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Monday, May 15, 2017

Girls High School Soccer | Boys High School Soccer

Fall 2017

Boys high school soccer and girls high school soccer in Region 1 is winning more media coverage, more focus and more action than ever before.

Across Region 1, we want to hear what's happening in your neck of the woods.

Public high school soccer or private high school soccer comments invited.


Anonymous said...

To the south jersey high school coach of the year that's you Mike, you may be able to coach boys high school ,but you can not and I mean can not coach a girls youth soccer . You made so many stupid mistakes this season coaching your girls team that no coach with your years of coaching should have made. You say you love cutting your boys from your High school team but when your three studs from your girls team cut you for being a bum coach you took it hard and bad mouth them to every one you could tell. You clearly only care only about your home grown soccer twins Parents one the sideline could see it .Now that you studs are gone your twins have no reason to cry to you any more, your team is going no where and your home town parents will now see it is time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you are putting this BS on this site but you are bitter. Let it go, you are the clueless one.

Anonymous said...

I kinda see both sides of this and just lived through it somewhat. Bitter, but not enough to call out a coach on a message board. The soccer community is a small one so flames don't have to be too high to burn bridges (future as well as past). Just like parents and players coaches have plans/agendas as well. There is also a loyalty factor that for a coach is sometimes tied to a realized benefit from a parent. Based on the OP I would guess that you are refeering to a situation where your daughter either did not get playing time or was rebuffed by the coach in some way. Our situation was that my daughter was treated horribly to the point that she almost quit, and this is when she has multiple colleges recruiting her. Did I post some things here passive/aggressively uh, maybe. Did I specifically call out the coaches, ah no. It's a tough world. THere are a lot of good players, there are a lot of travel teams and eventually a lot of college teams. I suggest you back off, possibly see if the admin can remove your post and if your girls are HS age let them begin to take t point in all discussions with their coaches. If they are not yet in HS even more reason to back off and let them play, reputations of players can be submarined by reputations of parents.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It came as a big shock to me that parents were so involved in their child's HS soccer. After being disappointed by politics, favoritism and parental influence in youth soccer, we were looking forward to a fair unbiased HS system. I was so wrong. Same old BS. Maybe college will have no parental influence.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe who these HS coaches select and who they put on JV. They really have no clue.

Anonymous said...

That one was better

No name of coach given.


Seriously though - I think a good topic of dicussion would be what to do with talented freshmen players.

Some schools have strong freshman teams year in and year out - and value this.

Some even need to keep some freshmen down in order to field a freshman team.

If a frehman is top 15 should she always be on varsity - assuming the feeling is she can physically and emotionally handle it?

Anonymous said...

NO such thing as always.

Anonymous said...

What is going on at IHA? Players leaving weekly, it seems.

Anonymous said...

What's IHA?

Anonymous said...

don't kid yourself,if your kid can play,no matter what year she is in she will kid started as a freshmen for a top 20 school last year and she did it because she can play no older brother or sister and the coach wanted to win so the best kids play that simple....

Anonymous said...

Can you ask Dr. Temple his/her thoughts on girls high school soccer? I'd be curious to hear that.

Anonymous said...

These HS statistics are soooooo not comparable. Some teams play crazy bad teams while others play competitive matches.

Anonymous said...

Upsets abound in second round of Bergen County girls event

5 of the 8 games go to the lower seed

Lets see if any of the 5 continue their run.


#25 Emerson vs #8 Indian Hills

#28 Waldwick vs #5 Ramsey

#20 Pascack Hills vs #4 Ramapo

#19 Glen Rock vs #3 Ridgewood

#18 New Milford vs #2 Imaaculate Heart

- I like Glen Rock and possibly Emerson


- Other games

#16 Park Ridge vs #1 Northern Highlands

# 11 Pascack Valley vs #6 Mahwah

#10 Old Tappan vs #7 River Dell

Anonymous said...

Well, the 2 games I picked pn girls side in Bergen County as possible upsets were close, but Ridgewood and Indian Hills prevail.

Only lower seed to advance is Pascack Valley, knocking out number 6 Mahwah.

Boys side in Bergen - all 8 top seeds advance. Bergen Tech lost a stunner to Ramsey, losing a 2 goal halftime lead. Would have liked to have seen them vs Ramapo.

Anonymous said...


Northern Highland stays unbeaten and unscored on, though IHA did put one past their keeper

Interesting wave off of the tying goal with 20 minutes left took the air right out of a great game at IHA yesterday.

Anonymous said...

IHA run has ended in North Jersey. Highlands, Ramapo and Ridgewood look to be the top programs currently. IHA program appears to have been undercut by politics, favoritism and outdated policies. Players and parents not buying the BS anymore.

Anonymous said...

Well, no - just a younger, developing IHA team this year.

Credit to River Dell.

Anonymous said...

You can stick with that explanation if believe so. Why so many younger players? What happened to the upperclassman?

Anonymous said...

Its been discussed.

National player chose to not play HS.

2 upper class field players went home to mom and dad

And the starting keeper missed trouts and was told it was not alright.

Some players are benefiting from the openings.

I dont see IHA as an easy out at States.

Anonymous said...

Plus recent player departures. Program in a freefall

Anonymous said...

...and I thought club game refs were bad. HS refs are horrible and there seems to be no oversight/accountability. Most I've seen are old, out of shape and can't keep up with the pace of play. The two ref system is a joke. Ref near the play calls nothing but ref on the other side of the field calls a foul. Ref 20-30 yards up the field and out of position calls offside. Worst is late tackles rarely called.

Anonymous said...

I always love when a team wins by 9-10 goals in a state game - then gets spanked the next round.

Anonymous said...

High School soccer is not like it was 5-10 years ago. Its watered down as all the elite players are in ENCL.

Its a joke !

Anonymous said...


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