Saturday, March 28, 2015

U15B - Are you ready for some football?

The U15 boys are now in high school and changing as quickly as the team rosters.

Many teams have new coaches, new leagues and new competition that spans several states.

High school soccer, club team, academy team.

Buckle up for an exciting ride.


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Anonymous said...

Just took a look at last year's NJ Cup bracket and learned that EB played Parsippany in the 2nd round and went through on PKs.

EB went on the beat SFL 2-0, Gottschee 2-1 and then MF 2-0 to win the tournament.

So would it be fair to say that Parsippany was their toughest opponent last year?

Anonymous said...

Last match between parsippany and eb:
1st game of edp cup spring showcase
Result: parsippany 1-0 win

Anonymous said...

parsippany most likely was their toughest state cup game last year but anything happens with penalty shootouts. I wouldn't base predictions for eb vs parsippany on previous results though. it's at a different field, different weather conditions, different players being injured or unavailable. should make a great match though

Anonymous said...

with EB, parsippany, MF, DoL left... what do people think for semis/finals

Anonymous said...

"I wouldn't base predictions for eb vs parsippany on previous results though."

Yet some are predicting a Parsipanny win over EB simply because they won a close game in this past MSSL tournament?

Anything can happen!

These are evenly matched teams.

Anonymous said...

"Yet some are predicting a Parsipanny win over EB simply because they won a close game in this past MSSL tournament?"

People like to make predictions cause it's fun to see if their right. So basing one off the result of a recent game is as good a way of going about this as any other method.

Teams change over time, but if the last two meetings for these two are any indication, it should be a very close game.

Half the predictors will claim to have known all along and the other half will probably blame the ref for getting it wrong.

This is an anonymous message board so it's all good.

Anonymous said...

The teams do seem even and it will be a close encounter. The last match went in favor of Parsippany but anything can happen.

But if we are looking at results, Parsippany is coming off a big win against Stallions, who are a decent team, while EB are coming off just a 1-0 win over Westfield and loss to PDA.

So my prediction... Parsippany to play MF finals. Anyone else

Anonymous said...

I saw the Parsippany/Stallions game and, while Parsippany were clearly the better team, I think the score is a little misleading. Stallions should have scored at least 2 and, with the missed PK considered, the game felt like a 5-2 result.

I post this only because when I see a team was shut out I wonder if they ever made any chances for themselves. Stallions did, but then kicked them right at the keeper.

Anonymous said...

Not much of a difference between 5-2 and 4-0. Kicking the ball right at the keeper just shows Stallions cannot finish or Parsippany keeper was just good. Or both... so no, the score is not very misleading. Parsippany deserved a 3 to 4 goal victory.

Anonymous said...

I guess we just disagree. Regardless of the final margin, I see a big difference in a game where a team is dominated to the point where they can't muster a single good opportunity from one where they manage to create a number of clear chances that should have been finished. In one case there's disappointment when the chances are squandered while in the other there's just no hope. I'd rather be disappointed than hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Easy to make predictions once the field has been narrowed down to just a few teams.

You want a real prediction? FSA will win Delco!

Anonymous said...

If it's easy to make predictions then what will happen in state cup? A lot of people already predicted this at the beginning.

Anonymous said...

April 26, 2015 at 8:24 PM
"Finals: PArsippany vs NJ FORCE: parisppany (you don't upset two quality teams)"

I went back through the posts here and this is the only one I could find that predicts an actual winner of the NJ Cup.

So I'd have to disagree that "A lot of people already predicted this at the beginning."

I've picked a winner at Delco 2 weeks before the first game will be kicked off.

Anonymous said...

You're right. No predictions for the winner. But people have said EB, Parsippany, and MF but not made any "real prediction" for final. Difficult to say.

Anonymous said...

Delco schedules have been posted.

Anonymous said...

