Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NEW! VIEWER REQUEST: U11B Under 11 Boys Soccer

U11 boys' teams.

This is a time when players develop a true love for the game and the focus is fun, fun and enjoyment of the beautiful sport. 

And fun. 


Anonymous said...

FC Gottschee James '03 open try outs
Thursday 6:50-8:20
Palisades Park Sportscomplex
200 Roosevelt PL
Palisades Park NJ
For more details pls teach out

Anonymous said...

Great final game played by some talented boys. Congrats to Real on their win.

Anonymous said...

So who are the rising U11 teams to watch for next year?

Anonymous said...

It will be tough year for some because of the Union and Red Bulls pulling top kids from many teams. LVU, PDA and STA could rise to the top. The best news is that the Fishtown team will never be heard of again because it's losing it's top kids and can't replace them like the big clubs.

Anonymous said...

The Red Bulls do seem to be pretty aggressive in this group. Is the Union active outside of PA?

Anonymous said...

They get South Jersey and Delaware kids. The residency program gets kids form all over the county by u14 said...

NJ Stallions Academy U11 Boys will be playing in the NEPAL (North East Pre-Academy league) in the 2015-16 season.

We still have time for players to tryout, including a session this Thursday 11th June.

To arrange an evaluation or if you have any questions, please contact Head Coach, Paul Nash at: