Friday, October 17, 2014

U13G / U13 Girls Youth Soccer

U13G  / U13 Girls youth soccer seems to offer the most teams and the widest diversity of talent.

Where these players will end up is anyone guess.

Welcome to the ride.


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Anonymous said...

Admin Please delete posts. closing in 5000

Anonymous said...

9:36 stirring up anything or do you have some proof? MF NPL Players?

Anonymous said...

NJ top 1:

1- PDA Storm

Nuff said!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am so sick of hearing about Storm. At least 2 NPL teams are better. We have proven it many times

Anonymous said...

Nuff said

Anonymous said...

It appears PDA Storm is top team in Region.

Based on their overall results against top teams in region.

All teams will loses game but body of work looks pretty impressive.

Have to follow this up with East meadow and Matchfit.

This is based on overall body of work for u13.

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of hearing about Storm. At least 2 NPL teams are better. We have proven it many times

December 13, 2014 at 11:50 PM

This person needs help. Please turn your computer off and check yourself in.

Anonymous said...

U13 Pre-ECNL Flight
PDA Storm
0 1st Only Undefeated team
29 1st Points (+4)
9 1st Wins (+1)
28 2nd Goals Scored (-19)
6 1st Goals Scored Against (+3)
22 2nd Goal Differential (-3)

This is why kids will want to come and play for them. They will do well and they will have an audience come watch them where ever they play - either ECNL events or tournaments for players 16+.

I get it your kid doesn't play the amount of minutes you think she deserves. This is a good team that will get better. This team will be loaded with talented kids. Think hard about any move you might make but if minutes are important to you and your kid is not in the main rotation - then you do what you think is right.

Anonymous said...

8:44 I have to give credit to PDA. Nice job this fall.

I expected MF and PDA to fall between 5-8 in Pre ECNL Flight. This is only Fall season, still many games to be played. EM, MF and PDA are very close in categories listed above.

Not Bad for NJ teams to finish in top 3 to date. Then you add wildcats. 3 teams competing and playing hard. Great job!

Anonymous said...


Your kidding us right? Players do not want to go and play for the Storm and they won't want to go there in the future.
The team is not exciting to watch at all. Boring team.
They can't win a big tournament and when they do win, their management have figured out a way to change something regarding the game. Fields, times, refs etc.
Always something fishy with this team.
And the parents is a whole other issue.
Storm a good team. Can be beaten, just like anyone.

Anonymous said...

PDA clearly the best in the region based on results, not points.

Anonymous said...

League games are for "D" as is Development or have you forgotten your mantra PDA?
State Cup and Regional/national championships and top flight tournaments are for results and are meaningful.
Coaches play everyone and try new things in league games.
League results mean nothing.
All that copied directly from the PDA handbook and quoted verbatim many times on this site in the past year after Storm losses.

Anonymous said...

Re: Storm

"They cant win a big tournament..."

You could say that pre ECNL NPL division was one long tournament, no?

Anonymous said...


i agree with you in that the team can be beaten but any team can be beaten. Quality against Quality then on any given day a team can have the upper hand. Different styles of play will also be a factor as one style will try to impose their will on the other. But overall body of work for PDA is still impressive and I am not sure if any team has a better track record thus far.

To make light of any teams overall body of work is a bit disingenuous.

In my eyes, The PDA Storm, The NJ Wildcats, STA, Matchfit ECNL, FC COPA and some others are terrific options depending in what style of play, you are interested in training your daughter.

Who is first should be secondary in a a parents mind. The style of training -technical work and do they play like they practice should be paramount. I am also a fan of significant playing time, but that is my preference.

Congratulations PDA storm for a job well done for Fall and a congratulations should also be extended to NJ Wildcats and PDA NPL North for their finishes for the fall season.

But the job is not done, I hope your teams do equally well in the Spring.

-Soccer Nut-

Anonymous said...

8:54 Can they be beaten YES.

But they are part of the 3% of all teams nationally (Based on GS number of teams at this age group) that are ECNL club teams. Not to mention their club has been number 1 for a few years.

They will have their audience regardless of what you or I think or if they lose a game at a tournament. They will measured based on their league results more than their tournament games.

8:53 Agreed I didn't expect the fall to go the way it did and it is only half the games (11) to decide a 2014/2015 Champion.

I still think the winner of this flight will go to Indiana and not the NPL flight. I guess we will find out once the website is updated.

I think MF & EM very much alive as there are only 2 games out of 11 that the should not be a challenge for the top teams making the flight wide open in the spring.

Anonymous said...

Soccer Nut - 10:00 here, I agree - well said.

Anonymous said...

Shut down.

Anonymous said...

9:59am not true as PDA and other ecnl teams always use league games for development and to try different combinations and give subs opportunities.
They will only play to win when they get to the elite tournies and US club state cup in the Spring.
Wins in league games are meaningless.
Coaches at this level are not playing to win in league games.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is opposite, you play to win the league games. Tournaments for ECNL clubs, you get everyone in to assure players to come back next season

Anonymous said...

9-0-2 6 ga spin it how ever you want, happy holidays non-ECNL teams:)

Anonymous said...

0= no loses

Anonymous said...

0 =#of tournaments Storm has won

Anonymous said...

Storm will only enter1 tournament a year so kind of tough there.

They will have to go 100%.

Anonymous said...

7:23 remind me again why this is important to Storm players or parents?

PS. They were the 2012 & 2013 NJYS State Cup Champions that did not participate in the 2014 edition - I think that counts as a Tournament.

2 State Titles

Your turn.

Anonymous said...

Last thing on Storm it looks like they will only be playing for 1 National Title starting next year.

I give them credit they could have entered NJYS Fall State Cup and a chance at the USYS National Championship or they could enter the Spring NJ Cup for a shot at the US Club version of a national title.

They are trying to follow what the USSF wants clubs to do.

U.S. Soccer announced a sweeping series of initiatives and programming changes on Monday, a push intended to help “develop world-class players and coaches” by innovating new approaches to “three core areas” of player identification, training and development and competition.

Spearheaded by US national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who also took up the title of technical director when he signed a lucrative new contract last year, the initiatives represent a significant rethink in several areas – and even include addressing the length and structure of the college game, a long-running problem area in the wider player development process.

“U.S. Soccer is collaborating with the NCAA to make changes to the college soccer model that will benefit the health and wellness of the athletes by extending the season over a longer period of time,” the federation explained in a press release.

New youth national teams on both the male and female sides will also be added in the form of U-16 and U-19 squads – which will be overseen by full-time head coaches – running the federation's total to eight teams from U-14 to U-23 level.

READ: Sounders' Yedlin wins US Soccer Young Male Athlete of the Year
U.S. Soccer will standardize small-sided games and field sizes for youth players, in order to create “the proper environment on and off the field for players to develop,” and even-birth-year and odd-birth-year players will be split into separate programming tracks, expanding the number of players involved and “allowing for a more consistent approach toward development.”

Coaching education will also be a major focus of the new push, with U.S. Soccer introducing two new coaching courses and a "Pro License" certification, and partnering with Sporting Kansas City on the National Coaching Education Center, a central facility for licensing courses.

Klinsmann called the changes “a huge step forward” in helping US players reach their maximum potential.

Find more US national team coverage here
Seeking “to benchmark itself against other soccer powers,” the federation will also commission an as-yet-undetermined outside group to lead an independent assessment of its youth national teams and Development Academy system.

Starting in the 2016-17 season, it will also add an Under-12 division to the DA's existing U-13/14, U-15/16 and U-17/18 age groups, and will increase funding for the DA's scholarship program in order to open up the nation's premier youth competition to players from humbler economic backgrounds.

"It's fundamental to the growth of the sport in our country that we examine and improve the different areas of development for our players and coaches," said federation president Sunil Gulati in a statement. "We are better situated than ever with the resources to do that. With ambitious programming for our National Teams, new investments in education and technology, and a continued effort to align our technical practices with the best in the world, we are positioning ourselves to take another important step forward."

Anonymous said...

USSF is focused on boys.

Anonymous said...