To be clear with regards to the Parsippany/Stallions game. The game was indeed closer than the final score showed. Yes, the Stallions have difficulty finishing however it should be noted that the game was a 0-0 game through the 30th minute. The Stallions coach made a wholesale sub of 5-6 bench players and two goals were scored within minutes of that change. Second half similar with the added fact that the Stallions went to 3 in the back at the same time as the bench sub and then the next two goals were scored. Of course the deep bench is critical at this level so it's not an excuse but possibly some insight into what I saw. Also from what I heard, the Stallions Captain playmaker was injured in their previous game with a broken arm. Obviously hard for them to make an adjustment.

Anonymous said...

NJ Cup semis today!

EB vs Parsippany

And in EDP, Gottschee takes on Montco

Enjoy the games (and don't yell at the refs)!

Anonymous said...

With regard to the comment above- the subs, their captain, 3 in the back- they all may be reasonable excuses but a 4-0 score makes me think that parsippany is a world better than stallions. Stallions could be good but you don't lose 4-0 unless you truly are a worse team.

Anonymous said...

Popped over to watch St Cup. EB takes a semi 3-0 over Parsipp. A lopsided affair which should have been more if not for 3 hit crossbars and 2 excellent saves by the Crew keeper. EB had very good ball movement and did not allow the physical play of the Crew to affect them. Parsipp had perhaps 2 shots on goal from about 30 yards out which sailed about 10 yards over the top. It was a dominating performance.

Anonymous said...

DOL beat Matchfit 1-0

Anonymous said...

Interesting about eb massacre over parsippany:
Eb looked liked they had some guest players who used to play for them. Their attack looked liked it came mostly from two kids who I believe left to go to philly union. I don't know if it was those kids or if they are even on union anymore but if they are, that seems unfair. Still no excuse for parsippany.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am from EB.

We have no guest players!

You're not allowed guest players.

The players you did not recognize were the subs!

Stop spreading rumors.

Anonymous said...

DOL beat Matchfit 1-0

Anonymous said...

No guest players on EB.

Same team.

Insulting to even suggest that. Simply because YOU did not recognize subs or players added this year?

Anonymous said...

Sour grapes!

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything insulting about that at all... I think that comment was just saying that that some of the players were good and asking if they were the ones that went to play for Union

Anonymous said...

No guests in State Cup games. Learn the rules.

Anonymous said...

Why would it be them?

Philly Union season has not ended.

What obviously is happening is that they are comparing it against the MSSL Tournament game which took place a few weeks ago.

EB played without 4 of the normal starters.

They were all their today.

Anonymous said...

EB has the state cup

Anonymous said...

Any word on the the play in the MF DOL game?

Anonymous said...

May 9, 2015 at 4:07 PM
May 9, 2015 at 4:43 PM
May 9, 2015 at 5:51 PM
May 9, 2015 at 6:09 PM
May 9, 2015 at 6:16 PM
May 9, 2015 at 6:27 PM
May 9, 2015 at 8:59 PM

Why do I suspect these posts are all from the same guy?


Anonymous said...

Montco beat Gottschee in EDP today. So with consecutive losses, Gottschee now looks like an EDP also-ran.

Montco, on the other hand, looks like one of the favorites to win this league.

Here's an update on the Points Dropped Standings:

3 PDA ROONEY   : 5 ( 5 )
4 TSF ACADEMY 99/00B   : 6 ( 4 )
5 FC GOTTSCHEE ROMA '99   : 6 ( 4 )
6 PATRIOT FC RED   : 7 ( 6 )
9 DELAWARE RUSH SC 99 BOYS   : 11 ( 4 )

Anonymous said...

"No guest players or loan players are allowed, unless they are officially added to a team's valid US Club Soccer roster and their names are imprinted on this roster."

The above is the rule as written for the NJ Cup regarding guest players. As I'm not familiar with requirements of US Club Soccer rosters, can anyone tell me if you can "officially" add a guest to one of these?

Based on the way this rule is written, it would seem that you can. Because if you can't, there'd be no good reason to include the exception that begins with "unless..."

Anonymous said...

Can players be dual registered with two US Club Soccer members at the same time?
Only in limited circumstances, such as between an academy and club, or a league select team, with the permission of the club. In all cases, however, the player’s first commitment should be with his club.

