Wednesday, September 18, 2013

U17G / U17 Girls youth soccer in Region 1

Very competitive, highly talented and looking ahead to college play possibilities.

These young women have played competitive soccer for 10 years or more. It's make it or break it time.

Go for it.


Anonymous said...

Nobody leaving Rush,maybe lower level to PDA South or ACP,a demotion.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

10:52 must be the lower level parent then because your girls have been at and will be at other ECNL tryouts!

You miss are on the outs. I promise you next year kid(s) will have jumped to the ECNL teams.

Come back here in 1 month and tell me I was right.

Anonymous said...

NJ Stallions U-17g looking for a goalie for next season at U-17.
If interested contact

Anonymous said...

Who are the teams going to the Regionals in RI ?

Anonymous said...

Go look it up! Not hard to review the rate champs plus region 1 winner.

Anonymous said...

What does rate mean ? Is there a site ?

Anonymous said...

How about you tell me who you do know is going and I'll tell you the rest.

Anonymous said...

NJ Stallions Arsenal FC Sting Bees Dynamite
and NJ Rush Highland NJSA Fusions

Anonymous said...

Why are stallions looking for a goalie?

Anonymous said...

When is the state draw for youth soccer?
Us club is the 12th.

Best of luck to all the teams that made it to the playoffs.

My top teams this year.

1. Nj stallions
2. PDA
3. Fc Virginia
4. Fc bucks
5. Oakwood

Honorable mention
Nj rush/coyotes/Fc maryland/Syracuse

Anonymous said...

Id go

3 - PDA

then whoever else from the other states.

Anonymous said...

That's funny you really should check the record books poster. They do paint a clear picture

Anonymous said...




Not even close.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense... check all your egos at the door. All of the teams in Region 1 mentioned above are all excellent and have beaten each other on any given day. Does it really matter if one team ranks 2% higher than the other? Whether one is ECNL or non-ECNL? They are all very good and will have many players recruited to play in college. The rest is just parental ego.

Anonymous said...

State champ of NJ

Not Nj stallions

Champ is Nj Rush!

So give props where they are due

Anonymous said...

One win and you come on here pounding your chest. Why do you think this blog was so quiet for so long? You ever stop to think why?? Soccer does the talking, that's why. Have some class please.

Anonymous said...

Coyotes, Syracuse, and Stallions are still the class of this region and nation. Any other teams (especially in USYS) are irrelevant in the "top team talk." No other team but coyotes and syracuse have made nationals. That simple, you don't get to the big dance, you can't be considered. Only reason Stallions are is because of their showing all the time. For God's sake, Coyotes won nationals 2 years ago and finished 3rd/4th last year and they aren't in the top 5 in THIS region?? This blog has now officially become so inaccurate and biased. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Coyote parent calm down! 1 person gives an opinion and your heart broken.

To be honest you haven't beaten stallions last few times.
You tied fc virginia last few times.
You lost to PDA n tied them last few times.
So I can understand why you are behind them.
Syracuse is regional champ. So would you like to be 5th?
Oh wait fc bucks is up there as well since they made nationals in usclub.

I just wanted to show you how people think however if so believe your team can beat anyone in region 1 any given day. So it doesn't matter if someone thinks your 1 or 10. We all know where you stand.

Anonymous said...

FC Philly still #1 in region 1.

Anonymous said...

Coyotes lost their defense effectiveness. Besides the all everything speedster defender/ and sometimes forward, the defense lacks speed and others have now overtaken and overpowered the once gutsy middle defender whom is slow and seems to be injured all the time.
Coyotes need to score more now, because the days of 1-0 or PK wins are over.Although, their mid field will always be tops. Now at this age, a team needs more then just a great mid field.

Anonymous said...

Well stated above poster.

Those other teams that were mentioned have a mid field but what they all have most is the best defense!

Anonymous said...

Check on gotsoccer. Stallions won newss, CASL, Disney, Jefferson, Dallas, PDA and region 1 prem league and region 1 play offs. Winning all games all in a row with out any tie or loss totaling 40 odd games. They eventually lose in state finals 1-0 when they had already qualified through r1pl for regions. I don't know of any other team that had so much success in a spell. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

Coyotes' run included Maryland State Champion, R1 Champion, National Champion, National League Champion, R1 Premier League Champion -- and throw in Players Cup in Vegas and Discovery Cup. That was pretty good run. And has now qualified for 3 consecutive National Championships. Very consistent.

Anonymous said...

Yes but there was other games in between that they lost and tied. Amazing record also. I was really just referring to the run. Coyotes are top 2 with stallions. Others are somewhat off the pace of these two teams successes over the last 2-3 years. Although it has to be said stallions have had them the last two occasions. The 1-0 scores tell you it's always a close encounter

Anonymous said...