What year is it again?

Look, its not just the lack of championships, its the total lack of an ability to beat any top teams they face at tournaments, you know when every team is playing to win unlike in league play. MF hasn't won a tournament this fall either but at least they proved they could win against a top team(Cinn.). Not so much for Storm who had chances to do so against Sachem, Cincinnati, Calvert, STA, even FSA and couldn't get it done. And don't try to tell us they weren't playing to win, we all know the excuses are just that. Sorry not impressed. Good team but nowhere close to top of region. And thats OK, be proud of what they are and keep working hard, they'll get there.


Is mimicking whats best for the boys, as you are citing, nessessarily best on the girls side? Boys will always have the motivation of playing pro and making good $ in the future, with girls, even at the highest levels thats not a factor. The "rewards" for the girls to keep sacrificing and working hard need to be a little more immediate.

Anonymous said...


It would seem you have dismissed their recent accomplishment of tops in regional league play.

No easy feat. That is there most recent record

Wheaher or not they are playing all players and are not concerned about winning a tournament is neither here nor there.

You mention losses but fail to acknowledge the fact that they were in the finals at last tournament and semi finals at the Chicago tournament.

Based on most recent results, who has proven more this year.

Has any other NJ team won more games against top teams this year throughout the region?

Spring is going to bring a few surprises as this team will become untouchable by middle of Spring.

They are already stronger now then they were the beginning of fall

Lets compare the teams they have beaten compared to the teams in the region that other teams have beaten. I think that says it all.

I would not consider this team an underdog vs. any team in region 1.

Anonymous said...

What does "untouchable" mean when it comes to girld U13 soccer?

With Storm at times it means you dont get to play them. Is that what you are getting at?

Anonymous said...

Used GS Region 1 Top 25 - Show me another team that has played as many and has a better record.

W7, T2, L1, GF19, GA9

2-1 (20) ATLETICO FC GIRLS '01

Anonymous said...

and for the record the 1L and 2T came in one tournament.

Anonymous said...


I just don't consider those major accomplishments

Inside their league they probably do look good, against teams that play a similar style, not physical, with limited subbing, one game a day, all on turf, against teams working more on development than winning at all costs. Its about one step above winning scrimmages, you are making way too much out of it.

And lets remember, its not a league of the top teams in the region, just the top clubs, sort of like being #1 in the Ivy League but not being able to win against anyone else.

You mention the "last tournament":

That would be the EDP Cup 1-1-2 with ties against FSA and STA (both good but not elite teams and a loss to Calvert. They made the finals only winning 1 of 3 games(?)

Eclipse(Chicago) - Beat up on 3 weak teams and lost 2-0 to the only top team they faced(they went to Chicago for that?)

Reg 1Tournament - Again beat up on 2 weak teams 8-0 & 11-0(real classy BTW), lost to FSA's B team and tied and then lost to the Sachem Speed, who's only real accomplishment seems to be winning that tournament.

And I hate to break it to you but that whole bit at the end is what every coach on every underperforming team in the nation is telling their parents. Just don't be surprised if we are having this same conversation 7 months from now, OK?

Again the Storm is a pretty good team, but I wouldn't be clearing any space on the shelf for the National Championship Trophy just yet. They need to prove they can beat an elite team when it matters before anyone is going to take you seriously that they are the best in the region, sorry.

P.S. I would indeed consider them underdogs, in tournament play when everyone is actually playing to win, against Calvert, most of the Reg 1 League teams, and yes even to a couple of teams in the ecnl. I think you will be surprised by just how much better a few of those teams look when their only focus that weekend is winning. Maybe come on down to Jeff Cup and prove me wrong.

BTW, my girls always loved being considered the underdog. So maybe stop telling them that they are the best, when clearly that isn't true, and let that underdog label motivate them.

Anonymous said...

10:51 yes, let's face it those league games are nothing but"Glorified Scrimmages".

Anonymous said...

Two questions, 10:51:

Who do you think would beat Storm?

Who do you think is better than Storm?

Obviously there is a subtle difference between the two questions.

Anonymous said...


You post mythology.

The teams Storm beat at Eclipse _they'd tell you, if they were on this board - were not weak.

Very few "weak" teams go to this event. They do slip a local in there occasionally as needed filler - and yes, maybe 1 of the 3 Storm opponents at this year's event might qualify as such (the team from WIS)....

Be good now. Fact check and prosper!

Anonymous said...

I do like the first three paragraphs of your passage.

Anonymous said...


No, more like NFL preseason. Maybe you start your starters, maybe you want more looks at the backups, maybe you try try players in diff positions, maybe it works , maybe not, who cares it's pre season. Tournaments are more like playoffs. Of course you field the best team possible and play to win. You are trying to argue the Storm is the best team because they went undefeated in "preseason" dispite not being able to beat any good teams they play in the "playoffs".

Tell me this, is Storm better than the teams they beat in league play because they won those games or because it's your subjective opinion that their style of play is superior regardless of the result. If it's the latter, nothing I say is going to matter because you'll think Storm is better even than all the teams they lost to just based on their supposed superior playing style(I e Wildcats)If it's the former, you'll need to stop bragging about winning those league games since simply winning doesn't determine who the "better" team is. Either way you won't like my lists though! Maybe when I am off the road later I will send it to you anyway.

Anonymous said...


LOL, if only it were true.

Your team will have a tough time with this team in Spring.

The Team is stacked.

We look forward to all comers.

Its going to be a nice ride from here on.

Anonymous said...


The team is just better skilled period and is now stacked.

If coach wants to win the game, you got no shot.

Anonymous said...

12:14 but you won't tell us if the coach wanted to win until after the result right?
that is the difference we come out and play our best every game.

Anonymous said...


No control of the coaches decision but pretty impressive group of girls developing and in Spring we certainly won't win them all but very happy with the girls and team will be even better.

If we are beat ,more power to your team ,but it won't be easy. The spring team for this group will be a nice group.

I say if you can impose your will on this group then i tip my cap and say more power to you!

Anonymous said...

12:11 & 12:14

Every top team thinks that, every coach says it, if you believe it you're a fool!

So they weren't really trying to win the regionals this summer?, went to Chicago just for the scenery, nothing to prove against Calvert, they were only like #1 in the country at the time?

FYI, every top team is adding top players and getting better every week, not just you.

But by all means bring it on, our team doesn't hide in a little private league, refuse to play their state cup, or travel hundreds of miles to tournaments while avoiding all top tournaments in our region like the plague! I am trying to be gentle here, but you have no idea what a number of the top teams in the region are like because you refuse to play them, which is smart on your coaches part(I'm sure he knows). So, will you be at Jeff Cup or are you going to stay in NJ and just talk a lot about how good the team is? Nevermind, I already know, AJAX is at least coming right?

Anonymous said...


What team doesn't duck competition?

You are not identifying yourself?

Anonymous said...

sorry 12:34

I meant to say daughter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 12:07. That is a valid, and no doubt frustrating point: when they win, it's because they were better. When they lose, it's because they were developing their players to "play the right way", and sometimes you'll lose a game or two to teams that play direct and focus on set pieces when you are focused on development.

I think we all get that.

To answer my own question, I think FC Va and Penn Legacy would beat Storm.

I think FC Va and Storm play equally well. Storm plays better than Legacy.

Anonymous said...

"To answer my own question, I think FC Va and Penn Legacy would beat Storm."

can't answer that question as we have never played these teams in recent setting.

I just know, we will take our chances with this group of girls in any game presented and I agree-,enough with the playing for development crap. When these girls play a team and lose, i will be the first to congratulate the other team but Win lose or draw, the body of work for these girls are going to be impressive going into u14.

And No this team will never play a lot of tournaments, we will just have to settle for beating the teams that win these tournaments.

I wish the top NJ teams much success in these tournament!

Anonymous said...


I think by many peoples definition Stanford played better soccer than Florida State, but I'm sure they would have rather won!

Anonymous said...

What tournament has any NJ team won?

Anonymous said...

And how could you go by tournaments only as many teams have been known to bring guest players. Doesnt always prove the better team.