Can players be loaned from one US Club Soccer member to another?
Yes, for a certain competition, with the completion of a player loan form that’s available in the Members Area of the website.

It seems it is permissible although I highly doubt, with the risk of an injury, an Academy would allow a double-carding for one of their own players to another organization besides their own Club teams.

Anonymous said...

So EB had kids from academy?

Anonymous said...

EB never had a chance.

EB player red carded in 18th minute.

EB getting killed 4-0.

Looks like there will be a new state cup champ.

Anonymous said...

Dol beat EB 5-0 in state finals looks like you all
Predicted wrong!!

Anonymous said...

No academy players will have helped today.

DOL was strong, fast, physical and hungry. Controlled all game.

In the second half EB substituted most of team and goal tender but did not help them.

Great Job DOL

Anonymous said...

First off, congrats to DoL.

But with that said, there's no way the DoL team I saw play at the MSSL tournament could have possibly managed to destroy EB.

Some funny times in this age group for sure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clear explanation on permissible loaning of players.

Anonymous said...

Well done DOL!

You played a clean game and played better than us today.

You deserved the win!

Anonymous said...

4:49PM Poster you may be wrong.

EB played with 10 men for over 60 minutes and could not hold the DOL attack.

So playing one man down definitely made this a very lopsided game against a very hungry DOL team,

Can't take that away from them.

Yes, unfortunate that EB lost a key starter and had to play with 10 men, but that's soccer!

Anonymous said...

5:39 PM poster,

Sorry, but the DoL team I saw at MSSL couldn't have beat a 9 man EB team.

Very strange indeed.

Anonymous said...

If they cheated, then it's a pretty desperate move.

If they did, not a good lesson to teach those boys.

But unless there's definitive proof, one can only speculate.

Anonymous said...

Dol always comes clutch in the nj cup but they don't win in east tournaments

Anonymous said...

DoL is not like gottschee they wouldn't cheat

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed the red card made a big difference but DOL was winning 2-0 before the red card... Also could have been 3-0 if it wasn't for a dissallowed early goal.

Anonymous said...

Wrong 1-0 before the red card.

And the goal was disallowed because the player was three feet offsides.

Nonetheless, the red card affected the outcome the most.

Anonymous said...

Let me be sure I've got this right.

A team that just lost to TSF in the goofy State Cup and has other recent losses to "traditional powerhouses" like Northport Cow Harbor and St, Thomas Raiders is the same team that also recently crushed Roncocas Valley 7-0 and and today blasted East Brunswick, right?

Hmmm, sounds like a very consistent team.


Anonymous said...

Shame on them if they cheated!

If they want it that bad, let them have it.

Great life lesson they're teaching those kids....yes they are still kids.

But until it can be proven, it's speculation.

Anonymous said...

The 5-0 win is deceptive because it happened with a red card involved so early on in the game.

However, if the DOL played fair with their own players, they deserve the win.

Not their fault the EB kid lost his head and got carded to give DOL the advantage.

Anonymous said...

Wrong it was 2-0 before the red card... And in regards to you guys thinking DOL cheated, they didn't! they used the same kids in the MSSL Tournament as they did in this state cup. They haven't added any players to their roster.

In the MSSL tournament it was very windy conditions to play in and DOL had two starters injured!!

Also, they haven't lost to Northport Cow Harbor... They had to rescheduled that game due to state cup games. A 1-0 loss may have been a forfeit or a misunderstanding.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Red Bulls beat NYFC despite playing down a man for the final hour of the match.

Soccer isn't ice hockey. Losing a player is not a good thing, but it doesn't turn the game into an endless "power play" either. Depending on when a player is sent off, it's typically worth no more that a goal or two (if any) to the opponent.

It certainly isn't reason for an otherwise competitive team to get pasted by a 5-0 score.

So DOL is suddenly at least 3 goals better than EB, who are 3 goals better than Parsippany, who are 4 goals better than Stallions. And this is all happening between teams who we would normally expect to play reasonably competitive matches.

Sorry, but the NJ Cup has been a very curious tournament this year.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, but it doesn't necessarily mean foul play.