I'll be open, I'm a parent from Oakwood and my niece plays for Stallions. Stallions and Coyotes are BY FAR the best teams in region 1 for USYSA. I don't know much about PDA and FC Bucks, but Stallions and Coyotes are just the best. That plain and simple. Coyotes three straight national championship qualifiers, two straight National League top 2 finishes. And Stallions are just a steady, scary, good team. Enough of this stupid talk.

Anonymous said...

Youth soccer
1. Nj stallions
2. Mrm coyotes
3. Nj rush
4. Oakwood
5. Empire Syracuse D

1. PDA
2. Fc bucks
3. Fc virginia
4. Fc Maryland
5. Penn fusion

Top 5 All good 1 goal games on most occasions

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about who has the best shots to win group play and go to nationals.

First up Region 1 championships

Bracket A is the deepest bracket with most quality teams from top to bottom. I think it comes down to the last game of the weekend coyotes vs legacy. I will give the nod to coyotes. However don't sleep of the current champs or legacy. If coyotes have trouble scoring it could be a few ties and out for them.
Bracket b doesn't have much depth and I think beadling walks to semis. Bracket C has 2 great teams from the same state after that the other two teams won't pose a challenge. Can the stallions overcome their state cup loss to nj rush? Can nj rush beat them again. Whoever wins this bracket should make it to finals as they will be the favorite in semis haunts beadling. Bracket D comes down to the last day as well it should be Brentwood vs pwsi. I'll give the slight edge to va champs with their run to end in semis against coyotes.

Semis matchup
Pwsi vs coyotes
Stallions vs beadling

Stallions vs coyotes

Champs and well deserved this year


I'll be back to talk about ecnl playoffs once schedules are posted.

Anonymous said...

Nice summary. One thing we know, soccer is often unpredictable! If Coyotes are in final, then both finalists will be at Nationals, regardless of the result, because Coyotes have already qualified to be there representing National League.

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic, but I noticed that Eclipse is not competing in R2 Championships, as they lost in State Cup and didn't qualify through Regional League.

They qualified for Nationals through National League, but that team was predominantly rostered with their ECNL players. They must not have played those players in State Cup or regional leagues.

Anonymous said...

ECNL PLAYOFSS - Which teams have the best shot to go to Nationals.
Last year only 1 ecnl team from the Region made it to Nationals -FC Bucks. Can they do it again?

Lets dig deeper.
6 ECNL teams qualified for the Championship Flight this year where last year it was only 4 teams.
4 division winners from the conference and 2 wildcards.

PDA - 1st
FC Bucks - 2nd
Stars - 3rd
East Meadow - 4th
Penn Fusion - 5th * WC
Matchfit - 6th * WC

Only 1 team from a bracket can make it to nationals.

PDA vs Atlanta Fire/Mustangs/MD United.
PDA matches up well against all these teams and although they haven't played the mustangs I believe they should make it through their bracket. Don't sleep on MD United as they have a ton of offense and can beat PDA if they sleep up in the back. I would bet its PDA then Mustangs then MD Maryland.

FC bucks vs NC Fusion/Real So Cal/Dallas Texans

For FC bucks to win this group which is pretty even IMO they will have to play stellar defense and score 2 goals per game. They have played Dallas Texans this year and tied them but it will be tough to get through them and Real so cal. My prediction. FC bucks then Dallas Texans then Real So Cal.

Stars of Mass vs CESA/SO CAL Blue/Real Colorado.

Although this bracket doesn't look to promising for Stars lets keep in mind they played Real Colorado the ECNL finalist last year in the playoffs. The experience should help. So Cal blues should also be a tough game for Stars but in the end I think Real Colorado wins the bracket.
Real Colorado then So Cal Blues then Stars.

East meadow vs Michigan Hawks/Dallas Sting/Concord Fire
East meadow played both the hawks and concorde in the playoffs last year and came up a little short. The big problem here is the Dallas Sting. I don't think EM has enough offense to compete in all 3 games. Dallas Stiing wins then Michigan then East Meadow.

Penn Fusion vs Birmingham/Eclipse/CrossFire
Penn Fusion has a weapon up top and can compete with most on any day. However this might be to much for them with the #1 overall team this year and the defending ecnl champs. Eclipse wins followed by crossfire then penn fusion.

Matchfit vs De Enza Force/Sporting Blue Valley/San Diego Surf.
Matchfit had a nice run for their first year in the ecnl but they are out classed with the 3 teams above. If they get a win Ill be surprised but if they get out of their bracket hats off to them. Surf is good as it gets on west coast and DeAnza moves the ball well. Surf to advance with DeAnza then Sporting BV.

Best of luck to the region 1 teams.
My predictions is PDA will advance and FC Bucks has an outside shot in a coin flip bracket.

