Monday, January 14, 2019

U18 Boys Youth Soccer

Players are sticking with youth soccer club and academy teams as they look forward to collegiate play in the fall of 2018.

Those playing high school soccer, this is your year to shine.

Buckle up for an exciting ride.


Anonymous said...

The Mainline Friendlies was very nice, good fields, beautiful weather, 16 of the tops teams in Region 1 and about 85 college coaches; including 21 DI coaches. The level of the competition could have been a little higher, but I guess most coaches used it as a showcase (friendlies) and not as a points grabber like a regular tournament where coaches just want to win at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Manhattan Kickoff tournament this weekend any team in here going?

Anonymous said...

WOW, this room is dead!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...why so dead? Lots of discussion at U18, but that's all 98/99s (U19 by current standards). What happened to this group—the old 99/00?

Anonymous said...

Let's get the discussions going again.

How the is the recruiting process for everyone going?

phann son said...

Anybody here attending the Main Line friendlies this Sunday?

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Anonymous said...

State cup this weekend. Who you got?

STA 00 vs Cedar Stars Newark 00

Cedar Stars St. Benedict’s prep 99 vs NJX Madrid 00

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