In any given game there are key player injuries that can throw a team off their normal way of playing. Like it or not, that is the reality.

And the fact that EB lost 5-0 with one man down does not mean the DOL coach didn't seize the opportunity to turn up the attack to catch EB while on their heels.

I know I would have done that against a tough opponent.

The proof will be when they play again in the future.

Last year, EB lost to DOL in PKs in NJYS State Cup, so it probably would have been a closer match had they not lost a man.

Who many variables.

Anonymous said...

Some of these comments are rediculous. Dol is not 5 goals better than eb who is 3 goals better than parsippany and etc. it shows that teams are still inconsistent and Any given day can be a different score. Look at eb state cup- squeaked by Westfield 2-1 in the quarters before smashing Parsipanny (who was coming off a massive win against stallions) 3-0. Then they lost 5-0 to a team who looked like they should've been in the third bracket at edp cup. What this shows is that all the teams in nj can compete with each other and while the quality may not be as high as it once was(acadamy) there has been no loss of competetetiveness.

Anonymous said...

That's why the rankings really mean nothing. I don't think many people predicted DoL to win the whole thing but goes to show that any of these top ranked teams in the state can compete well against one another and results can go either way. Any of them could have won NJ Cup and I'm sure this level of competitiveness will remain for a while.

Anonymous said...

It is said On Any Given Day

Maybe it would have been a tighter game if the EB player didn't receive a card. He appeared to be their best midfielder. They did have a few chances early in the game but as the game progressed they looked worn down and their back third of the field looked out of sorts. The back line and mid field allowed much penetration inside the 18 and the tender even let one or two go through his hands. Maybe it was a let down after the previous win or they just ran out of steam being 10 men down. But Dol kept the pressure on the entire game so I believe it was a combination of all three.

SDFC said...

For 2015-16 Soccer Domain Football Club (SDFC) is creating a new u16 team for competition and showcasing. Since it's inception in 2009, SDFC ( has a rich tradition of preparing it's players (and families) for college through development and support on and off the field. We feel that this age group provides an opportunity to follow the path set by the SDFC Gauchos (high school class of 2014) and currently with the SDFC Rangers (high school class of 2017) who are currently ranked number 2 in Region 1 & number 1 in New Jersey, and third Nationally according to Gotsoccer.

We will be hosting our first tryout on Thursday May 21st (8-9:30pm) at Newark Academy, Livingston.

SDFC has identified Gary Adair as the potential coach for this age group. At SDFC, Gary holds the NSCAA Premier Diploma and a USSF National ‘A’ License and currently works with the u18 Force team and the u16 Rangers. The Rangers are currently regarded as a top National level team and have already qualify for the USYS National Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma this summer. Apart from his SDFC work, Gary is the Assistant Head Coach at Manhattan College (Division 1 School - MAAC).

For further information, please email

Anonymous said...

" shows that teams are still inconsistent..."

I'm can't agree. In fact, this past weekend's results are a stark departure from what has been an extremely consistent trend for this age group.

Since these boys turned U15, Got Soccer has posted results of 23 different games in which any two of NJ's current top 8 have played against each other. In 19 of these games the margin of victory has been 2 goals or less. In two others there was a 3 goal difference (one of these being EB's win over Pasippany on Saturday). And in the remaining 2 games, the difference was a whopping 5 goals. So tightly played matches have been remarkably consistent for all of these teams and 5 goal slaughters are clear outliers.

BTW the two 5 goal slaughters are particularly curious as a team that DOL effectively drew with the week before they slaughtered EB had been slaughtered by EB the week before that. Sorry, but that's peculiar for sure.

Anonymous said...

One item no one mentioned is why the NJ Cup allows weeks between games leading up to the final weekend where the competition is less than adequare in most cases. And then have the finalists play back to back days for semis and final. Would like to see both teams well rested, injury free and at their best since they are playing for a championship of the state. Seems the road favors bigger, stronger teams if you can make it to the finals.

Anonymous said...

Once again, it's al speculation unless someone has definitive proof and is willing to lodge a complaint.