Anonymous said...


I will take skill development and playing out of tight spaces @u13 over a win.

If my daughter is lucky and good enough to play for a college Championship then give me a win.

It is apples and oranges comparing u13 to top college programs in the country.

Anonymous said...

You are saying that when they lose, the team that beat them hasnt "played out of tight spaces" during the win?

That its one or the other?

Pretty silly.

How's this -

"We only lose to teams that donr play the right way"

You see how ridiculous that sounds, right?

Anonymous said...

I think there is plenty of room to applaud both.

A team (could be Storm) could look real good and be shut out. This doesnt make them the victor, though it does no doubt show their progression

The team that wins while not being "as beautiful" should get props for knowing how to defend, even if their own goal was of an "ugly counterattacking pack the box over the top kickball" variety.


Anonymous said...


I disagree. These aren't mutually exclusive concepts here. My daughters team will beat opponents based on their weaknesses. If you can't anticipate(soccer IQ) and step into lanes, they'll pass around you until you're exhausted, not fast they'll just run past you, not aggressive, they'll knock you around till you don't even want to go after the ball, defenders too aggressive, they'll play balls over the top and run on to them. Sometimes it's pretty, sometimes not, but usually it's winning soccer. Not only should these 13 yr olds know how to play multiple styles, but they need to be able to play against them as well. They'll need this ability from now through college and yes even internationally should any of our girls be so fortunate. Don't assume just because a team beats yours by more physical play or on long balls or well practiced set pieces, that's all there is to that team. It may just be that that was the weakness they saw in your team and were exposing it. Learn from it, play against as many different styles as possible, even flat out dirty teams, sure they'll lose a few, but that's what they will be facing for the next 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Season is over. Who is your top 10 in NJ, CT, NY and PA.

Anonymous said...

2:09 WOW your daughter's team must be really good. 12 years old they can play 4 or 5 different styles seamlessly and
all equally proficient as well...and apparently be able to recognize all the opponents weaknesses instantly too. Amazing.

Please post when their next game is, I would love to bring my daughter to watch a real team play.

Anonymous said...

2:28 I am not sure of their name, but I would have to put 2:09's daughter's team #1. You can argue about #2-10 after that.

Anonymous said...


it a lot easy to play out of tight spaces if you only boot the ball forward. My u8 daughter's team does that quite effectively. takes significant skill and practice to pass you way out of it.

but a u8 team with no training can do it one way. the other takes years of practice and skill

Anonymous said...


In the games you do lose, what was it that the opponent was doing that gave you trouble?


Anonymous said...


It's called great coaching. We are fortunate to have 18 starters on our team, all of whom can play multiple positions. Gives our coaches a lot of options. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see your left defender is slow and sub in our fastest wing on that side etc. We've been teaching them since they were 8 to take what the other team gives them, why is it such a shock that by 12 or 13 they have actually learned to do so?

And yes, those girls are amazing!

Anonymous said...


They were kicking the ball into the goal more often than we could!

Anonymous said...

12:14pm You are telling me that PDA coach did not want to win vs Match Fit? Why did they not win vs this team?

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to a novice which teams play in Npl ? Is it only teams bound for ecnl or others as well? If only ecnl bound teams, where do the rest play, edp ? Thx.

Anonymous said...

Teams play where they wish, if they are accepted.

ECNL is very exclusive. NPL a bit less so, but the club has to enter MULTIPLE teams -a team cannot just enter,,,,

Northern Counties in New Jersey and Long Island Junior Soccer League are 2 examples where an individual team could get placed

I would say playing NPL couldnt hurt if a club aspires to be accepted by ECNL -

Anonymous said...

just some different rankings:

Youth Soccer Rankings
Last updated: Dec 15, 2014


33.48 1776 UNITED


NJ/NYE/PA Top 10
33.48 1776 UNITED

Anonymous said...


Really, you’re killing me, actually I am already dead, say goodnight.

Anonymous said...

Any predictions as to what teams might emerge as the "dark horse" come spring? Are we possibly in for some surprises? Curious to hear thoughts on this.

Anonymous said...

Yea PAE list is also a head scratcher. Who determines this and by what criteria? I know its put out by TDS but who has seen these teams enough to be qualified to make this list up? How about include the rest of Reg 1, FCV, GB, Calvert, BRYC, where do they fall on this "list"?

I mean we know who's posting it and why. Obviously feels the need to prove something the teams record doesn't, but really, give it up, nobody cares what you think about your own team. How about everyone just posts who the best team their kids team has played against is? Might get a much better idea of who's playing the best soccer this fall without all the self serving B.S.

About 2 weeks ago, someone who has actually seen most of these top teams play posted a list on here. I saw no one argued with it. Since I am fairly sure I know where this posters kid plays, and seeing that team not on top, I will assume it was reasonably objective. I won't repost it since it wasn't my list, but it was probably the most accurate one I saw. This ones actually worse than GS.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about MD and VA except the Region 1 guy.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the "Reg 1 Guy", and I care.

Our team plays against the top teams in all these states, but I understand why you guys barely leave NJ. I wouldn't either.

It seems YOU just don't care about any states that have better teams than your kids in them. If thats the case you should stop caring about NYW, PAE, CT, NYE and MA too. Might as well throw in OS. Truth be told, you should stop caring about NJ as well!

Anonymous said...


I will add my humble opinion about the 3 best teams we have played this fall season:

Tophat 20
Southshore Select
Boston Breakers

Anonymous said...

No I care about NJ, PA and NY only because we have played most if not all of those teams. Unless you play every team in Maryland, Virginia or Hawaii you can't rank those states. If you play them all rank those states. Please enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

And do you rank by playing them in league play or tournaments? We all know that the tournament teams could be vastly different due to guest players.

Anonymous said...

I also care about the MD and VA teams.

Someone referenced them, so here are my "who would beat who" rankings based on the teams I have seen:

1. FC Virginia
2. Penn Legacy
4. East Meadow Pre-ECNL
5. FC Stars of Mass Pre-ECNL
6. Penn Fusion Pre-ECNL
7. Wildcats
8. Match Fit Pre-ECNL
10. Boston Breakers Pre-ECNL
11. YMS
12. Maryland FC
13. PDA NPL South
14. Match Fit NPL
15. Connecticut FC Pre-ECNL
16. World Class Pre-ECNL
17. FSA Pre-ECNL
18. PWSI
19. Albertson Pre-ECNL
20. Penn Fusion NPL
21. 1776
22. Pipeline

Never seen:
Match Fit Black
PA Classics

Anonymous said...

Oh, and for what it's worth, the three best teams I've seen are TopHat, FCV, and PL.

Anonymous said...

The earlier posts about MF-NJX possibly losing 4 players to MF is no surprise. Good players going to the best programs is not a new thing. NJX "gave up" their position as a best program when they subscribed to the MF deal. From an NJX view, they were a best program but they turned wayward when the interest of the coach and the club, followed by the club foregoing it's own program and culture for that of MF gave it's parents room to pause and question whether NJX was still the best and right place. Deep down, NJX lacked the courage and conviction to hold the course. Regratably they will come to realize that their very own program was better than that of MF save for a few situations for truly gifted players. In the end, all of the partnership activity trumped the on field and team building aspect of the experience. Is there any youth in youth soccer?

If these 4 players leave, what will become of the NJX remnant players? An invite to be on the MF 4th side in the age group?

Anonymous said...

10:04 & 05

You said "nobody cares" not "I don't care". Big difference.

We don't need to play every team in these states, just the best, which is what you would find at the top Reg. 1 tournaments if you would choose to participate.

BTW, most teams don't bring guest players, thats just another excuse for not winning. I know we don't, sort of seems like cheating to me. Win lose or draw, we are trying to develop the roster we have not chase points or trophies. I think if you play with guests, unless from your own B team, you should forfeit all GS points(1st small step to fixing GS).

Personally I hold State Cups highest, everyones top priority is winning, unlike leagues, and no guest players. But again some teams choose not to participate but like to TALK a lot about what they could have done.

Anonymous said...

