Thats a great point.

Girls who were bigger and faster dominated on smaller fields and younger age groups. As the girls start to mature and physical dominance is diminished they will need to be more technical to create their space.

Of course it is an advantage to be very fast but I would rather have a player with a higher soccer IQ. If you have both, anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

28 NorthEast Girls NPL games played and only 9 with a +4 Goal Differential for the entire season. I guess MF NPL is the negative talker on NE NPL since 5 out of their 7 games have had a +4 Goal Differential and their other 2 had a 1-1 score line.

1. FC Bucks 01 NPL 0-5 PDA South 01 NPL
2. Match Fit 01 NPL 4-0 Albertson SC 01 NPL
3. Penn Fusion SA 01 NPL 4-0 FC Bucks 01 NPL
4. Continental FC 01 NPL 0-4 Match Fit 01 NPL
5. FC Stars of Mass 01 NPL1-6 Match Fit 01 NPL
7. Albertson SC 01 NPL 0-4 Penn Fusion SA 01 NPL
8. Boston Breakers 01 NPL 0-5 Match Fit 01 NPL
9. PDA North 01 NPL 6-1 FC Bucks 01 NPL
10. Match Fit 01 NPL 5-0 FC Bucks 01 NPL

Anonymous said...

knocking of EDP Central League last spring season was always ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

1:31 Oh you mean Mister league play is only for "D" as in Development and State Cup is where you play to win and really have meaningful results.

Anonymous said...

September 30, 2014 at 1:04 PM ... your points are well taken and I agree with them with a couple modifications ...

Being flat-footed is a condition which could contribute to the player being slower or having achilles or plantar fascia problems. But I think you mean that they are standing and waiting instead of anticipating and trying to make things happen. Agreed.

As far as anticipating a pass - I will go a step further. Its the actual run from the player that makes the pass - it gives the player with the ball the idea in the first place. This proactice play is sorely missing and it comes from a place that has absolutely nothing to do with athletic ability - it comes from the mind of the soccer player and desire and willingness to play the game off the ball.

Far too often we see the forward just glancing back over her shoulder waiting for a ball to be delivered that she can run onto. It is working far less for them now when speed has caught up and defenders are more savvy at the higher levels. These players need to be taught to make lateral and diaganol runs, to hold up the ball instead of thinking everything is immediate and vertical. This also all comes from coaching and the brain and has nothing to do with physical ability. Execution is another matter, but you'll never get there is you can't evolve the players brains.

Far too often overlooked - the eyes and the brains. Not many of us realize the importance of all of this and instead thinks its all skills, speed and physical things. This aspect of the game is severely undercoached and one reason, among many others, why we lag behind in men's soccer and a reason if we don't change things, we will not lead in the women's game for too much longer.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the complaining..... The ecnl and npl are strong but not deep this year. Next year they will be off the charts difficult and extremely deep. No other league can even compete with it this year let alone next year. So I ask, where would you want to be??

Anonymous said...

Goal differential after seven games

Spring 2014: +8
Fall 2014: +5

Spring 2014: +6
Fall 2014: +23

Spring 2014: Played JAGS, Doesn't Count
Fall 2014: +20

Spring 2014: +15
Fall 2014: +8 (only 3 games)

Spring 2014: +4
Fall 2014: +8 (only 3 games)

We'll welcome you back to EDP with arms wide open anytime, girls. No hard feelings.

Anonymous said...

This was a nice conversation about the merits of speed

It all started with a simple question and then followed by respectful discourse.

I believe that this blog was created for these types of discussions.

I have 3 children playing Soccer, one at the college level. One at this age group and one just beginning her career, I have been around a bit and have been both delighted and bitterly disappointed at some of the top programs in the country and in some of the so called professional clubs in the Area. ... No truer phrase applies to youth then "Buyer BeWare"......No matter the pedigree of the club.

Hope to engage in another discussion soon

-Soccer Nut-

Anonymous said...

September 30, 2014 at 1:04 PM - nice post. I agree with one comment ... It shouldn't just be a matter of anticipating a pass, but that is a place to start, meaning they see a player on their team coming out of a challenge and start getting wider and moving up-field as it is happening. I would call this reading the game and reacting accordingly. However, add to that the ability to make the run off the ball that actaully is the impetus for the pass being made - the run gives the ball holder the idea and opportunity to pass the ball. This is creativity off the ball. Movement makes so much happen in soccer. Even if that player did not get the pass, while I can be frustrating, it can move defenders out of their previous spot making that newly vacated area something to attack via dribble or pass. When they start doing this, then they have started really playing the game.