Also, I don't see any record of EB even playing DOL a week before.

What are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

I think the point was trying to be made that DOL plays very average soccer during the course of the year and then miraculously tears it up in the state cuo. Tying NJ force 0-0 which eb beat 6-1 a week before and then all of a sudden they beat MF and then demolishes eb.

Anonymous said...

True...great point!

It is very strange. But as a previous poster said, if their coaching staff is stooping to that level, that's a hell of a lesson they're teaching those kids.

Living a dream that they're better than they really are.

Anonymous said...

"And then have the finalists play back to back days for semis and final."

I think this is an interesting point. But I'm not sure it's all that different from the schedules these teams typically play at this time of the year when trying to schedule both State Cup and league games can frequently result in 2 games over a weekend.

What was really crazy was years ago when the NJ Cup played both the semis and the final on the same day. That was plain dumb so I'll give them credit for now allowing the finalists to get a night sleep first.

Anonymous said...

"Tying NJ force 0-0 which eb beat 6-1 a week before and then all of a sudden they beat MF and then demolishes eb."

Thanks for clarifying. The "effective draw" was a reference to DOL's PK win in the quarter finals.

Anonymous said...

not possible to get best quality soccer from teams that have to go all out two days in a row. Or as previous poster said, they used to do it in the same day. ridiculous

Anonymous said...

The one thing I hate about NJ cup finals weekend is the poor field quality. When you cant move the ball on the ground, the games turn into long passes kick and run HS type games, where physically stronger teams will have an edge. Why cant they rent tuckhoe farm or PDA grounds.

Anonymous said...

...the poor field quality..."

I didn't think the fields at Cross Farm Park were that bad at all. The grass was too long for sure, but the fields themselves were okay (I thought).

I suppose it's hard to find a venue that can offer great fields for so many games. Yes, Tuckahoe can, But I have no idea at what cost.

In the end, I thought the fields were at least reasonable and wouldn't blame strange results on the conditions.

What? No whining about the referees? I thought they were pretty good too so maybe I just like everything?

Anonymous said...

And even though I had to park way in the back, I thought they did a decent job of this tot considering what they had to work with.

Perhaps I'm just easy to please?

Anonymous said...

Not terrible fields... but conditions could certainly be better considering the "best teams" in the state are playing each other and the poor standard of fields does decreases quality of play and makes it more of a "physicality game". Definitely not as nice to watch, for anyone.

So yes, the poor field quality is the worst part of state cup.

Anonymous said...

Njys finals this weekend? Predictions

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder why Rooney is not showing up to Delco. Does PDA not care about the rankings?

Anonymous said...

They probably care less about the rankings than others as they don't need them to sell their club to parents.

And, like all teams, I'm sure they have a budget that is set at the beginning of the year and covers their plans. This doesn't seem to include any of the "Big" tournaments (Jeff Cup/Annandale, EDP Cups, Spirit Utd., Delco, etc.) But they've already played 15 times this spring so it's not like they don't schedule games.

Anonymous said...

Where would Rooney be ranked when they win njys

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that the flight value for the NJYS State Cup is about 8,000. And if that's right, I think either Rooney or TSF would move up to #2 or #3 should they win it. I don't think they can get to #1 with a win here though.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so much for TSF's assent in the rankings as they lost their NJYS semifinal to Mainland today?

Rooney advanced to the final with a win over Logan. But as Mainland beat Jinky earlier in this tournament, maybe they can beat all the PDA teams they come across.

Anonymous said...

have PDA won NYJS?

Anonymous said...

I heard PDA lost.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mainland, a team no one's heard of and who has never beaten any team of note until yesterday, has now defeated PDA Rooney to win the NJYS State Cup.

These two State Championships have been nothing short of weird.

Congrats to Mainland, whoever you are!

Michael Murray said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

karma for what

Anonymous said...

Mainland and Den of Lions state champs this year.. bigger teams not quite performing

Anonymous said...

We played Mainland earlier this year, very strong and well balanced team.

Anonymous said...

