Wednesday, February 3, 2016

College Soccer

This page is for collegiate players seeking teams, looking for guesting opps, talking about competition, college news and sharing information for high school boy soccer players facing college in the next year or two.


Anonymous said...

They are St Benedicts 2.0 - and played high school together at that school for the last 4 years - impressive team - but don't put it out that they are 'new'

Anonymous said...

4 yrs. is not a long time compared to 10 yrs. for most clubs. No one is saying they're new, just that they haven't been together very long.

Meadowlands FC said...

Hello everyone!! We are Meadowlands FC, a men's open team based out of Hudson County, NJ. Currently we're preparing for the fall season and will be holding tryouts in the coming weeks. If you or anyone you know is interested please visit us at meadowlandsfc.com to request a tryout.

Players must be 21 or older.

Thanks for your time,
MFC Management