As far as determining who the best team in the state is, which is what the lists at 11:03 were published for

Anonymous said...

The rankings that were originally posted were not about who the best teams were in the region but who are the best teams in each state. If you want to expand to tops in the Region, in order to have a true list, you would have to have intimate knowledge of all teams in each state not just who you played in tournaments. That is why these lists tend to be skewed towards NJ and PA and NY. There may be top teams in VA and MD and other states that don't play in every tournament as there are in NJ, PA and MD. That is my point.

Anonymous said...


State cup winners at the older age groups from the state of NJ get slaughtered in high level tournaments.
only case where this is not true is at the u17 age group. This team is a Nationally ranked team.

It holds little value at the other age groups.

So how can you hold state cup at the highest, since the bifurcation of leagues and the fact that quality teams are opting out, it appears state cup is become more of a town club event and a venue for lower clubs to earn a chance to call themselves State cup winners.

Nothing wrong with the girls feeling good about themselves. but I would not call it the highest by any means.

Most high level clubs give little thought to the so called State cup champs.

Anonymous said...

4 MF NPL players would have found their way to an ECNL program for U14 regardless of the move. MF is trying to figure out the best players to put together for U14. What you want to see from a top program. It is real life and the best should be playing on that top team. Add those 4 top NPL players and I am going to say that U14 ECNL team is going to be pretty damn good. Some ECNL girls may now mix in with current NPL team. How is that bad for anybody in that club knowing those top girls on NPL were eventually moving on regardless? Exactly what should be happening.....

Anonymous said...


Just because these girls may be top players on one team, it does not translate them being top players on a higher level team. these" top girls" may find themselves sitting on the bench. Maybe not all of them but certainly some of them.

Anonymous said...

But the people who publish those lists, TDS, do claim to have enough knowledge of every state and its top teams to publish lists for each state right? That's why they put out a list for each state not just pa nj and ny. The first post on this page has storm referring to themselves as the top team in the region. So by region they mean only a 3 state sliver or do they mean all region 1. You can't call yourself best in region 1 but ignore the top teams from three quarters of the states in it. Thats my point.

Anonymous said...

@10:18, that's a good list. From what I've seen, I'd include Calvert in the top 5; move YMS down a few spots (below MD United and PDA); move Boston Breakers up a few; add GB around 20; and put BRYC ahead of Penn Fusion (tied 0-0 in WAGS) and ahead of MF (won 2-0). Haven't seen STA so don't know where to place them.
In terms of teams to watch, I'll suggest the Bethesda ECNL team.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that but we will see. Seems that ECNL team will have a nice even flow of players on it..... And the NPL will have a nice mix as well as there will be some fall off from the current ECNL team to the NPL team... Point still is, where would they be better off for training and their future?? Think they are just fine where they are as other non ECNL teams will lose some top players soon as well. Don't kid yourself, it happens EVERY year to these other programs.... Girls say they are going to stay and then a call is made and they make the jump.

Anonymous said...


Ok, let me slightly rephase that for clarity. The best format for determining the "top" team in a state is the state cup. The fact that a number of clubs choose not to participate is a shame and yes it does water down the field. It's like the best football team in the state not playing the championships, why? Don't you want the kids to have that experience. Truthfully, it's more about one group of soccer overlords trying to squeeze out the other by not allowing participation in the others events. Moving that way for private leagues, private tournaments, showcases, ODP programs etc. more time spent battling each other than advancing the sport, mostly coming from one group. Not about what's best for the kids or US soccer, just their wallets. Shameful!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have no problem moving BRYC up to say, 5, after their Bethesda showing.

Boston's stock has dropped a lot since last year, IMHO.

Haven't seen Calvert, STA, or Bethesda ECNL.

Anonymous said...

Region 1 states include:


I am sure who ever put the list together knows the top 5-10 teams from each of these states. Traveling all of the time.

Anonymous said...

Teams do not participate in State cups from the higher leagues because training , playing philosophies and venues differ so much that the powers that be consider this type of competition, especially at the younger ages, a lousy way to develop our future soccer players.

Are there also politics involved- you betcha, but the last thing a higher level club wants to see is team with little skill playing a game that looks more like American football than the "beautiful game"

Competing for National Championship and getting there through league play, against skilled like minded organizations that would meet the approval of the USSF is why these elite clubs move away from State run tournaments.

Anonymous said...

11:14 yes- 11:35 no sir.
Look at ecnl clubs in nj , especially pda and you will see top team purposely avoiding playing Any top tournaments that involve other nj teams to avoid risking their brand vs them.
their MO is to not play them and then claim superiority based on league and that they will exclude the competition somehow rather than beat them on the field. why else would they make the parents spend the money to go to Chicago each year to play the same teams that were in the WAGS Cup Flight and top flight at Jeff Cup?
Because other non-ecnl teams especially from NJ were in those closer tournaments.
same reason they are not going ton go in USYSA State and regional competition or US Club State Cu[ or Nationals.
If I am wrong then explain why other ecnl teams like FC Virg, Maryland United, Penn Fusion, Boston Breakers,etc. all still enter Jeff Cup or WAGS,Spirit, Bethesda,etc.,
even MatchFit ECNL enters 1 or 2 of those tournaments.
It's obvious and no one but those overdosing on the Kool
If you want to claim, as you have this week, that you are the best tam in Region 1, then you have to put your team on the line and compete outside of only playing in ecnl league and ecnl events as there are obviously many of the teams contending for the top spots in this age group outside of ecnl clubs/teams.

Anonymous said...

Let's go ahead and the "powers that be" us club soccer. And yes that is the standard line of bs way to regurgitate it. Truth is I've seen ecnl teams at 16 who could barely kick a ball in a straight line( little skill indeed)Yet you'll fly your teams half way across the country to play them but avoid the best teams in your own state like the plague! Anyone think to ask the girls what they want? It's supposed to be about them right? 9 short years from now 99% of them won't be playing anymore. Why deny them state championship tournaments? Don't care much about Jersey, but you're telling me PF wouldn't love a crack at PL for a state title? And YMS, PAC, and 1776 are unworthy of playing FC Bucks and Continental? And as far as " little skilled teams", what do you think the completion in college is going to look like. You think Stanford plays UVA 20 games a year? Very few play this mythical "beautiful game" you cite. A couple days ago someone posted that it's not about facing the toughest competition available, it's about not having to play " those types of teams". You might want to pull those silver spoons out of your asses now because "those types of teams" are the majority of what's out there and you can't avoid them forever.

Anonymous said...

PDA teams play in 2 maybe 3 tournaments each season. That won't change. It appears in the fall they played Eclipse and EDP Cup. In the spring they will play in their own tournament and one or 2 others. Their Spring PDA tournament brings in the best teams from the area. Play them there.

Anonymous said...

12:56 Please- Who are you pda shills
trying to fool?
do you think we parents are all that stupid as the ones who buy all your bs and still write you those checks whether their kids play or dress or not just to wear the shirt with your letters on the front.
PDA Brass would NEVER put ANY of the NON_ECNL teams from NJ in the top flight of their own tournament.
No chance of playing Storm if those nj teams sign up.
As far as the EDP Tournament, let's examine what really happened there.
PDA Storm applied well after deadline, last minute in fact, and only after the teams were announced and they were sure they would not have to compete vs the top nj non-ecnl teams who were at WAGS that weekend.
they saw STA in the flight but obviously thought they were not a threat.
How did that pan out for Storm.
A tie vs STA and then a loss vs non-ecnl Calvert Crew, both non-ecnl teams.
Until you enter events both in and outside of ecnl banner and test yourself vs ALL the contenders in Region 1 then you have no right to call yourself the top team.
To be the best, you have to play and beat the best.
that means all the best teams in Region 1, not only a select few.
Stop hiding and then get back to us.
No one is buying.

Anonymous said...