But when you see kids at U13 looking over their shoulder waiting for the ball to be passed in front of them, you know how far away from this our COACHES are in conveying good soccer to the girls. I blame this on the coaches and the system. Because a coach that sees a player standing and waiting like this waiting for a pass that will basically amount to a no-talent foot race that most will lose at higher levels, all the coach needs to do is pull that girl off the field, tell her what he expects instead and put her back in later. Replace her for the meantime with someone that can being to get this creative requirement. Naturally, the girl will figure out the equation and know that if she wants to stay on the field, she will need to adapt. Meanwhile, you reward the girls that are taking to the teachings.

Ah ... but back to square one - the teachings need to be there.

It sure isn't coming from high school coaches. And far too little of it from our so-called higher-level travel and academy soccer coaches and paid trainers.

Anonymous said...

I'm missing your point, 2:35.

Is it your assertion that a league comprising:

East Meadow SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
Match Fit Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
Penn Fusion SA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
Boston Breakers Academy 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
Albertson SC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
PDA 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
FC Stars of Mass 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
World Class FC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
Connecticut FC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
FSA FC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
FC Bucks 01 U13 Pre-ECNL
Continental FC 01 U13 Pre-ECNL

is the same as a league comprising:


Is that what you're arguing?

Granted, swapping out Continental and FC Bucks for Wildcats and Calvert would make for a better league.

Anonymous said...

Dear Soccer Nut,

Are you more of a cashew, or a peanut? Based upon your posts I would guess an almond, yep defiantly an almond.

Anonymous said...

Soccer nut,

Your comments exhibit you have an understanding of the game that is higher than a lot of bloggers out here. Keep it coming - and throw some macadamias into the mix here and there.

It's all better than trashing teams, comparing teams (for goodness sake .. U13 girls), the occasional blah, blah, blah you see and certainly better than those that express ideas like "if you think so much is wrong with American soccer, then how do you explain the WNT success" and any other comment that shows the blogger is not interested in looking any deeper than speed, strength and U13 dominance.

Anonymous said...

Edp cup schedule posted.

Anonymous said...

Great post 302, couldn't agree with you more.

This Blog needs more of Soccer Nut & GS Points Guy and less of that 50 Mile NCAA guy (thankfully he is in hiding, I think & hope) & anything against any club whether its PDA, MF, Crush, Wildcats, whoever. Will never happen though given everyone has their own agenda.

Anonymous said...

NE NPL has its midgets but the strong teams at least get to play each other. Is it twice, fall and spring? Even better.

Dragons v Ajax

Ajax v NJX

NJX v Dragons

- Oh well........maybe it IS quite weak....

Tuneups for tournaments

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you said Penn Fusion second team wad good as well, so there's 2 more decent games

Anonymous said...

Penn Fusion NPL has been better than advertised, with a tie against MF NPL and one goal losses against the two PDAs. Still waiting for that signature win against a "good team" though.

Penn Fusion pre-ECNL has two good one-goal wins over MF and EM. And a bad loss to Albertson (after going up 2-0, gave up three goals in final 20 minutes...similar to their meltdown against Penn Legacy: gave up four goals in final 30 minutes).

You can give these teams any label you like: average, worst of the best, best of the worst. Tough to tell after seven games.

Anonymous said...

I also see the below result against a strong PAGS team?


PDA South
PDA North
and Maybe FSA.

Let's leave FSA out of this compare. Forget about Pre-ECNL flight because that flight is sick. The FC Bucks of the world will get better as well - playing 22 games against these types of teams will make a team better as they start to adjust to the speed of play.

EDP Central has

The others might be in the same boat as the Northeast NPL Teams not in the top 5 and not in the bottom 3.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:21

U listed wildcats but have they played a game this Fall other than beating randoph 6-0?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that also, why hasn't Averbuch played a game yet, what is the reason for this logic?

Anonymous said...

wildcats play STA and Lehigh Valley in League Play this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Schedule shows LV and NJSA not STA. Interesting no September games at all. Someone injured?

Anonymous said...


What was the score?

Anonymous said...

Soccer nut = #2 ?
50 mile guy = kitty cat coach ?

Anonymous said...

Good Lord - can we raise the intelligence level here a bit?

Wildcats can only play what their schedule says to play, plus any friendlies they may set up

They would not be on here crowing about the friendlies......

Just get off theier case already.

Anonymous said...

Not True at all Wildcats are intentionally trying to reschedule games, They have beg EDP to get out of playing NJCSA Galaxy this weekend and EDP has allow them to cancel for no apparent reason!!!
If they claim to be the best why are they scare to play???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ 9:08

Schedule says they play NJSA Sunday and STA in November.

