Monday, May 15, 2017

Youth Soccer Injury Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation

We're no doctors here, but the fact is that many players sustain injuries during the course of their youth careers, ranging from a career-ending ACL injury to a simple strained ligament that keeps a player out for a game or two.

Several readers have asked for this topic to be added, so that conversations and sharing of experiences can be shared.

This is tricky, as we don't want to disparage any healthcare providers on this site but it may help to mention doctors and/or their affiliated practices.

Let's roll it out and see how it goes.


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Latest soccer news said...

It's important to prevent injuries, especially for bright future youth player.

Anonymous said...

January 23, 2017 at 2:09 PM - How's your daughter doing now that it's been a few months since her anticipated return to play?

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Tim Young said...

How many of you play indoor soccer? Interested in hearing your opinions on injury in indoor soccerwhich I think is often not talked about.

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Charlie said...

I think this is a real important issue. These players are pushed and pushed to be the best. Who is looking out for them? 90% of the coaches cringe at the idea of losing the star player due to concussion. Kids are encouraged to tape it up or wear a brace. We as parents and coaches MUST be the voice of reason and put personnel glory aside.
I am particularly concerned with the number of ACL injuries we are seeing in youth soccer. I did some digging and it's clear that we need to be much more aware of players wearing the correct cleat for the surface they are on.
Great article at:

I was surprised how much difference a cleat can make to avoiding knee injuries. Especially in teenage girls. We need to educate parents about this issue.

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This is very bad, in the sport of soccer physical impact will often occur. Desperately needed doctors to deal the injury.

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