1:07 OH so True!!
You would have to be truly blind not to see that Storm is avoiding playing non-ecnl teams at all cost.
Play everyone and come out at the end with the best record vs the top teams among all the contenders, then claim you are the best.
that body of work is being pursued by the other top teams both inside and outside of ecnl clubs.
Show the courage to do the same if you want to be considered the best in region 1.
As long as there are contenders for the top spot in region 1 among non-ecnl teams, as there surely are, then you cannot claim top spot without playing them.

Anonymous said...

So in their own tournament they didn't play any of the Region 1 top 20 list posted earlier? They played weaker teams?

Anonymous said...

Looks like top flight brackets from PDA Spring Tourney. What team does your daughter play on that wasn't invited to the party? Sound like a cry baby.

Bracket A




Bracket B





Anonymous said...

If your a top team in Region 1 then pay PDA your money to play them. Sounds easy enough.

Anonymous said...

6 of 8 are ecnl clubs.

Went 0-1-2 against teams playing to win.

Used "we were giving our subs a chance " as excuse

Typical tournament for them

Anonymous said...


No need to argue.

They see what they want to see because they are on outside looking in.

Top teams from nJ that truly play soccer will be invited in- others will play in other flights.

In other age groups, you will see top teams from NJ playing in the top flights.

Anonymous said...

also... which is it, do we avoid top teams from around the nation including NJ, or is it that we invite them in and play top competition no matter the result.

do you see how you change the scenario in order to fit what you need to be your view point.

this conversation goes on in very age group, it is redundant like somehow if PDA loses a game, it means that the top club in the country won't attract talent.

PDA was PDA before ECNL.

If a team like Wildcats or STA was invited into the top flight of the PDA tournament, it would be all over their website for promotional reasons, that the team plays in the highest bracket of the PDA tournament.... tell me I'm wrong?

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time with your kids and much success.

Nothing wrong with you being the best in your venue

Anonymous said...

1:07 and 1:11

This is really bothering you.

Its just u13 soccer.

Didn't this team just play in the EdP league against Non ecnl teams in the Spring.

How was that avoiding Non ECNL teams.

Would it surprise you that this team will scrimmage older non ecnl teams and not care about results?

If your argument is that somehow PDA doesn't want people to know- i am sure if the team crapped out in the ECNL league, the whole world would know, how weak they are. it would be right there in black and white.

Perhaps its the facts that you would like to play them more often so that you can see how your teams stacks up from year to year.That is okay too.

But the just say that,

Anonymous said...

If Wildcats entered this year PDA could not keep them out of top bracket

Maybe they would do so, then drop out of their own event


Anonymous said...

And it would be all over the website to promote how worthy they are

heh- heh!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing though about the PDA event - teams are starting to stay away in a "why bother, there are other events without the madness" type tact.

So they are getting what they wish.

Why not make it jusyt an ECNL event?

Well, they need the lower bracket teams to make some cash on the event.

ECNL division

Region 1 division

and so on.........

would seem the fair, everything out in the open way to go

They keep out the riffraff - and the Region 1 division would be quite strong.

Anonymous said...

How's this for a pool:

NJ Wildcats
Greater Binghamton
Penn Legacy
PDA Storm

Put all those "skilled" ecnl teams on the other side and give yourselves an easy path to the finals. Show them how that beautiful game you guys play is far superior to the more physical direct style they have. Heh, heh indeed!

Something tells me you'd find some weak ecnl event 800 miles away that was a "better opportunity" for your team, rather than take any part in that!


You do realize there are tournaments doing just that! That's what I was saying earlier.

Anonymous said...

Storm wins that bracket to advance. Toughest game would be PL. PDAs B/C team has beaten the other 2 teams in the bracket. Gotta come up with a better scenario than that for them to go running.

Anonymous said...

Last time Wildcats faced Storm they won 2-0 but OK. It wasn't nessessarily the overall quality but the physicality of those teams I don't think they could contend with. Maybe Ajax is just tougher?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Wildcats have an inferiority complex with the Storm.

Anonymous said...

When had PDA B&C teams beaten Wildcats. Dragons.......NEVER! AJAX..... Once! Unless you meant Fusion.... LOL! Know the facts first

Anonymous said...

lets see,

who would PDa rather have in their bracket.

Tophat, fc virginia or wildcats and greater binghamton.

hmmmm, thats a tough one.

That why local teams play in second bracket. they get squeezed out by the very teams you call tops in the region.

Anonymous said...

Does any objective person on this board think in a meaningful game, like the one on June 1st, that Ajax wins again?

Anonymous said...

"NJ Wildcats
Greater Binghamton
Penn Legacy
PDA Storm"

GB and PL are physical. Wildcats are not.

Anonymous said...

Yep.. i hope storm never plays them again. keep them yapping and frustrated.

but we beat you "PDA at u12" you remember"

and then we played ajax and girls were just let down'

Storm please don't play wildcats ever again.

The parents will be so frustrated.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry - they're on it

Anonymous said...

Wildcats woud be put in 3rd group at PDA Tournament like last year. Would have another shot at Ajax.
Last year Ajax was in the same bracket and won the Finals. Ajax beat U13 Wildcats 3-1 earlier this season.
MF ECNL would get be second highest ranked team from NJ, probably in second bracket.

Anonymous said...

Seems there is a Wildcat inferiority complex with PDA in general...not just Storm.

You sure can substitute "Wildcats" for "PDA" in all the posts suggesting that when they lose, it doesn't mean anything.

Like Ross kept pleading to Rachel, "We were on a break!" so it shouldn't/doesn't count.

I am not from Wildcats or PDA, but it sure is entertaining stuff.

Anonymous said...

3:12 I bet you wish your daughter tried harder now....boy just typing that made me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

unfortynetly pDA doesn't give wildcats a second thought.

Anonymous said...

Match Fit isnt going to PDA tournament.

Wildcats may not wish to go either

Aint the only game around that weekend.

Anonymous said...


Back at ya!

I'm not with the Wildcats. I just sort of enjoy pointing out all the teams the so called "best team in the region" can't manage to win against. And although there are so very very many, bringing up the wildcats sure does strike a nerve! Funny thing is I doubt they care about you either. Any team that can't beat STA and loses to Calvert is certainly beneath them. But you keep enjoying those league wins you're squeaking out, and of course all those runner up trophies. I know nothing's more enjoyable to my daughter than talking about all those times she almost won a tournament! Just 9 more years of working on develop. Keep it up girls!

Anonymous said...

Yeah but the top teams in the nation will be at PDA tournament because they are a top club in the nation. I think the Wildcats should have a tournament to see who will show up.

Anonymous said...


we all now you are a wildcat parent; And I love all the chatter.

Every year at Every age group there is a team that chatters about why they are just as good or better than PDA... Go check, its every age group, you are just another team that wants to be heard, i get it.

Can we move on now. Your team will never play this ecnl team again except for an occasional tournament. Once you lose the next game, your chatter will stop. And I am sure the PDA parents will let you know what the score was and politely put you in the pile teams that were so good at u12-It happens at every age group. If you are one of those rare teams that will be able to keep up with this team at u15, Then you will be invited to many scrimmages and will be one of those teams that will play at top level of PDA tournaments and others. but be warned Most don't make it that far, so we'll have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Do Wildcats even have a tournament? Most top clubs have one, do they?

Anonymous said...

hey 4:36... i have a trivia question for you. can you name me the one team that has play in the first division of EDP the last three seasons and has never lost a league game? think hard.

Anonymous said...

What you don't get is that is U12-13. There is proven data that shows these ECNL teams just get better and stronger. It will start now and into U14. Then a few more kids are picked up in U15and so on..... We will not even know who the Wildcats are come U15.... Understand? Again, no coach is asking about U13 or 14. How do you not see that? You have a few girls from that "program" that made it to college soccer. The ECNL program list is too long to list. You really think coaches are seeking out that "program" to recruit????

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of the PDA hype. Yes, PDA is a club with a fantastic reputation and Storm will continue to win games and tournaments. But if my daughter were playing on the team (and unfortunately I don't think she is quite good enough) my biggest concern would not be whether the team wins because new better girls keep coming to the team, but rather whether my daughter continues to get better. I want her on a good team with good competition, good coaching and good girls to practice with. But beyond that, who really cares if they win or lose any one particular game or if the Wildcats are "better." The important question to me is why the teams that are better than hers are better. Is it just because the reputation means the best girls play there? or is the coaching great?

