Monday, December 9, 2013

U13B / U13 Boys Youth Soccer in Region 1

U13 Boys / U13B

What can we say? Let these kids out of the gate and you cannot predict what will happen on any given day. Sounds like a good day on the soccer field to us.


Anonymous said...

How can TSF be ranked #2 in the country but lose 1st 2 games 4-0 in EDP Cup?

anonymus said...

It's the art of racking up the points by entering every tournament around!

Anonymous said...

TSF is now ranked #1 in the country.
We'll see how they do this weekend in Bethesda.

Anonymous said...

Girls U13 continued

Again - its about competing

If you are losing because your players arent giving the effort (but they are getting technically better) then there is a problem

Anonymous said...

If the girls are not competing then there is another problem. If the girls are getting better but losing maybe they are playing better competition. Which will make them better in the long run

Anonymous said...

Who won the AJAX/Connecticut games?