This shows that got soccer rankings are unreliable. DOL and Mainland are two quality teams that don't enter lots of tournaments trying to improve their ranking,

Anonymous said...

"DoL is not like gottschee they wouldn't cheat"

How do you know that?

"Dol always comes clutch in the nj cup but they don't win in east tournaments"

"I think the point was trying to be made that DOL plays very average soccer during the course of the year and then miraculously tears it up in the state cuo. Tying NJ force 0-0 which eb beat 6-1 a week before and then all of a sudden they beat MF and then demolishes eb."

Yes, all speculation until you can provide proof ...

Anonymous said...

Why can't you guys just accept that DOL and Mainland are two quality teams that deserve to win their state cups instead of making excuses as to why your team didn't win!!

Anonymous said...

"Yes, all speculation until you can provide proof ..."

You are absolutely correct. It is nothing but speculation.

BTW, you do realize this is an anonymous message board where speculation is at least half the point, right?

Anonymous said...

"Why can't you guys just accept that DOL and Mainland are two quality teams that deserve to win their state cups instead of making excuses as to why your team didn't win!! "

Here's a thought. Show me some prior results from these teams that would have lead to any outsider to think they had even a chance to win a State Championship this spring. Yeah, I didn't think so.

A very weird spring. But definitely an interesting one.

Anonymous said...

Great to job to both teams. At the end of the day it does not matter who they beat in the regular season, in the state cup they beat all of you. That is soccer for you.

Anonymous said...

yes....let it go!

We lost fair and square....until proven otherwise.

Anonymous said...

It is time to let it go, after one more point.

Take a look at the familiar Region 1 states. Teams that won State Championships this spring include FSA (CT), Dix Hills (NYE), LDC (PAE), Delaware Rush (DE) and Fewster (MD). These teams are all very familiar to "top flight" NJ teams as they've been squaring off against them in the top flights of top tournaments for years now.

Now lets take a look at the current NJ State Champions. Don't kid yourself folks. Nobody at FSA, Dix Hills, LDC, Delaware Rush or Fewster have ever heard of them.

Weird spring. Time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Boo Hoo!

There are new players in town, so let's see if they can hang with the big boys.

DOL proved throughout the last year that they weren't the same team who won the NJ State Cup last year.

If teams are beefing up their rosters with guest players to compete in state cup tournaments, perhaps the others should do the same?

Anonymous said...

teams should not beef up their rosters for state cup because that's called cheating... example: Gottschee.

Anonymous said...

What do people think for NJ teams in Delco cup

Anonymous said...

No, "beefing up" is not necessarily cheating at all.

If you got back and read the recent posts here you'll see the rules for the NJ Cup with regard to guest players. This is allowed under certain circumstances and would definitely allow teams to improve themselves exclusively for State Championship play.

There's been some insinuation here that this may have occurred this spring. No concrete proof(or even claims) though.

So no, "beefing up" isn't cheating...unless one "beefs up" outside of the rules.

Anonymous said...

Here are my "shot in the dark" Delco predictions.

Semifinal 1: FSA over Fewster
Semifinal 2: Penn Fusion over BRYC

Final: FSA over Penn Fusion

Please note that these predictions are based on the assumption that neither DOL nor Mainland will be late additions to the field.

Anonymous said...

"If you got back and read the recent posts here you'll see the rules for the NJ Cup with regard to guest players. This is allowed under certain circumstances and would definitely allow teams to improve themselves exclusively for State Championship play."

ok, I guess if you reaaly want to win state cups and championships and tournaments real bad, then you can 'beef up' for those. but how does that improve the team and teh boys overall during league play?
if you're going to beef up for championships, then what message does that give the boys? that they're not good enough for championships on their own, and they need outside help to win?
can't be good for morale, character and play development.

"Please note that these predictions are based on the assumption that neither DOL nor Mainland will be late additions to the field."

hahaahahah - good one. i was going to say that application deadlines is over, but yeah i guess if a team drops out before now and the weekend, one of those could jump in.

Anonymous said...