Anonymous said...

I will give you a harder one. Take your time before you answer.

Can you name me a team that came in 4th, 2nd and finally came in 1st when the ECNL/NPL teams left the EDP first division?

Anonymous said...

And the only time Storm was in EDP they won the division.

Anonymous said...


Think what you want but if I lived in NJ I would have thrown myself off a bridge years ago. Way too many loud mouthed, know nothing, blowhards for my liking.

Anonymous said...

Ajax did not beat wildcats in any meaningful game on june 1.
they tied 1-1 and other 2 teams in bracket were local nj teams TSF and another who they see regularly in league play and state cup and both teams beat handily.
Ajax went thru because in one of the other 2 blowouts the wildcats let in a goal and ajax didn't.
Only 1 competitive game and that was 4th time ajax and wildcats played at U12..
No need to go to a tournament where you are put in a flight with teams you see all the time.
Ajax only win vs wildcats in 6 games at U12/U13 was in a consolation game played right after wildcats lost a shootout to Legacy to make semifinals at Spirit.
Wildcats have won a few times head to head vs Ajax and they have tied 2x in the last year.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but the Wildcats lost 3-1 this fall. New teams for everyone this fall so stop sugar coating the loss.

Anonymous said...

Yes, PDA A teams usually will get stronger, but it is based on as you say their "compiling of players" from other clubs/teams over the next few months and years.
While adding more talent will certainly improve a team over time what happens to the girls who are on the team and get pushed out or have their role drastically reduced if they are not cut and dropped to B Teams.
And what happens to players on B Teams when players from A team who get bumped down drop down to B team and take their spot/role/playing time.
I think I would rather my daughter be somewhere the coach will work with her to improve and develop her and the other players on the tam to move the team forward. All we hear on this site is about how Storm has picked up more players and is stacked and this will continue.
Obviously this is coming from the pda club brass but how do the families of the players being bumped down or out feel about this process at pda club?
Can anyone with experience is this area comment?

Anonymous said...

I think an earlier comment was spot on. Each year there is a different team/club that challenges PDA in each age group. Some years its Copa or SJEB or NJX or STA, etc. But it is always someone. The only constant is PDA. They will always have one of if not the top club in NJ. That does not mean they are the only club but they have a system that works.

At this age group it could have been NJX or Wildcats. It appears it will be the Wildcats over the next couple of years. Let's stop the bashing of Wildcats and Storm and enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

Your kid would get better playing on a team like Storm and just being on that team will get you the looks you need. You may not like it but you cannot deny it. You cannot re write history. It is proven! Unlike your "program". Not saying your kid will not get a look but come on..... How can you deny that come time when it counts, the ECNL programs will not get you the first and best look. So the question is do you want to focus on wins at U12-13 or make sure you have your daughter in the proper program that will achieve the end result?

Anonymous said...

Not bashing but just stating reality. Wildcats will be matching up talent wise to the ECNL B and C teams come U14-15 and on. Again, a proven reality...... Not a bad thing, just reality.

Anonymous said...

In the past, PDA players who got bumped from ECNL team would leave the club and not go to the "B" team. The B team was not considered a top team in NJ and there were other options. Now, there appears to be more acceptance as the two "B" teams at this age groups (and others) are top teams in NJ that will compete for NPL Championships. This has/will keep some talent at PDA. However, some will continue to leave.

Anonymous said...

At PDA it is about improving the Team, not the player.
On some very strong team if your child is committed and can hold their own then you are part of a family of players/parents and coach who all have a role and all enjoy being part of the team and being together when they travel, eat out, have a cocktail at the hotel etc. No one is looking over their shoulder for the "Next" player the team/club will compile to take their place,
Maybe this is not the way the US national Team does it but how many of thee girls will realistically make it that far, after all the girls are 12 and 13 and this is still supposed to be fun and an enjoyable and memorable experience for them and for their families.
I suggest you can compete at this level on a very strong team, get exposed and seen by college coaches and still not make your child a piece of meat and put them and your family in the meat grinder.

Anonymous said...

5:23 Wow, they will attack your comments at all costs as what you have laid out is the last thing they want parents to believe is true.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying the PDA parents on the A Teams are cutthroat towards each other and the other children on their team and suspicious of any new players/families who join the team and root against each others kids and are constantly looking over their shoulders anxiously as are their children/players.
No, that can't be true!

Anonymous said...

agreed why does this blog beat up on the good teams like Storm and Wildcats? lets support each other. plenty of soccer balls to go around

Anonymous said...

Getting cut happens on all teams that are mentioned on this blog. They may call it something else (she decided not to play anymore, etc.) but they all do it. Let's not kid ourselves.

Anonymous said...

5:53 you are absolutely right

Anonymous said...

5; 23

I like your post! I enjoy that part of it with my
daughters team as well

I only have one question.

What do you suppose would happen if 4 excellent players showed up during try-outs and would improve the team dramatically .

Do you think starters would sit?

It happened to our club last year.

What was harmony became a bit choatic.

In my experience coaches do not turn away "starters" They compile if they have to or they cut players.

Our harmony was only as solid as the coaches options.

-Soccer Nut-

Anonymous said...

It's actually like the TV Show "Dance Moms", but it's both Moms and Dads up here. You can't even imagine.

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. "hey 4:36... i have a trivia question for you. can you name me the one team that has play in the first division of EDP the last three seasons and has never lost a league game? think hard. " --- what is the answer? Too funny!

Anonymous said...

5:44 Soccer Nut that was your experience but some coaches at this level will not "cut" any player who has been with team and is committed, has a family that is on board, and the player is competitive at this level.
they will add players who they think can upgrade roster if the new player and family is a good fit, but they take team "team chemistry" as you describe it very seriously.
This is only possible when the coach is not under extreme pressure to win and is able to focus on developing the players and having a team to coach and train that is an enjoyable experience for him as well as the girls. Different strokes for different folks.

Anonymous said...

Let’s talk about something that affects all of our daughters, nutrition.

Its pretty obvious to me that most girls could care less about having a proper diet, they will begrudgingly eat some fruit or vegetables just to shut you up, but given a choice between a donut or a carrot, well, you know what wins. Any good suggestions on how to convince a young girl that proper nutrition is the foundation for stamina, and fitness. Both of which will become more important as they play against bigger and stronger opponents.

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:47


What team never loses but never wins anything? Think hard

Anonymous said...

Dude, what about my question about nutrition? Got any bright ideas, or do you just leave it to her Mother?

Anonymous said...

5:45pm I love it!
A new TV series called "ECNL Soccer Moms and Dads".
Guaranteed that would be a huge hit!
Kind of like the Texas Cheerleader Mom's movies.

Anonymous said...

5:26 See what I mean.
Look at attempts to change subject from Dysfunction of parents/teammates up there.

Anonymous said...


There is a bit of a difference between a( healthy whole grain fish and chicken and veggie only diet ) and a athletic performance diet.

The two are not necessarily the same. which one are you looking for? The athletic performance diet is not necessarily as healthy but still provides the proper carb to protein ratio.

Which one are you looking for ?

-Soccer Nut-

Anonymous said...

6:15, you talking about the nutrition question? If so, that was my post, and I am tried of this PDA vs. the world thread, its boring, its predictable, and its useless to 98% of the people reading this blog.

So how about some ideas?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Soccer Nut,

Finally, a reasonable person. That is a great perspective, and I really thought that they were one in the same, but I guess not. So do you think that diet that follows FDA recommendations for nutrition is not necessarily the best diet for the young athlete?

If so, please give some examples, and can you have both?


Anonymous said...

Hey Trivia Dude:

What team counts ties as wins?

What team only loses meaningless games?

What team considers a one win, two loss & about 20 ties record as being successful at tournaments?

What team won the NJ meaningless, no one cares cup this fall?

Anonymous said...


I can respect that!

Is that the norm for most high level teams?

