Thursday, September 12, 2013

U15B - Are you ready for some football?

The U15 boys are now in high school and changing as quickly as the team rosters.

Many teams have new coaches, new leagues and new competition that spans several states.

High school soccer, club team, academy team.

Buckle up for an exciting ride.


Anonymous said...

I guess a 3-0 score in match between NJ Force Arsenal and Match Fit (a.k.a. Princeton)Black wouldn't be much of a surprise...

Unless NJ Force was the winner that is!

Interesting day at the YMS tournament.

Anonymous said...

Predictions for edp cup oct 29
Div 1- winner pachuca 2nd- fewster
Div 2- winner Yonkers- 2nd Delaware rush or marlboro
Div 3- winner deptford 2nd-parsippany (very close)
Div 4-winerr ironbound 2nd stallions or world class
Div 5- who cares

Anonymous said...

Seems as though a Canadian team dropped out from edp cup d1 so moving up from d2 to d1 is del rush, moving up from d3 to d2 is parsippany, from d4 to d3 is Princeton and d5 to d4 is stallions b team.