Sunday, April 22, 2018

U12 (2006) Girls Youth Soccer

Welcome to a friendly and supportive discussion page for parents, coaches and trainers to chat about U12 girls youth soccer.

Please be respectful to players (no identifying numbers, names, physical descriptions), fellow parents and coaches.

These young ladies are still young, folks.

Please keep comments in perspective.


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Anthony Cumia said... people are nuts. I love these posts, everybody is right...everyone else is wrong. Matchfit sucks, PDA sucks, A-Gamers have 'flair'.

I am so glad my daughter does not read this, she would be embarrassed for all of you how you speak about other All are such great examples.

Rasel Marie said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What happened to TSF 06 girls? I heard the whole team left. Also 05 team lost some good players as well. TSF going downhill fast

Anonymous said...

TSF has a terrible girls program. They only care about the boys side. Too much money for what you get. Huge turnover in players as well as coaches. Girls program is helping to pay for boys program and some boy players pay nothing. A lot like a ponzi scheme.

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