Which way would you think high level NON ECNL coaches would turn if confronted with 4 starters or 3 or 2 that fit.? Would they be turned away? or would they be taken and be non starters even if they were better?

-Soccer Nut-

Anonymous said...


My own personal experience is that for performance, i start with the foods that might daughter loves and then I modify them so they are a bit more nutritious.

The best foods for performance are the ones that she willingly eats on her own and are not forced on her.

It just takes too much time and energy and in the end you will lose. At least I did.

Most people think that all starches are the same.

e.i There is a big difference between potatoes( not fried) and white pasta.

Both provide energy but body treats them a bit differently.

Bottom line is you can make a list of all the foods your daughter loves and turn them into good glycogen stores with reduced fat and sugar.

Soccer Nut

Anonymous said...

My post at 6:33 was made in answer to 5:51.

Anonymous said...

That depends on the coach.
On our team no one who was strong enough to earn time and was on board and committed has ever been cut.
Only open roster spots were filled at tryouts.
A far as who starts on our team, the best players on the roster earn their starting spots and playing time/role accordingly.
Players/parents who didn't accept their role or weren't on board mostly left on their own before .

Anonymous said...

before tryouts.

Anonymous said...

I find it very hard to follow posts here without user names so I appreciate Soccer Nut signing his posts.

To the last poster whose team does not make cuts, are you at liberty to say what team that is ?

Anonymous said...

Not saying do not cut new players who are trying out.
we certainly do not take anyone who shows up.
Must be good fit based on ability, willingness to make required commitment,etc.
Am saying we don't cut returning players for new players.
Only add players to fill open spots at tryouts.

Anonymous said...

Not my place to name our team.

Anonymous said...


Best way to keep a donut out of your kid's mouth is to keep it out of yours (out of the house altogether)

Anonymous said...

Why is it so hard to believe there are teams out there who are competing successfully at the highest level, have found a good mix of talent and chemistry and don't want to make changes that may or may not upset a good thing.
It takes more than just the accumulation of the most available talent to have a REAL TEAM.
A group that works very hard, gets along and cares about each other and plays for each other as well as themselves. Sometimes the TEAM can be more than the sum of it's parts.
And a real team can often overcome a group with more talent and less Chemistry because they care a great deal about their Team and each other and it means more to them and they will play harder and not give up as easily as a dysfunctional group of all stars just playing for themselves and their individual goals..
It is called "Team Building".
Clearly that is not something that is valued on this site by very many of you, but is has proved itself time after time in sports and in real life.

Anonymous said...

PDA and Match Fit best teams in NJ.

Biggest upside, Match Fit at this age group. Combine 3-4 NJX players to a solid North team is something I am looking forward to seeing.

Do not belong to either club. Just an opinion from someone who has seen PA, NJ teams often

Anonymous said...

Well 9:11 you should read 8:56 comments about team chemistry and getting along and playing for each other. Your wish will never come true, not team players. If they have to sit they will leave in a heart beat

Anonymous said...

When girls move on it means most times they weren't happy with playing time. Coaches are typically pretty clear to the player where they stand. So it may not appear as a girl is getting cut.

Anonymous said...

Do girls ever leave these ecnl clubs for getting 50% playing time and they want more?

Anonymous said...

No because no where to go but down.

Anonymous said...

8:56 excellent post.

Anonymous said...

11:11- not ture.
Many will leave at and aftr tryouts.
there will be a great deal of turnover when teams are formed for U14 ecnl team.
It happens every year when reality sets in at U14 in these clubs.
Many will be disappointed when their well laid plans and dreams are crushed.
Wait a few months and you will see.

Anonymous said...

Keep saying develop as a team and then post when your top kids leave since the team starts falling behind. Which it will because all the ECNL teams are getting better. Better with training and merging their best talent together. Again, this has been proven year after year with the academy teams. Nothing wrong with trying to keep it all together but do not be so naive as to say the ECNL teams will not get stronger this next year.

Anonymous said...

By "falling behind" you mean they are "only" 3rd or forth in the state? If the individual girl is a top player she'll also play odp possibly regional team and get into a much better college program than most of the ecnl players will, half the ecnl grads don't even go D1, if that's your endgame. Mine if having my daughter have the most positive soccer experience she can while playing at the highest level possible. I wouldn't sacrifice one second of her happiness by moving her to a team that may or may not be better, sometime in the future, for a club that I know cares more about profits than my kids well being, just so I can brag about where she plays.

What do you care anyway, I thought your team was "stacked"?

And by the way, the best female college player over the last 2 years was whom? And which ecnl club produced that talented young lady?

Anonymous said...

ECNL is soon to follow the boys side Academy...meaning, the 2 clubs in NJ will not be able to charge for this level of play.

We are not far away from NJ only having 1 ECNL team again. Sad but true!

Anonymous said...

College Women’s Soccer Scholarship Availability

How many high school girl soccer players am I competing against?

In 2010-2011 year there were 361,556 high school female soccer players.

How many female soccer players were in Division 1 in 2010-2011?

In 2010-2011 there were 315 women’s soccer teams and 8,473 players in Division 1. That is more than a 300% increase from the 82 teams and 1,858 players in 1990-1991.

How many Division 1 Scholarships are available?

There are 4,410 scholarship divided amongst the 315 college teams in Division 1. If you are one of the 361,556 high school soccer players, that is less than a 2% chance of receiving one.

What are you odds of receiving a scholarship in Division 1 if you make the team?

If you are fortunate enough to be one of the 361,556 high school players who lands one of the 8,473 college positions, then you have a pretty good chance of also receiving a scholarship. There are 4,410 scholarships available for the 8,473 players who make the team.

Anonymous said...

For the girls who live in Northern NJ, Worldclass is a great ECNL option.

There 14's and 15's are strong teams that have both beat up on the PDA teams and this age group will certainly go certainly go through a rebuilding process for next year.

I consider them the third option for NJ.

Also Fc Bucks is close enough to NJ to be a fourth option. This team could benefit from some NJ talent crossing over the border.

Anonymous said...

Talent comes from PA and NY to PDA and MF as well.

Anonymous said...

The chance for a freshman to get any kind of money for soccer from a D1 school, Less than 1% of 1%.

The chance for a freshman to get any kind of money from Academic's or other activity, Over 80%! That's right, 8 out of 10 students can get money for their activities and academic efforts.

So if you paid all this money over the past years looking for a scholarship, you should have just used the money for a tutor!

Now for the good news! Girls in youth sports have a 20x (That's right, 20 Times) better chance to live a healthier and more successful life.

Money well spent!

Anonymous said...

I will take the ECNL odds for college all day. Again, you do not be bitter about it.... Just a proven success path. Not a guarantee but better odds.
Who is saying they are having a bad experience? My girl is happy as a clam and playing better soccer. kick and run will only last so long. Again, a proven fact. So you can scream and yell on this blog all you want but the numbers and style of play do not lie.

Anonymous said...

I love all these "proven facts"!! Like we are supposed to believe there are decades worth of data proving the superiority of a league that has existed for what 5 years? You want decades worth of proven success, go play ODP. Most of the college girls from ecnl clubs did, including all 8 that played for nat champ Florida State. Why do you ecnl clubs try to take credit for the work of the ODP programs? And we won't even talk about all those 16 year olds you recruit and then brag about like you developed them yourselves.

BTW, how did you like that 30 yard long ball FS "kick(ed) and ran" onto for that 2 no goal to seal the deal against Stanford. Just because your team can't defend the most basic play in soccer, doesn't mean it isn't part of the game. You'll see it now, you'll see that in college, and yes even the national team plays those long balls to their lone forward sometimes and scores on them. You do what works to put the ball in the net. That's the object of the game, not max possession time.

Anonymous said...

9:52 you are obviously not in the know if you are saying the parents on the ECNL Clubs teams are happy in this age group.
Nothing could be further from the truth as the backstabbing, badmouthing, politics and jealousy among the parents is out of control.

Anonymous said...

