Sunday, September 29, 2013

ODP (Olympic Development Program) - Region I and Beyond

2013-2014 ODP: Comments, feedback, questions, friendlies, selection process and more.


Anonymous said...

They are up
852 would you have signed up again if your kid made the regional team?
Do all the kids who don't move to DA or who aren't already recognized by the youth national teams sign up again?

Anonymous said...

"3 PDA '00 birth year u15 ECNL players on the region 1 pool (but interestingly not the boca interregional "A" roster)The three letters Don't completely carry the day on the girls side"

Could it be because one is already on the US national team and one is in the US national pool.

Oh by the way a girl that didnt make the ODP regional team had to settle for Making the US National team.

ODP folks have no idea what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the u20 World Cup it might be that the is national coaches don't know what they are doing. Sorry doesn't exactly translate. Good for your kid in making the u14 national pool. The point really is that there are many national quality kids available. At least twice times the pool. Depends on the specific coach on whom she likes. Glad this one likes your kid. No worries all the best.

Anonymous said...


Your logic is a bit convulated.

All these girls in the ODP regional pool have one thing in Mind ans that is to make it to the National level.

They are trying to get to the very place that some girls have gone directly there but have been passed over by the regional team or Regional a list.

National pool and team coaches are the ultimate arbitrator in who belongs in this national group.

ODP should know who they need to choose to facilate the national team coaches . they should not have a different prospective. The national team's prospective should be what the ODP coaches are concerned with. There should not be a disconnect.And no there are not a lot of National team quality kids at ODP. The ECNL certainly wears that banner.

By the way- two Regional pool player on our ecnl team do not start

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

one PDA '00 defender to U14 camp. Maybe the region 1 coaches did get it right.

Anonymous said...

Your ODP expenses are ridiculous! In CO it costs $100 for three days of tryouts and another $100 for 5-6 training sessions if you make the pool. It sounds like an absolute bargain compared to other states. We see that the DA program is starting to overtake the ODP program, but unless you live in Denver, the DA program is too difficult to commit to. Although the ODP program doesn't necessarily get ALL the best players anymore, it still brings in a large number of them and much of the top talent is still there.

Anonymous said...

PA ODP rosters out. The "ECNL players are out of ODP so the remaining available players are weak" seems to nt be true. The girls '99 is coached by the penn fusion coach and he has a roster full of ECNL players including from the other PA ECNL teams.

Anonymous said...

How can I find out more information about the next years tryouts? 2015-2016?

Anonymous said...

call your state USYSA association NJYSA/ EPYSA etc office and ask