Monday, September 30, 2013

U16G Soccer in PA, NJ, MD, VA & NY

Note: These high school women at age 16 are no joke. Many are looking ahead to college soccer play. They tell their stories here.


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Anonymous said...

5:18 Please check your facts. The MF ECNL coach NEVER won a National Title for his now U18 team at any age group. Yes, they made it to Nationals, but the title has been elusive for him. (yes I said him, not them!)

HE DOES NOT TEACH FOOTSKILLS. He, himself, stated that.

He picked up a bunch of skilled players for his now U16 team, but that's what he got, NOT made. Since then, on both teams, he consistently picks up FAST girls, not necessarily girls with ball skills and he doesn't train them in ball handling. If they have both, it's a bonus.

Anonymous said...

if he is such a great coach then why did so many players leave that they had to tap into the NPL team for 3 players? all of which REFUSED to move up. NPL felt like the ugly stepchild. MF always takes players from the lower teams leaving those teams struggling with continuity and success.

curious and please answer ONLY if you know for sure:

how many of those U18s were on the U7 team?

Anonymous said...

Agree with post from last week about the NJ Crush coach being excellent. Let's see what happens this year after losing 4 more players to ECNL. Lost nearly full roster in last few years to ECNL, maybe ECNL clubs should use him for training. Crush has become a feeder club for ECNL, what a shame.

Anonymous said...

10:58 If I am reading your post correctly, you are asking how many U18s are still left from u17 team? If so, all of them. He did "lose" a few to college, but he picked up ONE from the NPL team (which he rarely does, because he goes outside the club continually for players), he picked up ONE from the older group (must have been playing up?)

Additionally, he has one player who is carded to both the MF and another club's team--non MF (at least she was last season. . how is that allowed?) He has a roster of 27 but that includes some of the girls that are presently playing in college. I guess he expects them to play in the spring when they return.

Anonymous said...

no, not U17.

someone stated he's coached the U18 team since U7 (seven). I was curious how many girls have been on that team since U7 (SEVEN)? if there aren't any than the statement is irrelevant.

there is ONE player on NJSA Sting that has been there since the team started at U10. that is only 7 years and only 1 remains.

Anonymous said...

There are quite a few left on the team believe it or not. Maybe 8. I wonder how many original OR girls are from the original team? I know at least 4.

I have personally seen the ECNL u16 (then u15) working on foot skills at an indoor facility last winter. So I don't know where you got your info. And if you insist that you heard it from the coach, then you must have misunderstood.

NPL players not moving up to ECNL for a game or two had nothing to do with the coach. Only a few left , a normal turn over, mostly based on play time I'm sure. Or maybe they were cut, who knows. But you can compare the rosters and see that there wasn't much turnover.

I'm sure the Crush coach does the best with the talent that he has left. They had a rough season in the NPL last year. With the recent loses to ECNL, it should be interesting to see how they do this year. I have heard good things about the coach.

What about the Jett Cobra coach? I have heard great things about her... I believe it is a her... Jenny B Elite training or something like that. They came out of nowhere to become a top 10 team. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

5:41 I misunderstood. Remaining on now U18 ECNL team from when they were U7 are 2 players. 3 if you count the one who left for college but is still age eligible when she comes back in spring.

Lot's of turnover during the years and as is his practice always looking for the next fastest player to add to his roster, and he does have a quite a few.

Anonymous said...

This blog cracks me up. One says 8, one says 2. I actually know 4 original girls. So who knows the correct answer... and who cares.

I'm surprised OR is still picking up girls at this age. They just took another National Pool player from u17 Rush. The rich get richer.

Anonymous said...

There are only 2 (3) original girls. FACT. The question was from the U7 team. That's all that's left.

Anonymous said...

2-3 out of a normal MF roster of 25? doesn't say much about development if many of the original team is still playing.

Anonymous said...

How many of our daughters are still playing with people from their original team at u7? Not many I bet. Like someone mentioned above, there are at least FOUR original Colts, but perhaps 2 have gone to college and one is no longer age appropriate. There are also many that joined u8, u9 etc.

No one answered the question about original OR girls. I am curious to know. I think they formed at u8 or u9. The National pool player they just picked up is also in the running for All American. I have never seen her play but she must be amazing.

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