Saturday, September 7, 2013

U12 Girls Youth Soccer in Region 1

These young women have a year of 11 v. 11 under their belts and are ready to show what they can do. Across the 12 states of U.S. Youth Soccer Region 1, there are some impressive club teams who are a lot of fun to watch.


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Anonymous said...

Has PDA Galaxy ever played this Cincy team? And this team isn't going to be ecnl right? I'm guessing this team will be National Champions many times all the way up to u18/u19.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they will be national champions for years to come, as long as the two girls up front stay a foot above the rest for next five years. These girls are way above the rest in maturity. They are huge and I believe would kill PDA too at this age, not to put down PDA like you are trying to do.
The Cincy team is good, but all because of these two for now, time will tell. This team will beat any u13 team in nation as well, I was blown away by them this weekend, sucks to play against.

Anonymous said...

Galaxy played them at Eclipse at the end of summer/beginning of fall and lost 2-0. The Cincy girls are skilled technically as well as athletic. Cincy United was formed from a number of Cincy area soccer clubs so no they did not grow their players from birth. But good for them as they have come out of nowhere to being a great team at this age and can rival OP and OE.

Anonymous said...

Edp league in the spring. Hopefully they take the top teams and merge the central and south, north is weak.

What about NJX at u13? Looks like they will be NPL or second MF team. As they drop as a team - MF team getting better.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to one of the Cincy United parents and he said they are all from a 35 minute radius, train 3 times a week, and majority of the team has been developed by the club since day 1 by the same coach.

Anonymous said...

A lot of those teams in the Ohio area are developed and mature as a team, they still pull the best in the area and will be the ones to watch in the near future.

But when U14/15 hits the landscape completely changes when girls migrate towards teams and clubs with history of getting there child to another level their child wants to play D1 college vs. playing for a team that chases GS rankings or wins at tournaments.

Notice how many U14/15/16 teams in the ECNL league care about GS rankings research it.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:44 AM
That is very very true about the U14 and older teams not caring about GS points. Not only them but even some younger teams as well. Yes, you can easily research it. The teams that will be part of the ecnl aren't even playing against their own age. They don't care about the GS points from being 'champions' at these tournaments right now. They are semi-finalist/finalist at older age groups in tournaments or ranking 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th in leagues playing in older ages. That is what needs to be done for our girls on these top NJ teams. SJEB, RUSH, SDFC, PDA, ect...if teams are 1st/2nd in their EDP 1st division, they should give them the option of playing up in the age above's 1st division.

Anonymous said...

10:01am Totally agree, this age group in NJ has quality teams and we are very lucky to have this many good teams in one state.

Eventually these teams may or may not exist in 2/3 years but at least the dedicated players/parents have something to look for with the teams that do will exist.

Cincy and OP Fire are great teams developed from the best in the area at young ages hopefully they stick around in the later years but club history has shown their older teams stop competing because players/parents realize it's not about winning a tournament but giving there child an opportunity to play at a even higher level.

Anonymous said...

Teams could also stay playing in their age appropriate 1st divisions bc next year the top team will qualify for NPL Regions/Nationals ect... They can see if the EDP will allow those top teams play crossover games with the older age top teams to allow for more challenging play. Someone needs to step up and say something. The coaches of these top teams need to come together and push for slight change to allow for more challenging games for the top teams. The teams that are not as strong playing in these 1st divisions are benefiting but what about the teams that always win or tie? Where are they being challenged to push for their development?

Anonymous said...

This is a great topic, I totally agree teams need to be challenged. Win/Lose by 1 or 2 goals is what I see a great game with teams developing together.

Winning games by 4 or 5 goals is not development at this age.

At least re-evaluate the brackets and have EDP have Satellite locations so teams North/Central/South can meet half to play each other.

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