Tuesday, December 1, 2015

U18G / U18 Girls youth soccer in Region 1

Very competitive, highly talented and looking ahead to college play possibilities.

These young women have played competitive soccer for 10 years or more.

It's make it or break it time.

Go for it.


Anonymous said...

One post in over three months--and that was removed by the blog administrator. What happened to all the trash-talkers who used this forum to run their mouths about which second-rate teams were awesome and which clubs were just money-hungry losers (after little Mia got cut from the A team, of course)? Funny how the noise died away as the best teams proved their dominance year after year.
Midway through the girls' final year, there are only three truly elite USYS teams in the region, and probably no more than that on the ECNL side.
Sometimes I miss the old days of reading this forum; it was always good for a laugh as the jealousies shone through the rants of the "concerned" posters. Oh well, just a few months remain as college looms on the horizon (or has arrived already fo those who bailed HS early), so best of luck to everyone as the girls close out their club careers. See you on the pitch--maybe.

Anonymous said...

Nobody at this age cares about youth soccer anymore. Serious players are looking forward to playing in college. The rest are just getting on with life.