Anonymous said...

Stallions already played NJ Rush since state final just last week in an NPL semi. Score was 3-1. Rush are a good team it's a tough draw. Dreadful field at the UNI of RI makes for a crap shoot. Anyone can win up their as it proved last year. If us youth soccer could organize their s&@t better people might take them more seriously!

Anonymous said...

Day 1 ECNL results (REGION 1)

FCV(Seed1) 3:0 Stirkers(Seed4)

PDA(Seed1) 3:1 Atlanta (Seed4)

Stars(Seed4) 0:4 Real Col (Seed1)

Matchfit(Seed4) 0:2 San Diego Surf(Seed1)

East Meadow (Seed 4) 1:3 Concord(Seed1)

FC Bucks (Seed 3) 2:2 Real So Cal (Seed 2)

Penn Fusion (Seed 3) 2:5 Eclipse (Seed 2)

Anonymous said...

Overall Day 1

Seed 1's vs Seed 4's - 8W - 0L

Seed 2's vs Seed 3's - 3W - 1L - 4T

Seed 1's vs Seed 3's tomorrow
Seed 2's vs Seed 4's tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to Region 1 Championships that kick off tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

PA Stikers win first game of Regionals! Great job ladies!!!

Anonymous said...

Nj stallions lose to nj rush 1-0 again.

No nationals again this year

Anonymous said...

I like to congratulate Beadling on their region 1 championships with a 1-0 victory over the coyotes.

Best of luck to PDA/beadling/coyotes on making it to nationals. Represent region 1 well.

Anonymous said...

USYS Nationals Draw is out:

Tampa Bay United
Beach FC

MRM Coyotes
FC United
Tennessee SC

Nationals also has semi-finals this year for those who don't know. Thoughts on these pools? I think it's an extremely tough pool for Beadling to be thrown into for their first trip to Nationals. Having the two first games against Eclipse and Beach FC is a monster of a draw.

Anonymous said...

They could have an edge with eclipse playing 4 games from 13th - 17th at the national ecnl championships. That a lot of games and a lot of flying with out much downtime.
I will give beach the edge in that bracket. I also like Carlsbad in the other bracket.
Coyotes don't seem to same dominate team of 2 years ago. Still a great team but seem to lack offense in the big games anymore.

Anonymous said...

As pointed out above, Nationals has semi-finals, so top 2 in each bracket move on to semis.

I would give edge to Beach/Eclipse and Carlsbad/Coyotes to make it through. However, in NL, Tampa came back and beat Carlsbad and Albion, so they are certainly capable. Remember Albion, 2012 ECNL national champion that switched to USYS? Beach was at Nationals in 2012 and found their way back and seemingly blew a tough RIV championship. Carlsbad was at Nationals last year and had good performance and 2x division winner of NL. Tennessee is 3x Southern Region Champion and like Coyotes, has been to 3 straight national championships. Coyotes beat them in final in 2012. Last year, Coyotes tied Eclipse in pts and had better goal diff. But because of 4 goal limit per game, was forced into pks which they lost to Eclipse to decide finalist. Eclipse won ECNL national championship and USYS nationals last year and is in ECNL finals again this yr as pointed out above. FC United was in NL two yrs ago so has experience with top competition. Agree that Beadling has tall task ahead and less experience. But both brackets equally tough as one would expect.

Anonymous said...

Beach vs Tennessee
Carlsbad vs eclipse

Beach vs eclipse in rematch

Eclipse wins again

Anonymous said...

Rematch? Of what? Eclipse played Ambassadors last year.

Anonymous said...

Rematch in regards to them both playing eachother in divisional play before the playoffs.

Both finalist will come from same bracket.

Do you understand yet son?

Anonymous said...

I would like to wish PDA the best of luck at ECNL National Finals that start tomorrow.
Great season and well deserved. Region 1 is rooting for you.




I also like to wish good luck to all other non ecnl teams representing region 1 at national finals.

Fc Bucks Parent

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No way eclipse wins youth soccer championship.
Number 10 who is women's nationL team and number 34 who is national pool player isn't on the roster.

They should have enough to come in top 2 in their bracket and make playoffs but they will lose in semis to Carlsbad.

It will be all CA championship

Carlsbad vs beach

Best of luck coyotes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Question relating to post 2:00pm -
If 50 mile rule forbids players who are in high school and live more than 50 miles from the colleges campus from being trained or coached by that colleges coaches than that is a clear competitive advantage in recruiting for rutgers and an ncaa violation. But what about the competitive advantage gained by the PDA U15-U18 teams who had theses south jersey players on their rosters the last 14 years while theses rutgers coaches were on their coaching staffs?