Is there a reading comprehension issue? Facts are they were scheduled to play NJSA but asked to cancel game. Should we use smaller words?

Anonymous said...

The guy can't help himself.
He is obsessed with Wildcats.
What are they doing, who are they playing? do they have injuries?
how many players do they have?
How can I emphasize their losses?
How can I denigrate their wins, their league,their tournaments, this years state cup in case they do well?
Stalking a 12 year old girls team every day of your life?
See a Doctor please before your head explodes.

Anonymous said...

NJSA Galaxy be careful what you wish for.
You may be writing a check you can't cash.
We will meet you very soon.
Count on it.

Anonymous said...

EDDP allows reschedules

NPL does not

Great league - NPL.

Wildcats have a Cup game do they not? Dont wish to play 2 in a day. I dont blame them.

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing but Wildcats at a much different level than NJSA.

Anonymous said...

6 am - Not true, very similar level of play.

Anonymous said...

EDP allows a reschedule for legitimate reasons and many teams have played twice in one day. So only tart responses from cats but no facts provided. So why wont you honor the Sunday game scheduled?

Anonymous said...

@ 12:30

I hear your coach only accepts cash so no checks less you forgot that little point.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Calvert play 4 games in 2 days few weeks ago? Why can't Cats play 2 games on Sunday if necessary?

Anonymous said...

The bigger problem here is that the Cats have nobody of substance to play anymore...... All the better teams have moved on.

Anonymous said...

Well they have someone on the EDP schedule to play "of substance" this Sunday but are backing out. Why?

Anonymous said...

Because they are desperately trying to prevent another Boca loss in the watered down state cup. All about perception at that place.....

Anonymous said...

Dudes the next round of state cup is the 19th.

Anonymous said...

7:55 you really believe LVU is of substance?
They dropped games to NJSCA Galaxy and Pipeline this past week and beat a team they have played in PAGS.

NJSCA tied Harford and Beat JPS and LVU who only have MF below them on the table.

I don't want to talk smack, but keeping it real NJ Wildcats, Calvert and STA should be the top 3 and taking points from them will be an accomplishment if you are not one of these 3.

Anonymous said...

They were referring to STA not LVU

Anonymous said...

Of course rescheduling needs to happen when there are state cup games, tournaments, champion league games and regular league games to juggle
to say the Cats are skirting playing a team is a reach
Seeing as NJSA is a local team also, it will be much easier to fit in anytime

Calvert played 4 games so they didn't have to travel every weekend

Multiple trips out of state is another reason to reschedule to play more than one team per weekend

so your points are pointless

Anonymous said...

"so your points are pointless"

Agreed. I'm no fan of the Wildcat attitude of "What about us? Hey, what about us? Hey everyone! Let's talk about us!"

But this is just ridiculous. Just an effort to bring their fans and coach out of hibernation. I say let's let them lay low for a while and rehabilitate their reputation.

Anonymous said...

Wildcats don't have a second game this Sunday


If this team has scheduled another EDP game for Sunday 10/5

The question is..
what's the reason for not playing the team the were originally schedule to face on that date and choosing a different opponent??

Wildcats win or lose it doesn't matter just play the game, play a game before you get Disqualified from SC for not playing a single Qualifying Game.


Anonymous said...

Is the "why won't Wildcats play us" guy the "50 mile" guy? Both are very annoying. Move on.

Anonymous said...

if you decide to spend your time blogging, where you have no idea and can't pick who you "invite to the party", you should expect annoyances.

Get over it or find another place to spend your precious time where you'll be less annoyed.

Signed - Not 50 mile guy or Soccer Nut or Mr. Kitty Kat soccer poster, whatever the heck that is supposed to mean.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me you have some things to "get over" as well, 10:05.

After all, shouldn't you expect the annoyance of other posters expressing their annoyance?

Anonymous said...

I love how 9:45 basically is yelling with the all caps


But, there is a major tournament the weekend of Nov. 14, 15, 16.

Could that be why they are playing STA this weekend instead.

You seem like you are very angry with that team

Anonymous said...

yes, Wildcats(among others) are playing in the Bethesda Tournament 11/15 and 11/16 and had to move their game with STA which was originally scheduled for 11/16. This Sunday 10/5 was the only date Sta had open to come down to wildcats.We had offered a number of other dates and none of them worked for STA .Wildcats are also trying to set up a date for a doubleheader in maryland so they don't have to make 3 separate trips there for 3 individual games in maryland as per the schedule.

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