Monday, March 17, 2014

NEW! VIEWER REQUEST: U11B Under 11 Boys Soccer

U11 boys' teams.

This is a time when players develop a true love for the game and the focus is fun, fun and enjoyment of the beautiful sport. 

And fun. 


Anonymous said...

Who will win this weekend? Haven't seen all the teams yet but sure they are all good at this point

Anonymous said...

my 2c..

PDA Xavi vs Holmdel NJX Chelsea >>>>>>>>>>>

PDA Xavi vs Real NJSC Spurs (Final) >>>>> winning by Real NJSC Spurs 2:1

Delran vs Real NJSC Spurs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

So much for first prediction. Atlantic must be a nice team to get that result.

Anonymous said...

So much for my prediction as well - Xavi lost to Cedar Stars 1-0. Not a great game but Cedar Stars wanted it more.

Anonymous said...

So who won the tournament?

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on the new crop of U10's for the fall? Who are the top teams?