Monday, March 17, 2014

NEW! VIEWER REQUEST: U11B Under 11 Boys Soccer

U11 boys' teams.

This is a time when players develop a true love for the game and the focus is fun, fun and enjoyment of the beautiful sport. 

And fun. 


Anonymous said...

Looking for a gk u11b. Right now we are playing u12 maps. Pls email if interested
We play & traing in leonia ( overpeck park)

Anonymous said...

State Cup starts this weekend, Who are the leading teams for the title?

Anonymous said...

Goalkeeper needed U11 11v11, if interested pls email

Team plays state cup and U12 maps.

Anonymous said...

Any opinions on got soccer regional rankings? Lehigh Valley seems the best but haven't seem all the other teams. Nj and pa rankings look correct.