"ok, I guess if you reaaly want to win state cups and championships and tournaments real bad, then you can 'beef up' for those. "

Yeah, as long as they don't "beef" my kid onto the bench! LOL!

Anonymous said...

don't you realize, just like academies gutted several good teams at u13, now its time for high school soccer in the fall and things changed again.

unfortunately, rather than get better, the level of play actually gets worse.

you are all kidding yourselves that this is anything but club sports for fun.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your statement that this is just for fun......

At least not for the top 5 clubs who can compete at the academy level.

Many of these teams have players who are better than SOME academy players. They simply choose not to go the academy route because they either don't want to be pro soccer players or don't want to lose the experience of playing for their school.

Also, many strive to simply use it at a stepping stone to get into colleges of their choice.

It's not always about not having talented players in these teams.

Anonymous said...

I haven’t seen the level of play at the top clubs deteriorate now that players have reached High School age. It’s true that most club teams train only once a week in the fall and don't play matches during the HS season. But their schedules return to “normal” in the winter and most of the games I’ve seen this spring have been pretty darn good.

As far as players who “don’t want to be pro soccer players” goes, c’mon! Every single one of them would love to play professionally but they are now old enough to understand that this is a virtually impossible task. And I don’t see enough Academy matches to have a reasonable guess as to how many club players are good enough to play there. But I doubt there are too many club players who shun (or ignore) interested Academies to play HS soccer or for any other reason.

But since I'm in a great mood, I'll find a way to agree with both of you!

Top Club players who are committed enough to train 2-3 times each week and travel extensively to play throughout the year are doing so because they love the game and find this life style "fun."

And yes, many of them will go on to play in college, including numerous D1 schools. For many, their ability to play will help them get into schools they would not have been invited to attend otherwise. In addition, some of them will even get some help paying for at least some small portion of their education.

So, along with being “fun,” top level club play is a very serious matter for many.

Looking forward to Delco this weekend! Play hard and have fun!

Anonymous said...

A little bird told me that there are actually some kids from good teams (top 10-20) in state tht are trying out for sdfc, could that possibly become a new good team? We know it's based in Montclair and there are quite a few good players from Montclair ( galacticos/gunners?) along with other kids from surrounding towns. Possibly a new team to beat in nj.

In an unrelated question: who is mainland and do they actually deserve to be 2 in the state. Beat tsf and PDA over the weekend but are these lucky games or is this a team that can now pose a threat in nj.

In more unrelated news: nobody has spoken about the Potomac memorial tourney that has Arlington in 1 group, tsf and pachuca in another group and cya and dix hills in a third group: while this may not be as competitive as delco, there could be some exciting games down in md this week

Anonymous said...

"A little bird told me ...sdfc...a new team to beat in nj."

Good stuff! My guess is that, at this stage, SDFC would attract only those who aren't satisfied with the amount of playing time they get currently. I mean, there are already 4 other decent options in Northern NJ. So draw your own conclusions from that.

"In an unrelated question: who is mainland..."

Nobody seems to know. Maybe a group of extremely talented players that (somehow) none of us have ever come across over the past 5 or 6 years? Or maybe some new collection of players we have seen over the years and have now all moved to Mainland? I'll admit it. I have no idea.

"Potomac memorial tourney"

Another great point! Along with Arlington, Dix Hills and Pachuca, Loudoun, CYA and Manhattan Villa are there as well. All very good teams! But even more so than Delco, the top flight here includes a number of teams one would expect to see in a lower flight. Anyway, it looks to be as good a tournament as Delco to me. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

Anonymous said...

So no NJ teams making it out of group for Delco?

Anonymous said...

"So no NJ teams making it out of group for Delco?"

I'm afraid I doubt it. And TSF would have to beat Pachuca to get out of their group in Patomac which is another tough assignment.

So I'm not seeing a great Memorial Day weekend for NJ U15's but sincerely hope I'm wrong.

Regarding these two tournaments, the top flight value at
Potomac looks to be 10,000 points which higher than Delco (8,500).
But they'll both be highly competitive and the winners at both will have had a great weekend.

Good luck NJ!!!

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