July 24, 2014 at 9:01 PM

Anonymous said...

onymous said...
9:01pm -Here is the NCAA 50 rule from the NCAA website:

Institution's Coach Observing Prospective Student-Athletes While Acting in Capacity for Local Sports Club (I)

Date Published: November 7, 2012
Item Ref: 1
Educational Column:

Editor's Note: This column was updated June 20, 2013, to add additional questions to assist with membership clarification.

NCAA Division I institutions should note, pursuant to the local sports club legislation, in sports other than basketball, an institution's coach may be involved in any capacity (e.g., as a participant, administrator or in instructional or coaching activities) in the same sport for a local sports club or organization located in the institution's home community, provided all prospective student-athletes participating in said activities are legal residents of the area (within a 50-mile radius of the institution).

Very Clear.

July 24, 2014 at 9:20 PM

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
internet says 40.2 miles from piscataway to end of route 18 south at wall(you can pick up parkway there at exit 98 or get onto 195 west).
Clearly 10 miles south from there(exit 88 on parkway) you would reach 50 miles from rutgers piscataway campus and soccer stadium at exit 88 on parkway, which is bricktown.Any players south of brick(even toms river is outside the 50 mile radius) who were coached or even trained by any rutgers coaches on pda teams in U15-U18 age groups over the last 14 years was in violation of ncaa 50 mile rule.

July 23, 2014 at 3:40 PM

Anonymous said...

Exactly, according to above ncaa 50 mile rule quoted above from their website both pda club and rutgers univ womens soccer has repeatedly broken this rule for the last 14 years. This will certainly affect rutgers move to the big ten as this is not the cowboy big east with Calhoun at uconn, bod huggins at cinn and West Virginia, etc.
the big Ten has northwestern, Purdue, Michigan , etc. and these are among the top academic institutions in the country.
those big east coaches were so busy trying to stay out of trouble and covering their own that they didn't have much time to worry about what the other schools in the big east were doing.
that is not the case in the big ten and rutgers recent toubles and scandals in mens bball have caused the rutgers administration to take a hard look at situations in ALL their sports that could cause more embarrassment as they move to big ten this fall.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like 1 bitter parent who will be joining what their 8 team in 10years? Leave the coach and the situation alone you physco path. Go back to pa!

Anonymous said...

Watch, the new Rutgers coach will resign from DOC at PDA and also as PDA coach of high school aged teams. All related.
1- PDA must stop employing rutgers coaches as PDA coaches/trainers .


2 - PDA must stop rostering players who live more than 50 miles from rutgers institution(players who live south of Brick).

In addition to not being allowed to coach or train them,College coaches cannot even speak to players or parents of high school age players until their senior year of hs.

Anonymous said...

Pa parent blames every coach for his daughter not playing. No that she is not playing up to speed. She has gone down because of her parents pointing the finger at everyone else. Even switched his daughters hs and still doesn't play. Delusional.

Anonymous said...

I know this "PA person" you are talking about and you do not have a clue. Stop posting anonymously. If you have something personal against them speak openly to them you coward. She is a super sweet kid and will really be missed. the "psycho" you are talking about is a parent who puts his daughter and her happiness above all else. He could probably buy and sell you 10 times over and could care less about any college scholarship. Just wants his daughter happy. Maybe you should get off this forum and spend a little more time with your daughter. Season is over. Get a life!

Anonymous said...

Ok annoymous a.d. you can buy and sell is exactly the attitude. Gave yourself away. You think you can buy her playing time but did not work. You are so impressed with money flaunting it and You frown on people who make less or kids you feel are not as smart as yours. Not true. Money does not make a difference only in your mind. Doesnt impress anyone only makes you look pathetic. Your daughter is a nice kid. But you ruined her. There are smarter more athletic kids on that team. Sorry you couldnt buy that for her. Btw more parents on that team could buy and sell you 10 times over. You wouldnt know they dont flaunt it. And they dont talk about how their kid is smarter than yours. Thats when you know. $ take that to the bank and dont let the door hit you on the way out

Anonymous said...

like I said before, she is a super sweet kid that will be missed. I am sorry that you will be on the sidelines next year watching my kid disguised as a supportive parent.

Anonymous said...

Where does he take her now....???

Penn fusion ... Nope been there ruined that.
Fcbucks ... Nope been there ruined that.
Njsa.... Nope doesn't exist
PDA .... Npl/ecnl done both numerous times and ruined that.

Sounds like delco or move your kid for her last two eat of high school to eclipse since they won national title a few times and you seem to like to hop on that bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Seeking wisdom from my elders.

My daughter is a freshman in HS. Her club team is going to be doing a lot of showcases starting soon. I wanted to get a realistic idea on what type of offers she can expect to receive. I thought this would be a good age group to ask. Her skill level is slightly below that of an ECNL starting 11 type of player and plays on a team of this caliber. She is an excellent student with a high level curriculum.