Have to chuckle at how many of the posts seem to support a process of turning over much of the ecnl team roster each year to "compile" more talent , which of course means to drop those players who are at the bottom third or so of the roster each year to make room for these players who will "improve" and "stack" the team with more talent each year.
How is this something parents are on this blog praising at the expense of their own kids?
If as you claim you are already the "Best Team in Region 1" than I would think you ALREADY have an abundance of talent on your roster so why the need to turn over the roster each year to further"Stack" your team?
How have we come to the point where this process is applauded by the very parents on this site whose talented children will be discarded if they are in the bottom third of the roster.
How about we applaud keeping and developing the talent already on hand on these very talented teams?
It's pretty simple math to figure out if they continue to turn over 3 or 4 players from the rooter each year than very few of the players who were on the A team at U11 will still be there at U15-U16 for the much trumpeted great exposure to college coaches on these ECNL Teams at U15-U16.
And how in the world if your clubs training is so superior is it possible for these players from outside your club to come in at U14-U16 and beat out the players who have been in your program training for years?

Anonymous said...

11:26 I don't think their plan is to cut them anymore.
the plan now is to just keep adding to the a teams roster(maybe 30 or more by fall), that way the ones who are dropped down don't feel they are being relegated to a B Team but are still on the A Team roster.
Then they will enter a few lower tier events like they did at EDP tournament this fall and let those bubble players get some time in those non-ecnl events.Would bet they certainly will not be dressing for the ecnl events if they manage to put that over on the parents.

Anonymous said...

"BTW, how did you like that 30 yard long ball FS "kick(ed) and ran" onto for that 2 no goal to seal the deal against Stanford. Just because your team can't defend the most basic play in soccer, doesn't mean it isn't part of the game. You'll see it now, you'll see that in college, and yes even the national team plays those long balls to their lone forward sometimes and scores on them. You do what works to put the ball in the net. That's the object of the game, not max possession time."

you do realize that these girls can switch styles and play anyway necessary. They are highly skilled.

Can your girls play possession soccer as well as they can play longball-if they have too. If they can't then that should answer your question of whether or not your girls are well trained. If they can and they play in both styles then your team is well trained.

The problem with a direct style of play is that a lot of coaches here in the us will teach their girls in this style only.

And when you watch some times play, it doesn't look much different at the older ages as it does with the u10 teams.

Anonymous said...

Are you that naive to realize that no matter how much training is provided some kids don't develop further. As kids go through puberty some kids will develop and some won't. It happens to boys and girls in every sport. So if you want to stay at the highest level than a turnover of a couple of girls each year is normal. Show me a team that stays exactly the same from 10 or 11 years old that is still at the the highest level. Certainly not the top 5 teams in each state. And if they did I bet there is a huge drop off with the 12-18th players. You would not be doing these girls a service by keeping them on the team.

Anonymous said...

If you are the "Best Team in the Region" as you claim then how can 3 or 4 of your 18 girls be falling behind and not developing each year?
You play all 18 players in every ecnl game correct?
Or are you rostering players for each game who do not even see the field for a few minutes because they are "falling behind.
And if you repeat this process of compiling each year than what has the process to do with puberty?
How exactly do you determine at 12 and 13 that these players will "not develop further"?
What about the ones who are late developers physically but are very skilled and may in fact develop into very good players if you are patient with them and continue to work with them until they mature at U15-U17?
Are they discarded for early developers physically who are bigger, stronger and faster at 13 but may be caught later by the late developers?
Seems like that is a recipe for winning now to boost the clubs brand rather than patient development.

Anonymous said...

You can'y argue against PDA developing soccer players and team success. U13 Fall league results

Pre ECNL- Storm 9-0-2 28Gf/6GA
NPL PDA North 9-0-2 36GF/13GA
NPL PDA South 9-2-0 31GF/6 GA
EDP PDA Shore 9-2-0 25GF/8 GA

Overall PDA 36 -4L-4D 120GF/33 GA

PDA continues to develop players of all skill sets. They field competitive teams from ECNL to EDP.

Anonymous said...


You make it sound like Non ECNL teams do not cut players.

Is that what you are saying?

Lets assume that there is no best teams and every team is trying to build their team at u13 in two ways.

Develop the players they have and also take on players that will both add to the team chemistry and will make the team better.

In reality isn't this the landscape of Youth Soccer in general.

If you say it is not then why does just about all teams have try-outs every year, when you already have 18 players?

Now the question becomes more about the quality of player that shows up.

What do you do about real quality players that want to be on your team- either Inside or outside the ECNL.

The coach has a number of choices:

1) Gee we love you and you would be on the top 1/3 of this team but we are filled. To this the player might say" well then why did you have try-outs in the first place"?

2) keep the player and expand the roster without making cuts and perhaps have some of the weaker players play on A and B teams for playing time so that they can continue to develop so that you do not have to make cuts. Also big money for these clubs that do this- No doubt.

3) Cut the weaker players and turn a bit every year.

It appears most of these clubs that have B options are more likely to choose number (2) as it makes both economic and development sense.

Very few top teams in the region would hold religiously to option 1. Again I unfortunately have not experienced this for either one of my daughters

If you can name a top 10 regionally team that would turn down top quality to adhere to this principle, i would like to know who that team is because i would be interested in checking it out for my daughter( I would of course like to know more about its recruiting to college history as well)

No sir what you're describing is more of an argument that one can made for youth soccer in general and not one that is exclusive to the ECNL.

ECNL just seems to have more choices and the more choices of top quality players, creates a bit of a "what do we do with all this quality" as both a developer of talent and as a business.

And what you are starting to see is that these teams or clubs either inside or outside the ECNL are creating more teams at this age group to collect players and dollars. It is happening all over the NJ at different Clubs. This is not just an ECNL phenomenon

-Soccer Nut-

Anonymous said...

Soccer Nut-Good points -Leave your email address or how to contact info as I would like to discuss further.

Anonymous said...

yes, and please leave your home address, home phone number, and your bank info, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Stop saying development

PDA Storm have over 80% of players that came from another club. No developing going on here

Anonymous said...

So kids do not get better from know until U17 in the PDA training system? Come on man.... There is a reason they come to a program like that.

Anonymous said...

To play the schedule

PDA even says so

They dont actually promote better training

Anonymous said...

define development?

Of course once a kid has reached their ceiling with a team it's time to move on. This is part of development - like it or not sometimes a kid never reaches their true potential because the parent thinks they are in a good place developing on a winning team that will get them plenty of scholarships (and they do). I think what ECNL as a league and it's member clubs is trying to do is attract the kids that want to take their game to college and beyond, get their brand out and why not make a buck or two. I think come January the USSF will back ECNL as a Girls Development Academy.

I just don't like when people poo poo something.

A few questions if your boy was a good soccer player.

1. would you want them playing for a DA free or not if money wasn't an issue?

2. If you were a coach of a strong team that can compete nationally, would you talk your best player out of playing for a DA and a chance at the NT or would make the calls to get them in?

Anonymous said...

Answer these questions without blanket statements:

1)What team has better training than Storm?

2) What team has had the same roster over the past 2-3 years?

3) What team cost less to play for?

My answers:

1) don't know of any teams that have better trainers as the PDA staff appears pretty qualified.

2) Storm had had changes but most have been with the team for 2 years. But changes have happened at every team in NJ including Ajax, Dragons, STA, Wildcats, MF Black and NJX.

3) they all cost well north of $2000

Anonymous said...

STOP THE PRESSES!!! World Class is not, in fact, world class. Also, Tophat Soccer Club does not distribute top hats to its players.

They can't fool me!!!!

Anonymous said...

4:37 boy you are really stretching it now!
Better watch out your nose is growing Pinocchio.

If they start a development academy on the girls side as the boys side has done then it will no longer be pay to play for the top players and you will have 25-30 players from each of our states playing for free and only playing for clubs who have sponsors and do not charge their players and provide everything from travel, uniforms, league and ref fees,etc free of charge.
If that happens then that will again change the landscape and none of us can even speculate which clubs will be able to provide sponsors for free play or if it will somehow be run by the Women's Professional League Clubs or W-League Franchises.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

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