Thursday, September 25, 2014

U15G - U15 Girls Youth Soccer

This page is focused on Under 15 girls youth soccer in Region 1.

During this transition from middle school soccer to high school soccer, teams seem to change as quickly as the players do.

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Anonymous said...


No. we had to move from one ecnl platform to another. They were not interested in moving her up.

Better for them if she stayed on age and anchored age appropriate team.

Better for my daughter to compete with better players and be amongst the core but not the best.

So we moved to another team 1 year up,

EcNL clubs are more about building teams than players. We simply, left and went to another club and put on the initial tryout application, that she was year older. She made the team on own merits,
when handed in birth certificate nothing was ever mentioned about the original birthdate. Either coach did not care at that point or did not notice discrepancy.

Anonymous said...

1102 just curious. Was your kid one of the older ones on the age appropriate team? Was she playing with her graduation class and now playing a graduating year up also? Not a problem necessarily with either, just wondering. Congrats to you and your talented player.

Anonymous said...

No 11;52

some where in the middle of the pact-2nd quarter of soccer year.

Do not want to say too much more -it will surely give her away.

I did it forger because i knew she could compete and do well. i did not believe what the other club was saying.

They just wanted a player that strengthened the younger age group.

Anonymous said...

I think the strict one year age groupings are too narrow. They would be able to group the players better by ability if the age windows were increased I have seen plenty of older players struggling in their group and younger players that would be solid a year or two up. There is such a variety of natural ability, interest, growth rates, etc.

Anonymous said...

agreed 2;48

but teams are not trying to build players to sell them.
They are trying to build teams to win tournaments and national titles.

Winning is the clubs bread and butter not how many National players they produce

Anonymous said...

So a knowledgeable parent solves this broken system by having their child try out for an older team unbeknownst to the coach. They are merely taking matters into their own hands and doing what the clubs should do but won't or can't, because of the forced focus on winning. Sounds smart to me.

Anonymous said...


Spot on if the focus is on developing soccer players. Love it!


Anonymous said...

There probably needs to be a start time like U12/13 when considering club moves. My played on 2 local travel clubs by the time she as 12 but she outgrew those clubs very fast based on outgrowing in terms of skills and what the kids wanted out of soccer. She then moved to PDA, she had limited playing time and now we are at Match Fit. The first two clubs were parent coached good experiences for what they were but can't compare in terms of overall soccer development.

Anonymous said...

You were smart to move her. I am a big fan of the girl playing against the team that she got little playing time on rather than getting 1/3 or less of playing time just to wear the brand name.

After the top 6 core players, coaches have different preferences in what they particularly like in a player.

Finding a place to play amongst the same competition as the team she left is ideal.

Anonymous said...

Interesting read:
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